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Comfortable Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture has a certain style that sets it apart from the crowd. Contemporary furniture often creates a lighter look and feel in a room. The light is reflected in the wood and fabric of the furniture in various pieces placed in a room.

Neutral/Bold Colors

Neutral colors define contemporary furniture. Neutral black, white and beige colors serve as the main palette in a room of contemporary pieces. Bold colors provide accent to the overall color scheme without taking away for it. It is not just the furniture itself that reflects these bold colors. Accessories such as wall hangings and decorative pillows can provide a splash of vibrant color in a room. For a dramatic effect, paint the walls a bold color as the furniture remains a more traditional neutral color. The main idea of a contemporary design is to avoid too many competing colors and create a coherent design.

Cloth/Fabric Choices

Fabrics such as cotton, silk or linen provide a crisp textural style for contemporary furniture. Mixing these textures creates a level of interest that does not take away from the overall look. A visual interest can be created by mixing textures instead of using contrasting colors. This achieves the same result while maintaining the concept of a contemporary design.

Geometric Shapes

Defined shapes are characteristic of contemporary furniture. The mix of shapes in the fabric or color selection draws in the eye. A subtle statement can be made by the selection of fabric textures and shapes. The use of a few carefully selected pieces focuses the eye on the main focal point of the room. Too much clutter or too many competing colors create multiple points of interest.


Natural materials such as glass, stone and metal are featured in contemporary furniture. These natural materials tend to have a calming effect. The natural materials are easily incorporated into coaches, chairs and end tables. The look is completed with some art pieces or wall decor throughout the room.

Basic pieces

Sofas, chairs and tables are the basic pieces of contemporary furniture. The couch will be made up of sleek, defined lines. The back and sides consist mostly of straight lines. Curves are kept to a minimum. Forget about including a skirt (go with exposed legs instead) or tossing an area rug under a coffee table when going for a true contemporary look. Space out furniture pieces to create balance.

Coffee/End Tables

End tables and coffee tables should use similar lines and pattens to match the overall contemporary decor. Coffee and end tables, consisting of wood, metal and glass, puts the emphasis on existing natural highlights. Add some color and contrast with lamps and center pieces.

A lack of decoration or embellishment in the pieces creates a fresh, sleek look where the furniture is part of the design rather than defining the decor. The clean, simple lines of comfortable contemporary furniture allows the focus to be on colors and shapes used instead of focusing on the eye on decorative details. For eco-friendly, comfortable contemporary furniture, be sure to visit Viesso today!

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