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Comfortable Modern Sofas Are Real!

Until recently the idea of a comfortable sofa with modern design was almost like an oxymoron. However thanks to design innovations, you can now have the best of both worlds in your living room.

Here are five tips that will help you to select a sofa that won't lack style and will still be a great place to relax and read or watch TV.

Go for the Recliner

The most obvious and first choice to increase your comfort on a sofa would be to select one that doubles as a recliner. Modern design is more cleverly incorporating these aspects for more comfort so that your space can retain its posh look without appearing sloppy and lazy. Add in a few stylish throw pillows and no one will even notice that your modern sofa is actually comfortable!

Choose the Filling Materials Carefully

Breathable fabrics is just one type of fabric choice for your upholstery that you may want to consider, especially if you live in a warmer climate. Select fabrics such as cotton for maximum air flow and to ensure that you stay cool even while the weather is hot.

This year recycled and organic fabrics have also become popular options. Choosing an organic or recycled filling is an excellent idea if you have health problems or allergies so that you know exactly what is inside your sofa.

Soft Materials for the Cushions

Selecting soft materials for the cushions of your sofa is paramount to increasing your level of comfort. Opting for soft materials can mean the difference between feeling like you are sitting on a park bench and being able to relax just as much as you would be able to in your bed.

Choose wisely because some fillings such as down may require the cushions to be frequently fluffed and turned in order to allow them to retain their original shapes. Foam is a common option however there are many variations of this filler and you will want to check with someone first before deciding which option is best for you.

Consider How It Will Be Used

Will the whole family lounge on the sofa from time to time? Will the sofa only be used for you to relax and enjoy an evening cup of tea?

This is probably the most important question when trying to select a comfortable sofa. If you only plan to sit on the sofa briefly, then you can probably forego selecting a sofa that will be comfortable in a sleeping position.

However if the sofa is pretty much an extension of your bedroom, consider purchasing a sofa that has a sectional recliner or that doubles as a pull-out bed. Many modern sofas come with options that allow you to simply adjust the position of the cushions so that you have more room to lie down.

Don't Fall in Love With Style

Shopping for modern furniture can become quite the treat for the visual sense. Therefore it is important to keep in mind your original goals for that particular piece of furniture.

This piece of advice may seem like a no-brainer but how many times have you gone in to a store looking for one thing and came out with another? So, before you make the final decision on which sofa to buy, draw up a list of all of your criteria for the perfect sofa and just double check to make sure that your selection checks off most if not all of the items on your list.

Consider a Custom Designed Sofa

Given that the perfect sofa is still something that can be difficult to find, why not design your own? This way you will be able to select everything from the design to the frame and fillers.

Shopping for a sofa and finding the perfect one changes everything. This is why we would like you to share your stories with us.

Tell us about your most comfortable sofa ever. We look forward to reading your sofa stories in the comments!

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