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Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Creating an outdoor setting can often be a difficult task, especially for a commercial establishment. Where a home only has to appeal to the family and their friends, a business must make certain to appeal to the widest possible number of people. In addition, customers and workers come from many different backgrounds and often have widely divergent tastes, which puts the onus on the business to create a decor that is attractive to the largest possible number of both customers and workers.

Designing the Outdoor Setting

However, selecting the proper type of outdoor furniture for a given company can be a difficult choice. Effectively choosing the right type of commercial outdoor furniture has the following requirements that differentiate it from private selections:

• Commercial furniture must be able to survive long-term and continuous usage by a large number of individuals. Waiting, dining or meeting areas undergo far more wear and tear than even the most extensively used private furniture.
• Due to the nature of the usage commercial furniture will face, it must be both durable and easily cleaned with a minimum of effort. As much as a company might wish otherwise, not all patrons will treat the furniture with respect, and yet it must remain attractive, so that it does not reflect poorly on the company.
• Commercial furniture must also be easily reconfigurable and transportable. In many cases, it will be moved in order to accommodate company functions and celebrations.

When trying to create a proper outdoor setting, a company should consider what is the desired message or atmosphere it is trying to convey? A business that is built around presenting a modernistic atmosphere will likely wishes to purchase and use furniture that has a minimalist and futuristic style. A corporation that is based around a more traditional look might be better suited to purchase furniture that has a more natural appearance, making use of wood and fabrics to convey the desired atmosphere.

Equally, the nature of the outdoor setting should be taken into account. Is the area shielded from the rain and other elements or is it fully open to both sun and storm? In the case of furniture that is exposed to daylight on a regular basis, lighter fabrics can reduce the amount of heat absorbed from the sun. In colder regions, fireplaces or other sources of ambient heat should be included to ensure that guests and workers alike are comfortable, no matter the temperature. If the business expects that dusk or nighttime gatherings will be common, LED lighting will be an effective way to provide light while reducing electrical costs.

In addition, is the outdoor location simply a concrete slab or porch, or does it have planters attached to it? Is it located close to the indoor facilities, or is it isolated, perhaps in a park style setting? In both cases, the furniture’s color and designs should be selected in order to most effectively fit in with the surrounding area, rather than clashing and drawing attention to itself.

By considering these factors, a business can create outdoor seating, meeting and dining areas that effectively focus patrons and employees on the core purpose of the business, while providing a relaxing and energizing setting. With Viesso’s wide variety of well-designed and attractive outdoor commercial furniture, the company can be assured of achieving their goals.

Green Furniture For the Ecologically Friendly Company

Beyond the appearance of the furniture, many of today’s businesses are concerned with being ecologically responsible in their buying habits. Beyond the undoubted environmental advantages, a company can often attract customers if it can prove that it is also working to maintain and improve the environment. Fortunately, Viesso is dedicated to producing ecologically friendly products, using green and sustainable materials.

Viesso uses natural products that are produced in environmentally friendly ways that allow for the sustainable development of natural resources, rather than making use of environmentally dangerous and non-renewable materials. These products are not simply environmentally responsible, but are also more comfortable and durable than many other brands of furniture.

Viesso’s furniture is made from materials such as locally sourced alder frames, bamboo, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified maple, natural latex down, and natural fibers for cushion and interior use, as well as green wood stains and sealants, in addition to other ecologically responsible materials. These materials ensure that a company’s Viesso outdoor furniture is free of harsh chemicals that can shorten the furniture’s life and make recycling more difficult.

In addition, Viesso’s construction methods provide a superior product compared to most other furniture manufacturers. Instead of making use of fire retardant chemicals, wool is used to coat the natural latex, providing superior protection compared to most chemical fire retardants. This, along with the other methods used to produce Viesso products, provides superior comfort, safety, and appearance.

Custom Products For Custom Needs

In addition to its wide line of furniture, Viesso offers a variety of custom products, allowing the purchaser to choose the exact type of fabric to be used, as well as the height and size of the final product. For companies, this can be an ideal opportunity to create a unique and memorable outdoor setting.

The choice of fabric can be especially important, in terms of color, cleaning and durability. By selecting a higher “rub code” the company can obtain furniture with tough fabric, suitable for long term, heavy use. By selecting a fabric style that is easily washable, the longevity of the furniture can be enhanced. This is especially important when considering the furniture to use in an outdoor dining area.

Color is also important, as by selecting custom fabrics with a custom color and design, the company can ensure that their furniture more effectively fits in with the surroundings. This can be especially useful if the fabric color is identical or similar to the color used in the company logo.
Finally, selecting different styles of cushions can serve an important purpose. Larger cushions tend to be more giving, providing a more relaxing and softer surface for sitting one, which can be important for furniture that is intended for long-term occupation during speeches or presentations. Firmer cushions maybe more useful and comfortable for dining areas, where guests will be sitting for a shorter time.

Working with Viesso For the Ideal Furniture Solution

The choice of furniture for an outdoor area, no matter its purpose, can help put a company’s guests, customers, and workers in the right frame of mind. In addition, durable and environmentally friendly furniture will reduce company costs, and demonstrate its commitment to ecologically responsible business practices.
By working with Viesso, a company can easily obtain the assistance needed to carry out these goals. From purchasing well-designed and high quality furniture, to creating custom furniture for the company’s use, Viesso is the ideal design, manufacturing and sales partner. For more information, or to contact a Viesso representative, contact Viesso and start the process of creating the ideal look now.

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