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Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Bold & Stylish Bedrooms

Contemporary furniture design combines classic elegance with sleek, modern styling. Striking contemporary furniture can change the overall feel of any room. If you enjoy understated elegance, such furnishings may be just what you need to add that extra something to your home. Choose contemporary bedroom furniture when you want to give your personal retreat a clean, bold look.

Bedroom sets with coordinated headboards, dressers and tables are very popular. However, such sets can lack imagination and can leave your room looking a bit boring. Choose contemporary furnishings that coordinate without matching exactly to up the style IQ of your bedroom. When planning your room's overall design, you may wish to think of the shapes or finishes you would like to feature. Use these as a guide when shopping for beautiful new chests, beds and decor accessories.

Center Stage: The Bed

Choosing a grounding element for the bedroom is important. Most individuals choose their bed first and build around it. This is generally a good approach. The bed is the only absolutely essential piece of bedroom furniture, and it should be chosen with care. Eco-minded buyers can choose green mattresses and bedding components. Green bedding is earth-friendly and can help individuals with allergies or material sensitivities sleep easier too.

A chic platform bed with a sunken mattress adds an Eastern flair to any room. Platform beds are perfect for individuals who value absolute simplicity. These beds add an element of visual interest while remaining understated. Storage can be built into the headboard of the Nini bed for extra convenience. Hidden legs give the illusion of a bed that is hovering just above the floor.

The Ludlow and Ekay beds combine subtle Western styling with classic platform design. A headboard covered in natural leather with soft texture adds a pick-me-up to any space. If you prefer wood or bamboo finishing, consider the Buden bed. A variety of bamboo finishes allow for complete customization. Headboard and foot storage add extra convenience.

Finish your bed with beautiful, all-natural sheets and duvet covers. Natural fibers and clean cotton provide an extra touch of comfort. Use a bright, patterned cover in a room with neutral walls. Choose grey or delicate blue to complement bold paint or textured walls. Contrasting blankets and shams bring unity to your overall bedroom look.

Store in Style: Dressers & Chests

Every bedroom should feature ample storage for clothing, accessories and delicate items. Dressers and chests provide storage and can add a great contrast to any bedroom. Choose the Plateau Credenza system if you want the ability to add pieces as time goes on. Plateau Credenza chests are forged from warm, sturdy North American Black Walnut. They can be rearranged to suit your needs. An optional porcelain vase adds a quick contrast element and is well-suited to almost any room.

About Face storage units are unique, rotating art pieces that add elegance to any space. Store clothes, books or delicates in the adjustable drawers. Rotate the unit to check out your accessories or outfit in a full-length mirror. The About Face combines two bedroom essentials, storage space and mirror surface, into one neat package.

For an über-modern look, choose the Brix Modular Storage System. Built up from a sturdy base, the Brix system can be configured in almost any way you like. Add storage compartments as time goes by. Reconfigure the layout of the Brix pieces to change the atmosphere of a room. Choose long and low configurations for a simple, Asian-inspired room. Stack Brix pieces high and mighty to add a powerful decorative punch.

Accent with Elegance: Nightstands & Chairs

A nightstand provides a place for an alarm clock and your reading material. Choose a nightstand with generous drawer space when you want to stash away treasures. The Bruno nightstand is simple. It stands tall and elegant, offering one solid surface on which to stack your belongings.

Gio end tables offer a unique twist on the traditional nightstand, combining surface storage with a stylish nook. Keep your alarm clock and lamp on top of the Gio. Stash books and magazines in a neatly carved niche. This piece offers the utmost in simplicity and style. Crafted from sturdy Amber Bamboo, it is the perfect choice for the eco-friendly shopper who likes pieces that are both clean and unique.

Accent chairs provide an added element of visual interest to any room. They also provide a space for reading or crafting. Choose a lush, padded chair if you plan on spending a lot of time lost in a great book. The Carmichael and Spencer chairs offer elegantly squared design with excellent cushioning. For true luxury, try the Cloud chair or the Sparrow glider with ottoman. A glider is a great place to relax. Gliders are also ideal for new parents.

Add the Finishing Touch: Reflective Surfaces

Most homeowners consider mirrors an absolute bedroom essential. A full-length mirror provides an opportunity to check your outfit before heading out of the house. While your bathroom mirror probably serves you well for basic styling, be sure to finish your bedroom with a beautiful mirror.

Reflective surfaces can add light and depth to a room. Many decorators use mirrors to make a small room seem larger. If your bedroom is overly dark, position a mirror in front of a window to reflect light and add a touch of natural beauty.

Coordinate mirrors throughout the bedroom for a unified look. The Malta Mirror is available in three sizes and is framed in a beautiful Walnut or Wenge Oak veneer. Choose Wenge Oak when you need to add an earthy, grounding element to your room. Walnut can lighten dark walls and adds contrast to spaces with sparse lighting.

Rest your mirror against the wall for true simplicity. The Lean Mirror is available in both narrow and wide styles. These perfect mirrors nestle up to the wall for a unique look. They can easily be moved around the room. Their long, sleek design makes them a go-to choice for almost any bedroom.

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