Contemporary Furniture Styles

At first glance, most Viesso modern and contemporary furniture appears minimalist, but the design elements incorporated are quite complex. Minimalism and contemporary design is a delicate art form that requires special design skills to successfully achieve the brilliance many designers make and homeowners seek.

The secret of contemporary design lies in the placement of the furniture and use of complementary textures. The simplicity of Viesso contemporary designs provides the perfect complement to homes in which natural materials are used. Many modern designers have learned to delicately balance the elements of the home with Viesso contemporary furniture styles and materials to yield impressive results.

Eco-Friendly Contemporary Furniture Styles

Contemporary designers featured by Viesso have created eco-friendly elements for every interior and exterior room of the home. Eco-friendly designs are growing in popularity because the Millennial generation wants to conserve and provide a healthier environment for their families. The term "eco-friendly" can describe every aspect of furniture from its construction to the way it operates. Some examples of eco-friendly contemporary furniture include:

Eco-Friendly Fireplace Designs. Eco-friendly fireplaces are notable because they do not give off any harmful emissions. Viesso portable fireplaces are not only beautifully and masterfully designed, but the units use clean-burning fuel sources. Eco-friendly fireplaces protect the family and also blend with modern décor found in contemporary homes.

Viesso fireplaces may be found on the interior or exterior of the home. The exterior designs are often contemporary, geometric shapes. Some designs are more whimsical and made of interesting metal materials. Since eco-friendly units are freestanding, these fireplaces may be placed in any location in the home and act as a functional piece of art. Many eco-friendly contemporary fireplaces are the focal point of numerous conversations.

Eco-Friendly Sofa Designs. What makes a sofa “green?” Viesso eco-friendly sofas may be made of locally sourced hardwood and natural or recycled fabrics. The wool deck or natural “jute webbing” may also be characteristic of an eco-friendly sofa design. The sofa is also considered green if eco-friendly foam is used. Many eco-friendly sofas are made of 100 percent natural latex. The most eco-friendly sofas possess natural latex on the back, arms, frame and cushion filling.

Viesso sofa designs are simple without sacrificing comfort. Many contemporary sofas feature chaises, split backs and eco-friendly throw pillows. Many of our contemporary furniture designs are made of natural materials such as leather or recycled fabrics.

Eco-Friendly Mattress. Viesso eco-friendly mattresses are made from natural latex. Healthy mattresses are important since people spend between six to eight hours every night sleeping. Natural latex is one of the safest organic materials available.

Viesso contemporary bedroom furniture made of locally sourced hardwood or other materials should be combined with eco-friendly mattresses for a complete “green” and healthy experience. Many beds are also made of lightweight and eco-friendly bamboo. The material is not only healthy and eco-friendly but also the perfect complement to a contemporary home.

Bamboo is often used in Viesso contemporary furniture styles to complement hardwood floors, marble or other modern materials used in homes. Shag rugs may be used to break up the monotony of bamboo on hardwood. Designers may also select a cowhide or sheepskin to complement bedroom furniture.

Viesso contemporary designers may take two relatively simple pieces of contemporary furniture and pair the two items with a contemporary rug with texture to yield an impressively designed room. Many rugs may also be classified in the eco-friendly material category if made of natural materials.

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture. Viesso outdoor contemporary furniture is almost as important as interior furniture design. Outdoor furniture may consist of sofas, coffee tables, fireplaces and lounges made of eco-friendly materials. The materials are typically recycled synthetic materials or reclaimed wood. High-quality contemporary furniture styles, which are also eco-friendly, are ideal for any modern contemporary homes. Even outdoor contemporary furniture should be healthy for the entire family.

Many contemporary furniture designers featured by Viesso pay particular attention to detail when designing outdoor furniture. Exterior contemporary furniture style can take a “drab” space and turn it into a calm and peaceful oasis for relaxation. When designers pay attention to detail and functionality, an outdoor space can be transformed into an award-winning space. Viesso contemporary furniture styles are truly unique works of art.

The sofas and loungers are often oversized and perfect for relaxation or tanning. Contemporary furniture styles are designed to meet the needs of people of all shapes and heights. Many homeowners or resort-goers often become so comfortable in their outdoor loungers that they drift into deep slumber. Contemporary furniture designs are the reasons why. Many new five-star hotels and luxurious homes are incorporating contemporary furniture into their designs.

Some of the most impressive Viesso sofas and loungers feature recycled fabrics and stainless steel bars that can be used to hang fabrics for shading. The simplistic designs are modern, chic and incredibly impressive in an outdoor space. As the fabrics reflect the sun and wave in the wind, lounging guests feel enveloped in luxury and calm. Contemporary furniture is incredibly effective in creating a calming environment near resort pools or at a single family home.

Loungers also are being made of eco-friendly materials such as teak. Teak timber combined with stainless steel is not only eco-friendly, but it is incredibly breathtaking near a vanishing-edge pool or on a balcony overlooking the ocean. Teak-produced loungers are durable and low-maintenance. The loungers complement stone, slate, colored concrete and other natural materials commonly found around the pool area or at many luxurious resorts. Teak is also complemented by green vegetation.

Teak is a preferred design material because it is resistant to weather elements. Teak loungers may be left outside all year-round. The natural weathering process will be slow in drier climates and fast in moist climates. Teak has high natural oil content that makes the closed-grained hardwood more durable in the sun, rain and cold weather.

Stainless steel is featured on most of the outdoor furniture. Stainless steel is a beautiful and functional material that is used on all types of furniture from teak loungers to furniture. The material is rust-free to withstand the outdoor elements. Chrome and nickel contribute to make a more corrosion-resistant material.

Consider Viesso Contemporary Furniture Styles For Home or Hotel Improvement

Designers should consider contemporary furniture designs to improve the appearance of their homes or hotels. Many designers are currently using Viesso contemporary designs and are receiving compliments and accolades. Consider Viesso contemporary furniture styles for a future design project or for your home. Contact us today to make your space truly unique.

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