Contemporary Home Accessories

Contemporary home accessories bring distinctive design elements together for a cohesive presentation. Modern design involves minimalistic principles. Each element of design has a unique purpose and makes an independent statement alone. When brought together with other elements of design, the independent statements combine to bring an entire home or space together in a symphony that delights the eye. Let Viesso conduct your masterwork to bring your space to life like never before.


Fireplaces have evolved since traditional home design. Many fireplaces are now freestanding and look like modern pieces of art in a room. Not only do fireplaces provide warmth but an element of elegance and mystique. Modern fireplaces are eco-friendly and emit no harmful emissions.

Fireplaces can improve home values and serve as conversation pieces. Ambiance or romance can be easily set by a fireplace. When the lights are lowered, modern fireplaces can act as meditation focal points when the light created flickers on the walls.

Geometric designs are common with contemporary fireplace design. Rectangular fireplaces in primary colors are often used in the interior and exterior of the home. The unique design can be placed in the center of an interior or exterior room, and the flame can be viewed from either side of the fireplace.

Fireplaces may also be designed as circular orbs or on pedestals with curved lines. The striking designs are portable and require no ventilation for operation. Since the fuel sources are natural, homeowners may keep their families safe and warm with contemporary fireplaces.

Many contemporary designs are created by some of the great architects in the industry. Designers from all over the world have participated in modern fireplace design. Designers incorporate materials such as glass, wood and metals to yield a modern design with mainstream appeal.

Recreational and Convertible Furniture

Urban dwellers seek innovative design and furniture with multiple purposes. Space conservation is of utmost importance in urban environments. Convertible furniture with dual purposes is common.

One of the most impressive pieces was created by designer James DeWulf. He created an innovative table to serve as a dining table and Ping-Pong table. The table is made of polished concrete made to withstand the elements and for unique visual appeal. The smooth tabletop is hand-finished and slightly colored with pigment.

This particular table can be used with interior or exterior furniture sets. Since the table is impervious to weather elements, it can remain outside all year. Concrete has unique design potential and is one of the most durable materials made. The freeze-thaw cycles, moisture and salt water do not affect this particular table design.

Ping-Pong table design is made to regulation size and is a great home accessory. The concrete material blends with its surroundings and offers an intriguing architectural element to a room or outdoor space. Ping-Pong tables are fun for recreation and great for accommodating large dinner parties.


Art wall murals are excellent home accessories designed to break up the monotony of rooms. Art murals are unique and easy to install in any home. A regular home can be transformed from mediocre to spectacular in the time required for hanging mural wall art. Murals may be custom-designed to the inch to accommodate the space intended for the artwork.

Artists put incredible effort into creating masterful artwork to bring a room to life. The designs are incredibly modern and complement contemporary décor. Many murals feature primary colors commonly found in modern contemporary art. Monochromatic murals are also common and chosen by designers for modern spaces.

Screen prints and abstract art are also popular for contemporary spaces. Abstract art uses vibrant colors to provide contrast and a beautiful focal point in the room. Murals can cover an entire wall to add to a room’s visual appeal. The price varies based upon the square footage required to meet a homeowner’s needs.

Consider art wall murals to provide a unique flair to a room. The mural provides a unique visual effect because it is typically attached to a wall rather than a canvas.

Pool Loungers

Pool loungers are often overlooked as home accessories. If chosen properly, homeowners can feel as if they are lounging by a pool at a modern resort as opposed to a simple backyard pool. Designers of pool loungers pay attention to quality, detail and originality. Functionality is also important in contemporary pool lounger design.

The materials make a difference in the appearance and durability of contemporary home loungers. Teak wood or mesh is commonly used material in contemporary pool lounger design. Both materials are durable and visually appealing. Throw pillows may be included to add an element of comfort and color to a design.

Contemporary home loungers blend into the landscape and complement modern-styled pools. Infinity edge pools often work well with contemporary home loungers. The designs are minimalistic to avoid distraction from the focal point of the area. In this case, the pool would be the focal point.

When searching for contemporary home loungers, homeowners should consider durability also. Contemporary loungers must withstand water from salt-water pools, chlorine, rainwater and sun. When criteria for beauty and functionality are met, a designer has accomplished his or her goal.

Water Filters

Water filters are not commonly thought of as a home accessory, but in contemporary and modern design, they are like artwork. Water is a necessity. Designers ensure home owners’ water supply is pure and dispensers are visually appealing. Contemporary design will blend with other design elements in the room while producing safe and healthy water.

OVOPUR is a green approach to water filtration and water safety. The filter fits neatly in the contemporary dispenser to break up the monotony of the room. The design is innovative and often becomes the center of attention in the kitchen.

OVOPUR’s modern filter reservoirs are made of porcelain material and have won awards for innovative design. One particular design features an oblong orb situated atop a second, more elongated oblong orb. The handle design features numerous curves and is ergonomically designed to make water-dispensing easy and mess free.

Water filtration devices are portable and effective. The modern design will blend well in any room of the home with contemporary home design elements. This home accessory is most commonly located in the home office or kitchen. Some homeowners may also include water dispensers in the master bedroom. The design is inconspicuous, making sure the water dispenser will not seem out of place.

Modern Lighting

Lighting is often not thought of as an accessory, but lamps, pendants and other lighting sources can make a huge difference in the appearance of the room. Modern designers select home lighting to set the ambiance of the room. Carefully select modern and contemporary home lighting to add spark to an otherwise dull room.

The décor will determine the type of lamp chosen. For instance, an Asian-style lantern will complement Asian-style décor. Rooms with abstract art as the focal point may want to consider lamps and lighting pendants with abstract designs to complement the current décor. Many modern lighting pendants feature unique curves and whimsical design to add an element of intrigue.

Some lamps have clean and sleek lines for minimal distraction from other elements in the room. Geometric shapes are common. Cubes and cylindrical shapes serve as modern design elements and complement contemporary furniture.

Some lamps feature cutouts and project unique designs on the wall. The designs may be reminiscent of modern art when illuminated. Projections may set the mood and ambiance in the room. Bulbs may be changed to facilitate this process.

Other Home Accessories

Vases and clocks are often included in contemporary home decor to provide an element of modern design. Vases are made of interesting materials such as wood, porcelain and ceramics. The vases often feature whimsical curves to complement modern elements. Texture is also a common consideration in contemporary home accessory design.

Modern clocks are also common for contemporary rooms. These modern works of art are also excellent timepieces. Many clocks only feature the hands. The face qualifies the clock as modern artwork. The designs are unexpected and intriguing.

Consider Contemporary Home Accessories

Consider contemporary home accessories to add to current modern décor. Basic furniture provides a foundation for a room. Simple accessories can transform a room and make it unique. A hundred people can purchase the same couch, but home accessories will make the couch appear different in every home. Visual appeal is created with the addition of modern accessories. Consult Viesso today and let us help you bring your vision to life.

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