Contemporary Leather Furniture

Furniture is not just a set of items that a household simply buys—it is a way of creating an aesthetic that defines that household. Whether in a living room or in a doctor’s waiting room, the style of furniture is often the very first thing a guest sees upon entering and will be one of the first things he or she thinks about when forming an opinion about the home or office.

That is one reason why leather furniture has been so popular down through the years. In addition to its durability, leather furniture has been associated with both dignity and affluence almost since the first time it was used as a covering for chairs and couches. Whether it is the overstuffed leather chair used by a family patriarch or the comfortable leather couches found in a well-respected doctor’s office, leather furniture projects an aura of calm authority to all who use it.

Viesso’s line of contemporary leather furniture continues that tradition, while allowing customers to make fashion choices that also place them firmly in the 21st century. Whether it is for a tabletop, or the seat fabric, Viesso leather furniture can suit any taste or price range.

The Advantages of Leather

Leather has been a favored material for furniture for hundreds of years, adorning the thrones of Europe and the seats of Congress alike. The reason is quite simple in that there are few other materials, artificial or natural, that combines the feel, durability, and stylish look of leather. Leather upholstered furniture lasts longer, is more comfortable, and is more easily cleaned than other types of furniture.

In addition, leather is has a number of advantages over synthetic materials. Plastics, even so called “artificial leather” simply cannot match true leather in appearance or utility. For one thing, natural leather while water resistant, “breathes” far better than these artificial materials, making it more comfortable and preventing the unpleasant sticking sensation one often gets with plastics. In addition, natural leather retains temperature more effectively, an advantage for someone sitting in an outdoor setting when the weather is chilly.

Natural leather is also somewhat more durable in comparison with many other fabrics, and can be easily cleaned from both water and accidental food spills. This makes it ideal for use at the dining table, or where the furniture will see hard use during the day or night.

Contemporary Furniture with a Traditional Look

One of the best advantages of using contemporary leather furniture is that it can combine modernistic lines and styles with the traditional look and feel of leather. Whether for an office chair, outdoor garden sofa, or examples of TV room furniture, the combination of leather with a modern design style produces the best of both worlds. A homeowner can enjoy the unique feel and scent of his or her leather chair at work, with the advantage of a forward-looking appearance that fits in well with computers, entertainment systems, and other such appliances. For outdoor settings, this combination creates an energetic look and feel, appreciated by those who are at play or just relaxing on the patio alike.

This is especially important for those who wish a unified theme linking their furniture and home furnishing alike. Leather furniture easily fits into most home designs, avoiding the problem of clashing or out of place furniture. This is especially useful for reception or family rooms, where guests will have their first impression of the home.

Natural and Ecologically Friendly Materials

One of the greatest advantages of leather furniture from Viesso is that it is made out of natural materials. Produced by ecologically friendly methods, the components of Viesso furniture are made via low impact and ecologically sustainable materials, protecting the environment even as they provide a stylish and comfortable experience.

As an example of this commitment to environmentally responsible business practices, Viesso makes use of bamboo, locally sourced alder frame, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified maple, natural latex, recycled and natural fibers, and water-based glue, to name a few examples. All of these materials are produced in a sustainable manner, meaning that unlike many synthetic materials, they do not negatively affect the environment. Furthermore, Viesso works to procure materials and produce its furniture locally, reducing the need for long distance transport and subsequent green house gas emissions from trucks and trains.

Beyond their environmentally friendly nature, Viesso products are superior to synthetic equivalents, demonstrating that ecological responsibility does not have to come at the cost of comfort. One example of the superiority found with these products is the use of water based glue substitutes—unlike harsh synthetic adhesives, water based glue does not produce an offensive odor, is easier to clean, and most importantly for the safety minded, is less flammable than synthetic blends. The same advantages apply to the green wood stains and sealants Viesso uses in their products.

Custom Design Leather Furniture

The final and perhaps best aspect of purchasing Viesso’s furniture is the wide range of customized options available. Viesso's custom furniture can change the fabric design, height, and even size of the selected furniture, allowing the home or office owner to design the furniture for the setting, rather than the other way around. This also allows the family to get involved in the design process, creating a final product that all can agree with.

Custom designed contemporary leather furniture can produce a personalized touch, completing the sense that the home is truly part of the family’s life. For businesses, customized furniture can be designed to effectively project the impression desired by the owners, rather than “making do” with store bought and generic furniture examples.

Custom Design Assistance

Finally, Viesso offers custom design assistance for those who are not entirely clear how to bring their particular vision to fruition. By working with design specialists, in person or online, Viesso can help home and and business owners alike in creating a unique and attractive style that fits their home or office. With an expert understanding of Viesso products and how they interact with their surroundings, a Viesso representative can help get the most out of any purchase.

A Local Company With a World Wide Vision

Viesso has all of its manufacturing and showroom facilities in the Los Angeles area. This ensures that Viesso contributes directly to the local economy as well as being convenient for LA residents to visit Viesso’s showroom. For those who live further away, Viesso’s online ordering system allows for the evaluation, selection and purchasing of furniture for delivery, all from the convenience of a home computer.

For those seeking a unique furniture experience, Viesso can offer the skill, commitment and vision to make their dreams a reality. Those interested in obtaining world-class furniture or design assistance can find more information about Viesso’s wide range of products and services or contact a representative today!

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