Contemporary Nightstands: Decorating Challenge

Nightstands, also known as bedside tables, have become an essential bedroom accessory thanks to the stylish designs that are available today. Choosing and decorating nightstands can be difficult because you will want them to be accessible storage areas while still looking beautiful and clutter free. Here are a few tips for selecting and decorating contemporary nightstands.

Selecting Style

If you have a lot of space in your bedroom, selecting large nightstands for your bedroom is a great option. You will then have all of the space that you need to store the items that you like to keep by your bedside in the nightstand. If you have limited space, a small nightstand is preferable and you should use it to reflect a minimal design. With smaller nightstands, floor lamps are a better option than table lamps to allow you room to place small items on your nightstand. Regardless of the size of the nightstand, you should make sure that it matches the décor of your bedroom. If you are trying to determine the best color and design options, look to your existing bedroom furniture for inspiration.

Storage Needs

Your storage requirements are an important part of determining which modern nightstand option will work best in your bedroom. Most nightstands feature some combination of a shelf, drawer or open storage space for your things. If you intend to use your nightstand to store just a few items such as a book or glass of water, a nightstand with open shelves will do the trick. However, if you are concerned that clutter will build up on your nightstand, opt for one that has drawers so that you can put your things away.

Decorating Your Nightstand

If you are wondering what items are appropriate to store on a nightstand without making your bedroom look cluttered, there are a few major options that you can choose from.

Lamps and clocks

The first suggestion would be to add a clock or lamp to your nightstand. If you are looking for a clock that is appropriate, skip the standard alarm clock and instead opt for a clock that is beautifully designed. However, if you prefer an alarm clock, consider purchasing one with an interesting face or design so that it can serve as a tabletop piece of furniture rather than simply a functional device.

Lamps are the perfect addition to a nightstand and Viesso has a wide variety of styles that can provide your bedroom with plenty of warm light. Click here to view lamp options that would be appropriate for a nightstand.

If you opt to put a lamp on your nightstand, make sure that it is not larger than the nightstand itself. A good size for a table top lamp is one that still provides some space between the ends of the lampshade and the ends of the table. The lamp option works best when you choose to make the lamp the centerpiece of the nightstand without any other permanent items on the tabletop.

Decorative boxes

Decorative boxes are another idea that you can try for your nightstand. If you are looking for a place to store loose change, small toiletries or jewelry, a decorative box can provide you with a place to keep your items. If you opt for a decorative box, it should be the centerpiece of the nightstand and should not be accompanied by any clutter.

Design versus clutter

If you are finding that there is not much room left for other things that you want to put down such as a magazine or reading glasses, you should opt for a nightstand that has drawers or move non-essential items off the nightstand and store them in other places. The key to maintaining a contemporary look in your bedroom is to eliminate clutter and to choose a nightstand for aesthetic rather than functional reasons.Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 12.06.20 PM

If you need assistance with selecting contemporary nightstands for your bedroom, Viesso is happy to help!

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