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Contemporary Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor spaces like patios, gardens, decks and pools are created for individuals as well as businesses and public places. These areas are built for reasons such as upgrading the value of a property, making a place to entertain and developing a backyard retreat. The contemporary and modern style for outdoor furniture provides attractive and functional pieces that are designed with simple and sleek lines and colors that will not detract from the enfolding outdoors. Such designs let the natural setting be the star while the furniture just enhances and emphasizes nature. Viesso provides a wide range of pieces and looks so that the designers of the outdoor space can find just the pieces needed for their particular outdoor plans and dreams.

Outdoor Spaces

While many reasons are behind the building of an outdoor garden or patio area, the space is beneficial to all people and even pets and wildlife who will enjoy the place. Beauty in nature brings a sense of peace and healing. Any plot large or small that is improved will be attractive. As in all creations, the size is irrelevant. What is important is what is done with the given portion. Inspirations and ideas must combine for cohesiveness in color and natural loveliness that complements the building or home exterior style.

Creating Outdoor Rooms

Whatever the reason that an outdoor space is created, certain basic design principles help to make the space successful and beneficial. Here are some of those basic principles:

Future Maintenance – Usually low maintenance elements are the most effective. For instance, designers should plan ahead and only plant items according the time and effort available in the future for maintaining, cultivating and nurturing those plants or shrubs. Even on small decks this key. No one wants to look at pots or planters with dried and dead plants in them. Such evident failure is not only an issue of up-keep; it is also a clear sign of poor planning and decor decisions.

Planned Use – The space created must match its intended use. While this point may seem obvious, some owners are forever discouraged with their yards. One example of this is if owners want a lovely rose and rock garden, but they have little children who want to run and play and pick the flowers. The creator can plan for the children to enjoy the garden and learn rules for when and how they may pick the flowers or the yard should left open for games and active play.

Selecting Furniture – Outdoor rooms are not complete without the proper furniture. People will not go out and appreciate a park or gardens nearly

Modern Outdoor Style so much as when furniture is thoughtfully placed to help them to be comfortable outdoors. The style of the furniture and the use of them should factor in to the decision of which pieces are chosen. Of course, the style should blend in and enhance the natural setting in which it is placed.Modern and contemporary styled furniture is particularly suited to celebrate and embrace nature. While the pieces can be dramatic and they are definitely attractive to the eyes, the ornate details of this style of furniture are minimal. The lines are direct and to the point which contrasts tastefully with the rustic beauty and artistic irregularities of nature. The lines of contemporary furniture actually frame and showcase the outdoor splendor of the setting, letting nature be the star.

Green Outdoor Furniture

Viesso provides excellent Green outdoor furniture options because of the company’s strong commitment and enthusiasm for protecting the global environment. Woods used are sustainable, from sources using Green methods for growth and harvesting. Minimal chemicals are used for gluing. Natural substances and fibers are used as much as possible in glues, cushions and upholstery. Additionally, all the furniture that bears the Viesso name is made in Los Angeles. Local manufacturing provides less transport and shipping, more quality control and benefits the local economy.

The Viesso Outdoor Collection

Here are some top examples in Viesso’s outdoor collection furnishing outdoor living spaces:

Accent Tables – Round and rectangular coffee and end tables are functional, furnishing the outdoor room. Viesso offers a grand selection. One exceptional set is the Rondez-Vous Nesting Tables that comprises three square contemporary tables of powder-coated steel that fit one under the other. They can stand together or separately, and numerous colors are offered. Having tables close at hand gives a place for snacks, for reading material and for setting beverages. Then, bouquets or potted plants look good as accent decorations when they are standing on the low tables.

Cabanas and Shades – With these modern cabanas and shades, the sun is blocked but not the view. Reducing the sun’s rays without retreating behind closed doors is the role of cabanas and over-sized umbrellas. The sun-shade fixtures sold by Viesso can be placed anywhere on the patio or in the yard, furnishing shade on a bright and sunny afternoon. The Sombrero Personal, the Sombrero Canopy and the Icon Honeymoon Lounger are a few of the options. Old and young can sit together or alone for an extended period of time without being bothered by the sunshine.

Dining Sets – When it comes to dining sets, the dainty Bistro of powder-coated steel in several colors to the Breeze with its thick glass top and mesh covered chairs of three different color selections. Smaller tables are good for one or two people who share a sandwich and a drink on the patio. Then for the ultimate comfort in outdoor dining, the Quilt is high fashion contemporary with soft and cushioned seats. Such tables are just right for dinners under the stars. Dining sets mean great times together around the table sharing delicious food and happy memories.

Fireplaces – Giving a surprising amount of heat, portable fireplaces help to inspire the right atmosphere and take the chill off the air. They can be perfect for long evenings with friends or someone special. Some of the fireplaces offered by Viesso are for outdoors only like the cylinder-shaped EcoSmart Cyl Outdoor Fireplace. Others are useful placed inside an existing fireplace or standing alone indoors or outdoors like the Mercer Fireplace with its shiny marble composite shell. The ones offered by Viesso burn eco-friendly fuel.

Planters – Providing durable planters that will withstand weather extremes, the Kubus and Mazzamiz planters are built of teak on a metal frame. Then, the Rio Planter is made from stainless steel. These planters come in various sizes to fit different plants and spaces. Having a growing plant, flower or shrub nearby will beautify the outdoor room. Studying a growing plant up close is a healing and rejuvenating activity even if the time spent is brief.

Rugs – With nearly fifty different outdoor rugs, Viesso sells a line of rugs for soothing outdoor rooms that are convenient and provide comforting accent style. Placing feet on a rug is a cozy feeling even outdoors. The Svea-Metallic Azurblue rug uses polyester and PVC-plastic fibers for a long-lasting outdoor or indoor rug that is a solid color. Pappelina is a Swedish interior design company, and another of its choices is the Lilo-Olive Green and Vanilla rug made of the same materials as the Svea. Sturdy outdoor rugs are superb decor accents.

Sectionals – These plush cushioned seats provide comfort for outdoor rooms. Time outdoors is encouraged by the plush line of Aluminum Chases, Square Right and Left Hand Seats and the Plano. The cushions come in a wide variety of colors. Sectionals provide comfortable seating and structure to the outdoor room. As common in interiors, sectionals can be arranged in a number of different combinations either separated or connected.

Sun Loungers – Strong and easy to clean, the lounges found at Viesso’s are perfect for quiet relaxation. The styles of loungers offered are many. Actually, the styles and functions of each one fits different uses and settings like the Lilliniki Lounger seating one person and the Icon Teak Double Sunlounger. Many happy moments can be spent on chase lounges either alone with a good book and a cold drink or with friends or family members and good conversation.

Personalizing with Modern Outdoor Furniture

Modern outdoor furniture lets people make the most of their outdoor living. When people see a bench or lounge out on the balcony, they are invited to venture outdoors and stay awhile. The space becomes personally theirs. As owners add pieces they have chosen, each item tells their guests about the business or the individuals who own the outdoor room or gardens. Useful pieces provide tables, chairs and more for entertaining. Still, each piece tells something of the ones who choose and own them. Every item found on Viesso tells something about the Viesso company. Still when the piece is brought into its outdoor setting, it creates something the owner desires and enhances its new space.

For more information and to view Viesso’s contemporary outdoor furniture online, the full line is available at Viesso.

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