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Creating Avant-Garde Design with Dewulf Concrete

Concrete. Just the word itself seems to imply something static, heavy, immobile. Something concrete has always been seen as immutable, grounded, and not necessarily up for debate.

A Generous Material that Highlights Others

In this way, when we think of generic concrete, we think of dense urban settings and unrelenting sidewalks. We think of concrete blocks, cell blocks, city blocks. When we think of concrete, we don’t think of something sensual, something cool, something sexy and modern and infinitely desirable in its ability to provide counterpoint. We don’t think of it as a generous material that so easily highlights other elements rather than itself.

Using Concrete in Uncommon Circumstances

The use of concrete in uncommon circumstances began when innovators began experimenting with it as an alternative to quotidian flooring. Its durability, in addition to the way one can play with colors and finish, made it an interesting choice, especially when placed in juxtaposition with other flooring materials to create a playful and more artistic surface.

Versatility, Receptivity, Personality

Today concrete is being used more and more for its incredible versatility, as well as its receptivity to the designer’s and the buyer’s individuality. Whether it is stamped, stained, painted, or imprinted, concrete can take on a personality that expresses itself in ways never imagined.

The Simple Elegance of Minimalism

Now more than ever we are seeing the use of concrete in a variety of unexpected ways. Forward thinking designers are using it to create lighting, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, seating, and more. As a utilitarian substance, it is becoming the material of choice for those who understand the simple elegance of minimalism. And despite its industrial strength, concrete is being manipulated by visionaries into forms that are fluid and organic, expressing something soft and sensual that is pleasing to the eye and inviting to the touch.

Pushing the Boundaries of Design

At Viesso, we are always looking to push the boundaries of design. Our credo is that less is more, that modern, clean lines are indicative of modern, clear thinking, and that these lines inspire us to streamline our lives in order to better highlight what is essential. It is in this spirit that we are proud to have the incredible designer James DeWolf on board, with some of his most exceptional work ready to order through our online store.

A Visionary Touch

James DeWulf is an artist whose material of choice is concrete. His passion for the material is seen in every piece of furniture he creates, and it is here that we begin to see through his distinctive vision how beautiful concrete can be.

Transforming the Ugly into the Exquisite

DeWulf established his business in 2004 as he began to explore the vast possibilities of using concrete in unconventional settings. His early pieces were created for avant-garde decorators and architects, as well as retail and private clients who recognized his gift for transforming something ordinary and formerly considered ugly into uniquely exquisite pieces.

Advancing the Technology, Pushing the Limits

With his questing artistic spirit, his experiments with the material have helped to advance the technology with his new approaches to texture and form. In the words of Distinction Magazine, “James DeWulf is raising the bar on concrete design both visually and ecologically with his handmade furnishings.” His desire to push the limits has allowed him to create fresh, exciting furniture that mixes beautifully with other textures and sensations in a home or business setting.

The Periodic Coffee Table

One perfect example of DeWulf’s transformative touch is his Periodic Coffee Table, where he has used a special process to indent the periodic table to a degree where it is visible, but does not interfere with the balance of objects when they are placed on the surface. With its chic black steel legs, the table is not only utilitarian, but also functions as an exquisite conversation piece.

The Scaffolding Coffee Table

Dewulf’s Scaffolding Coffee Table with legs made of reclaimed scaffolding that balance the solid concrete top is one of our favorites here at Viesso. The juxtaposition of rustic wood against concrete is a stroke of genius, bringing out the beauty and richness in both materials.

The Vue, the Hourglass, and the Harvest

The Vue Coffee Table is made with a warm colored concrete that is polished smooth to create an almost burnished feel. The black or stainless steel base is another study in perfect contrast, which is what makes this designer’s signature pieces so alluring. The Hourglass Dining Table accomplishes the same thing with its rustic base gracefully rising to embrace its warm concrete top. Another extraordinary design is the Harvest Dining Table made with a thin, wide top harmoniously placed on a stabile pedestal base that is so intelligently built into its form.

The Ping Pong Dining Table

DeWulf’s understanding of innovation, purpose, and the use of the unexpected is what spurred him to create the brilliant Ping Pong Dining Table. With its buttery surface, once the net is removed, you have a silky surface on which to dine. Because the concrete is mixed with pigment during the pouring process, the color will never fade or wear away as it subtly adds to the hand-finished workmanship that makes this piece so unique. Who knew that having a ping pong table could be so chic and dual-purposed!

With their sealed surfaces, each one of these concrete pieces speak of a stunning functionality as they repel liquids, are easy to clean, and so perfectly represent a sense of modern timelessness.

Creating Personality Within Any Space
Concrete, when combined with other textures such as upholstery, pillows, rugs and accessories, helps to create a definitive personality within any space. Mixing it with other materials creates an element of surprise as it compliments other types of decor. Concrete allows us to experience our own senses in a different way as we run our hands over its deliciously smooth surface or explore textures that heretofore were never realized or awakened.

A New Vision in Design
Many of our clients at Viesso are ordering James DeWulf’s definitive tables as a way to provide their environments with exquisite statement pieces that reflect a new vision in design. For more information on how you can combine your home or office decor with a DeWulf original, please contact us by calling 8.8.VIESSO (843776) or through our online form, which can be found here.

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