Custom Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo is a plant that has a lot of interesting qualities which make it ideal for furniture, flooring and for many uses in the construction business. Bamboo is the largest member of the grass family and grows phenomenally fast. It has been documented as growing 38 inches in a 24 hour period. It grows to its full size in one year and in two or three more years it matures into an incredibly strong substance. This fast growing quality is just one of the reasons bamboo is excellent wood for furniture.

One bamboo plant can be re-harvested every three to five years. This has a tremendous environmental impact because the resource is completely renewable. The web-like root system remains in the ground to stop soil erosion and begin the growth cycle again. The other hardwood trees that are used for high quality furniture take decades to reach a size that will be useful as lumber, and then it is cut down, never to return. This also leaves the soil unprotected so erosion can start. Even if a new tree is planted it will take decades to get a tree large enough to be useful, and the small roots will not stop erosion.

Bamboo has a molecular structure that forms a complex substance called a lignin matrix, a complete structure of cellulose molecules that is the bamboo plant. This means unbelievable strength that makes bamboo better than mild steel for replacing a re-bar as concrete reinforcement. It is also used as a framing material for multi-story buildings and as outside scaffolding. Its strength to weight ratio is higher than graphite.

Environmental sustainability is a powerful motive for lumber choice, and strength is also attractive for furniture that will need to withstand children, pets or just time, but what about looks? Another quality bamboo has is versatility. It can be made into any style furniture including classical styles, contemporary, Oriental, Mediterranean as well as custom designs in several different colors to enhance or harmonize with any decor. Bamboo has natural grain that is highlighted by the non-toxic stains used.

The base material for many of the exposed wood products at Viesso, a furniture company in Los Angeles and online, including tables, beds, and desks is bamboo plywood. Bamboo plywood is made with heat. The layers are heated and attached to each other. The heat also kills any mold or insect infestation in the bamboo as well as seasons it to minimize cracking. For structural integrity, a small amount of formaldehyde is used, but the toxic gasses are released during the process of making the plywood and not when the furniture is manufactured. The amount used is below E1 European standards which are stricter than the standards recommended in the U.S.

Viesso is committed to creating beautiful furniture that is as Green as possible. The wood used, including the bamboo, is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified so it only comes from sustainable forests. With the FSC sticker on the lumber, consumers know that they are not contributing to soil erosion, destroying wildlife habitat and deforestation.

Water based stains and glue, non-toxic finishes, natural fibers or recycled fiber for furniture fabric and natural latex in the chair cushions are some of the environmentally friendly resources Viesso uses. Water-based glues and the clear coat finish they use emit very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and have fewer odors and are less flammable. Each piece of furniture is made only when it is purchased, so there are no pieces that are built and not used.

Viesso uses locally sourced material for several reasons. It reduces their carbon footprint by not having to transport material from long distances, it gives them more control over the quality of their material and it supports the local economy.

Unique Bamboo Furniture

Many people think that bamboo furniture always has a tubular frame and a tropical or Asian style. At Viesso, customers can order custom bamboo furniture in graceful contemporary styles in several colors. Some examples of the custom bamboo furniture available at Viesso are:

• Dining tables made from 100 percent bamboo with a low VOC matte finish. It can be customized for size or other styling

• Grand platform bed in pale amber color with the headboard extending beyond the mattress on either side, so no bedside table is needed. The frame is made from birch that is FSC certified. It can be made with slat system or solid bamboo plywood. This model can be customized.

• A large bench 84 inches long in coffee color made from solid layered bamboo. This piece is only made according to specifications given by a customer. It works well with dining tables of the same wood and color or as a stand-alone piece for a foyer or patio.

• A bamboo float one or two-seater with end tables as part of the design is very stylish and modern. It is a sleek space saver with pale amber colored bamboo with several colors of hemp or organic cotton cover.

• Bamboo rectangle, square or round dining table in coffee colored bamboo. It has a trough option in the middle to hold candles, flowers, condiments or anything else. These tables can be customized to any style or size.

• A coffee table that is just a simple box with an indentation for a planter and space for books or magazines is sleek and stylish and is made with pale amber bamboo. It can also be customized for size and options.

All the bamboo products from Viesso take about three weeks to build and take about two to eight days to receive depending on the destination. Once the item is received, the purchaser has seven days to decide if they are happy with it. If not, they will get a full refund minus the cost of shipping.

Viesso will send free samples of the wood and color options for people who cannot visit a showroom. Colors may look different on computer monitors, so the customer could be disappointed when the item is delivered and placed in the hone. Some items on the website are not available in the showroom, but are built when requested. Viesso offers a lifetime warranty on the frames of the products made by the company. Viesso will also repair any piece if it is still owned by the original purchaser.

For customized furniture that is sure to harmonize with the décor, Viesso will arrange for a consultation in the customer’s home if it is in Los Angeles County. The cost is $99, but if you order furniture, this amount will be fully refunded. Viesso will send an interior designer with whom the company partners with, to visit a home or office of someone considering Viesso custom furniture.

For people outside Los Angeles County, Viesso will help with the selection if the customer will send photos of the room or area where they are hoping to place the furniture and send their ideas on what they would like. They will also send samples of the bamboo and fabric choices, so customers can actually see the color and texture and decide if it is what they want.

Some options for customizing bamboo furniture are:

• Choose the height of the legs. This will change the height of the sofa, chair or table. Ask for advice, because, for comfort in a chair or sofa, the height of the legs will depend on the depth of the frame

• Choose feathers for a rounder, softer look and choose only foam for the sleek, modern look

• Choose the right fabric. Fabric that has a high rub count, is easy to clean and has a simple weave is best for a home with children and pets. A synthetic fabric will absorb less stains than cotton or rayon. Rub count is the number of rubs a fabric will take before it is worn through. There are machines that rub fabric to determine its rub count. Viesso has fabric with rub counts up to 1,000,000. Most restaurants and hotels use fabric with over 30,000 rub count

• Choose the right bottom on the legs of a sofa. Rubber pads are best on hardwood to prevent scratching, and felt is the best for ease of movement

• Choose a sofa without arms to take up less space in a small room

• Choose the right size for the room. The best way to customize a piece of furniture to fit in a room with existing furniture is to make the area of the desired furniture out of newspaper and put it on the floor in the room. This will give an idea of what size the table, chair or sofa needs to be

For a sleek, handmade piece of furniture with a modern design, bamboo is one of the best options. It is extremely hard and durable, so it will last for years and become an heirloom. Bamboo is sustainable, so there is no damage to the environment or deforestation when it is harvested. It will grow right back from the same roots. Contact usfor more information and to see their huge selection of beautiful handmade furniture online.

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