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Custom Bedroom Furniture: Tips and Selection

Designing the perfect bedroom requires that you select all of the basics carefully, such as a bed, storage areas and suitable accessories. Personalizing your bedroom should also involve selecting a few extra items to add a bit of style. Here are a few reasons why custom furniture is the perfect option for designing your entire bedroom.

Why Custom Furniture?

Custom-made furniture can be expensive in some cases. However, at Viesso, custom does not necessarily mean expensive. Custom furniture is becoming more commonplace as people express their needs for individuality in their furniture options.

Furniture With Many Options

Custom bedroom furniture design offers the ability to create bedroom furniture that can serve multiple uses. Some examples include beds that contain storage options or built-in shelving and custom upholstered headboards. Another custom furniture option that is quite popular is the storage bench. While multifunction furniture options are excellent for designing a small bedroom, they can also be excellent for achieving a minimalist atheistic in your bedroom.

Here are a few of the custom bedroom furniture options available from Viesso:

Storage Beds

Storage beds are not a new concept. However, they have regained popularity thanks to the options offered by furniture customization. In addition to designing the storage component of the bed, you can also select the construction materials and the legs for the ultimate look for your bedroom. Here are two of the most popular storage bed options available:

Buden Bed – The Buden Bed is manufactured from bamboo. It can be designed to include open or closed storage. In addition, the base and headboard is designed to accommodate multiple doors. If you are looking for a storage bed that offers a minimalist design while saving space, the Buden bed is an excellent modern bed that is sure to fit the bill.

Scoshi Bed – The Scoshi Bed is a platform bed that is manufactured from bamboo. The headboard provides storage which is perfect for keeping important bedside items nearby. The Scoshi Bed can be customized so that the color of the bamboo and the size can be selected based on individual needs.

Upholstered Headboards

To increase the comfort level of your bed, investing in an upholstered headboard can completely change the look of your bedroom. You can select a fabric pattern and color that will match your existing décor or you can select a contrasting style that will make the headboard the focal point of your bedroom. Headboards can also be customized with tufts and various filling options.

Viesso offers an online upholstered headboard building tool, that will allow you to create your ideal custom headboard from start to finish.

Benches and Stools

Benches and stools are essential accessories for completing the look of a bedroom. Benches and stools are also multifunctional and can be placed at the foot of the bed or in a corner to fill an empty space. Some benches also include storage options so that you can fill them with bed linens and other items for easy access.

Mento Thick Bench – The Mento Thick Bench is the perfect accessory for your bedroom when placed at the foot of the best. This bench can be customized to include all natural filings and fabrics.

Mento Storage Bench – For smaller bedrooms, or if you simply need more storage, the Mento Storage Bench is the perfect option for sitting. No matter where you place this bench in your bedroom, you will find that it adds to the sophistication of your bedroom while also providing hideaway storage.

Creating the perfect look in your bedroom with custom bedroom furniture does not have to be difficult. In fact, our furniture experts can walk you through the entire process of designing the perfect custom furniture options for your bedroom. If you have questions about the custom furniture options available, leave your comments below or contact us directly here.

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