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Custom Benches More Versatile Than You Think

When you think of a bench, you might simply have an image of a hard seat made of plain wood, such as a park bench. But benches actually come in a wide range of styles that you may have never seen or considered. There are benches that have storage options under the seat, upholstered benches, backless benches, and more. Here are some suggestions to help you incorporate benches in your home.

Using Benches in Dining Room

If you are looking for options for seating for your dining room, benches just might do the trick. The size of your dining room is not necessarily important, however benches can work especially well in a small dining room. In a small dining room, using benches for seating will allow you to seat more guests. Benches allow you to seat more people than chairs while taking up less space.

Some people might believe that benches are just too casual to be used in a formal dining room, however it is possible with the right design style. You also might be unsure as to whether all of the seats for the table should be benches or whether you should mix and match with chairs on the ends of the table. Using benches on their own can create a more minimal and formal look. If you are looking for something more casual, considering mixing and matching with chairs.

If you plan to use benches for your formal dining room, consider options that are upholstered or have carvings. These options will make the benches look less casual and will make the benches blend better with your dining room décor.

Using a Bench in the Foyer

Using a bench in the foyer or entryway of your home is not something that most people think of immediately, however it can be very helpful. Placing a decorative bench in the foyer is a great choice because it is an ideal location for a bench.

A bench will provide your guests with a place to sit to put on or remove their shoes. The shoes can then be stored underneath the bench for a neat arrangement. If you pair the bench with a mirror on the adjacent wall, you can better define your entryway and provide yourself with a place to take one more look in the mirror before walking out the door.

Bench Storage Options in the Bedroom

Keeping your bedroom free of clutter will allow you to relax. Just because your bedroom is a private room that is off limits to guests, does not mean that it should be kept in an unsightly and unorganized manner. If you need a bit of extra storage room your bedroom to get rid of the clutter, you may want to consider adding a custom bench with under-the-bench storage.

Adding a bench with storage will not only save you space, but also adds a furniture item to your bedroom that doubles both as a seat and a place to store your things.

Benches for the Outdoors

Whether you are working in the garden or simply relaxing in your backyard, having a beautiful bench will complete the calm and stylish look that you are going for. However, since the bench may get exposed to the elements, you will want to make sure that you choose a bench that is made from high quality materials to stand the test of time.

As a part of your outdoor patio furniture, a plyned custom bench made from high quality bamboo is a great option. Our custom benches come with a matte finish that will protect your bench from cracking, breaking, or warping.

Custom Benches From Viesso

Viesso offers the option to completely customize your bench. We offer set sizes, however you are free to select a bench size that will perfectly fit your space. In addition, we have more than 400 fabric options to choose from with a variety of colors and types. You can even choose the legs for your bench so that you can select something more formal or casual depending on your needs.

Are you considering decorating your home with a custom bench? Tell us more about your ideas below. If you have any questions about our custom bench options, feel free to ask and we’ll answer them right away!

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