Custom Built Furniture for The Perfect Modern Home

The greatest challenge for any designer is to produce furniture that breaks new ground in innovation, craftsmanship and engineering. It is this peak of expression that results in enduring and classic design that brings signature success to the perfect modern home.

Function and Aesthetics

Designs need to reflect an exploration of function combined with gently curving and minimal lines to create a lighter, more contemporary look. Furniture must combine a reverence for handwork with the progressive use of modern thinking, tools and technology. Furniture construction must be first class quality so that the exceptional pieces become collector items in your home.

Guiding Features of the Perfect Modern Home

When selecting designs for custom built furniture for the perfect modern home there is a need to consider what opportunities the home design provides to guide choices.

Existing Modern Homes

Some people already have the perfect modern home and are looking to apply modernist principles in their furnishing choices to enhance themes in spaces. There can be an emphasis on a contemporary look or a tendency towards the classic, however, regardless of the emphasis modernist design is hallmarked by minimalism.

Refurbishing Homes in a Modern Style

When planning to recreate house designs we can incorporate elements that will provide the best qualities of the modernist house taking into consideration existing features.

Modern Home Design Features

Good home design is vital for providing comfortable living and modern designing is simple and distinct. In order to achieve a great design you should choose the right colors and textures, and use clean lines. Modern houses include a range of styles such as Bungalow, French Eclectic, A-Frame, Craftsman, Art Deco, Neo-Classical, Neo-Victorian, Neo-Eclectic, Neo-Mediterranean, Neo-Colonial, Post-modern and Contemporary.

Here are some tips and features you can consider for furnishing a modern house design:


Modern houses base their design on function. The design focuses on minimalism and technology is incorporated into the functions of the different areas of the house. Modern houses usually have a smooth and streamlined look and this is often reflected in the furniture forms.

Open Spaces

Modern houses have open spaces and avoid crowded layouts. This is done by only using limited amounts of furniture and carefully considering issues relating to scale.

Natural Light and Movement

By selecting the right range and number of furniture pieces, the chances of capturing the natural light will be increased and the most remarkable spaces will be created for free movement. A continuous opportunity for movement in the interior is important to give an open feel as well as assisting in maintaining proper ventilation of the area. Foot traffic should always be considered as a priority with the arrangement of furniture.

Featuring Glass

The living space in a modern house should be open and glass is often used as a way to enhance this aspect as well as natural light, through the inclusion of wide glass windows.

Dining Furniture Choices That Fit the Style

Whatever furniture is chosen for the dining area there is a need to make sure that the kind of furniture fits the design, color and concept of the house. This may be colorful and the modernist style provides for range of choices such as a simple dining area or a classier one that may involve fine dining or merely a bar.


Modern homes do not have typical colorful schemes on either the interior or the exterior parts. The colors used are composed of neutral colors with bright bold accents and these do not include pastel colors. Bright bold colors need to complement each other and be well balanced, and can be picked up in the furnishings such as sectionals, rugs or accent chairs.


Modern design uses lighting where most of the structures have a light and almost translucent look. The use of pin lights, up lights, wall lamps, spotlights, lights with dimmers and others are common in modern design.

Textures and Patterns

If textures and patterns are desired, it is best to choose fabrics with clean lines for furnishings such as rugs and sectionals. Ideal designs are solids, stripes, geometric patterns and abstracts. Subtle animal prints on rugs and other decorative accessories can be included, however, ruffles and laces should be avoided because they do not complement modern design.

Storage spaces

Most modern designs use unique storage areas. Different storage pieces can form interesting visual combinations and provide matched types for items used for hobbies, clothes and other purposes.

Simple Furniture

Simple furniture is used in modern design and the usual furniture is vinyl cushioned, plastic, and brushed metal. Antique furniture should not be used for modern design, as it does not suit. Lacquered woods that are designed with sleek lines can be stunning. Furniture colors need to fit the house color.


Decorative accessories need to use clean lines and colors and must suit the home color. Paintings and prints should be of modern, eclectic, avant-garde or contemporary genres or styles. Other accessories should make use of sleek and smooth lines and as the modern design is minimal, the number of accessories should be limited.

The Bedroom

Personal taste and needs of the homeowner should be considered here, as there is a range of features in the modern bedroom. If a dark bedroom is desired, light colors or neutral colors can be used with dark curtains and dark fabrics. There could also be lights with dimmers, pin lights and a lampshade. Some modern bedrooms even have their own bathroom, or a whirlpool bathtub or spa. There are also bedrooms that have their own balcony or porch that can be furnished with modernist furniture.

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