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Custom Design Furniture

Modern furniture stands alone in its refreshing style and simplicity originating in the late 19th century that still carrying through today. The modern movement was a departure from the millennial idea of using furniture as ornamentation to be treated as part of a family’s lineage to connect tradition with history. Modernism sought newness, a fresh perspective emphasizing originality and technical innovation that was part of the changing times. Modernism was forward looking; taking what was happening in the present and advancing it into the future without being fixed on what had gone before.

Amazingly, by its very nature, modern furniture is innately renewable. It consistently looks to the technically innovative materials and methods of manufacturing that best exploit exotic influences, including Art Nouveau, Asian and African influences, and the tremendous creativity that continues to find an outlet in this exhilarating style of furniture. This renewable approach is even more relevant in today’s environmentally global awareness.

The best approach for customers to enjoy their fine collection is to be able to access modern furniture on and offline, having available to them an expansive line that offers a variety of amazing designers’ styles, including a Eco Friendly collection. Furnishing a space is about smart design and the ability to customize by blending modern technology with sustainable living. With Ecodesign gaining in popularity, more and more manufacturers are responding to the efforts made by the public and governments to support and facilitate furniture that is based on an environmentally friendly design.

Look for upholstered products such as sofas and beds, benches and chairs that are made with natural elements instead of the typical synthetic materials. Jute webbing and cotton seat decking, wool, linen and hemp, and fillings made from feather blends are some of the materials to watch for in when customizing pieces. All natural wool-wrapped latex framing and filling is inherently far less flammable than the polyurethane foam products typically used.

The use of materials that were new to furniture manufacturing at the turn of the 20th century, such as steel – offering so many forms, plastics and molded plywood became the formative elements in creating this new working philosophy of blending the disciplines of technology with art. These same methods are influencing today’s designers who are looking to utilize more “green” methods of manufacturing, including the use of bamboo that can be layered in a “hot process,” much the same way that plywood is made. Unlike hardwoods, bamboo is considered a grass and grows profusely, unaided. It is a durable wood that creates pieces that will last and takes the eco-friendly stains well, enhancing the natural wood grain highlights.

Modern furniture symbolizes the modern age demonstrating lightweight minimalism with striking simplicity. The characteristic lack of ornamentation and use of solid planes of color with contrasting use of pattern, the use of symmetrical abstraction and geometric planes are reminiscent of the artifacts that emerged from Japan and swept through Europe in the early 1900s. Modern Classic Furniture remains a representation of elegant sophistication. For your very own exclusive custom design furniture, be sure to visit Viesso at today!

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