Custom Dining Room Furniture

Viesso, a Los Angeles based modern furniture store, demonstrates a commitment to quality through products and with great service. Viesso’s expansive list of furniture by a variety of first-rate manufacturers as well as custom pieces made in-house offers an intriguing shopping experience for its customers. With a special focus on using eco-friendly materials in many of our custom products and utilizing environmentally conscious practices from manufacturing to shipping, Viesso offers a unique concept and custom dining room furniture options that are distinctively modern in style and invaluable as an investment. Customers can choose from a selection of dining chairs, tables, flatware, and other dining room specific products that will illuminate any dining space, and thus enhance the character and style of the home.

While Viesso has an impressive showroom in Los Angeles, shopping online is an equally engaging experience. A visit to Viesso’s website at provides prospective and existing customers access to the store’s expansive inventory of furnishings and accents for the dining room and other areas of the home. The website categorizes its inventory by room. Customers can also view products that are on sale, that are specifically eco-friendly, and even review furniture choices by brand. Because making a large purchase online can be intimidating, sales and service representatives are available to customers six days a week by phone, email and even live chat.

Viesso possess an original vision. With the combination of cutting-edge design, superior quality and innovative technology, the company continually seeks to offer modern furniture that is unparalleled; and practices a consciousness that supports environmental responsibility and protection. All of Viesso’s custom made products are produced at our Los Angeles location, which limits the impact to the environment and to the consumer in the areas of production, cost and shipping. In an effort to provide a positive online shopping experience, the option to view the entire inventory and request samples are available on the website. Helpful tips on how to shop for furniture online are also available.

Because of the confidence in the furniture pieces that are sold onsite and online, Viesso offers an in-home trial with a money back guarantee (7 days on custom made pieces for customers dissatisfied with the craftsmanship; 15 days on other branded products if the customer is unsatisfied with the product. Sale items are equally attractive; customers can shop for furniture pieces on sale, and save from an impressive 30% to an astounding 80% of the original price.

The furniture options available in Viesso’s inventory are striking and attractive in style, design, structure and color, and make for a satisfying shopping experience all on its own. Viesso’s other notable offerings such as the “You Fly, We Buy” program and the free samples option are added bonuses that exemplifies our passion for the business, commitment to quality, and desire to provide the best in customer satisfaction. A Viesso purchase is an investment that will only increase in value over time.

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