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Custom Eco Friendly Furniture Manufacturers

When Viesso came together in 2005 to make our first couch, it was with the idea to create a new outlook on modern furniture. We wanted to take a fresh stand on the meaning of contemporary products that would hold up to the test of time while mirroring our commitment to the environment. As we move forward and continue to evolve, we find that we are way ahead of the pack as savvy customers flock to our online and Los Angeles showrooms to find customizable, quality pieces for their homes.

A Passion for Sustainable Products

With a passion for making sustainable products, we send a message through every piece of furniture in our inventory that reflects our ethic. With a plethora of Viesso designs, we also include other brands that share our belief that eco-friendly furniture can be both beautiful and functional, upholding the best of today’s modern aesthetic.

Iconic Roots and an Eco-Friendly Vision

Viesso is no fly-by-night company. Our roots dig deep into past designers from whom we get our inspiration, such as Ray and Charles Eames, Mies van der Rohe, Hans J. Wegner, and more. Our desire to create iconic furniture that reflects the highest quality in techniques and materials sends a message to our customers that excellence does not have to be costly and that eco does not have to be dull.

Options for Individual Preference

With our fresh take on furniture design, we also pride ourselves on letting our customers take part in customizing many of our pieces according to their needs, taste, and personalities. With every piece based on comfort, function, and style, we leave room for options that allow for individual preference. This extends to fabrics, textures, colors, leg design, size, and of course, our Extreme Green line of frames and fillings.

Fitting the Green Label

All of the materials that we use fit the Green label. Our eco-friendly sofas, for example, use locally sourced hardwood frames, natural jute webbing, wool decks, and fabrics that are natural, recycled, or both. At Viesso, we kiln dry all of our wood to prevent warping and are dedicated to low chemical use at all times in order to help keep your home healthy and toxin-free. When it comes to determining a type of foam to use, customers can go through our inventory to choose whether they want eco-friendly only, 100% natural latex, or down for filling arms, backs, and furniture frames.

Made in L.A.

All of our Viesso designs are made in Los Angeles, California. Because we don’t make a single piece until your purchase, we avoid all waste. With no left over pieces or materials, we continue to display our green consciousness in our efficient use of resources.

Shopping Online

Though we do have pieces available for viewing in our L.A. showroom, most of our customers find it easier to complete their shopping process with us via our website. Here you can get a clear view of the eco-friendly furniture we manufacture and how you can customize almost any piece without having to leave the page. This feature has enabled us to garner a large following from all over the United States and beyond.

The Dekayess Sofa

Some examples of our custom pieces include our popular Dekayess 80” sofa which customers love for its ability to fit into compact spaces. With gracefully rounded arms and a sturdy body, the frame is made of locally sourced SFI certified alder hardwood, with a spring system made with individually placed components using thick, quality metal. Fully customizable, you can choose from a myriad of fabrics and from varying leg styles in wood or chrome for a unique couch that is as classic as it is contemporary.

The Rondi Loveseat

Our Rondi Loveseat, with its curved, enveloping body, provides you with two different height options on sleekly designed stainless steel legs. Using natural filling and webbing along with natural and recycled fabrics, you can make the Rondi your own by selecting all the sustainable options for each aspect of this comfy got-to-have-it piece.

The Blumen Settee Sofa Lounger

Viesso’s Blumen Settee Sofa Lounger is an eco-friendly beauty with its stylish arms that are angled high for easy lounging. Here again, the frame is made from locally sourced SFI certified alder hardwood and the seat and back pillow are filled with a high resiliency regular foam, natural latex, or down, according to your preference. With zippered upholstery, you can easily remove the fabric for cleaning when needed. Our intelligent design includes an eight-way hand-tied and individually placed coil spring system that provides the ultimate in support and suspension. Choose a great fabric, customize the size, or add some creative touches of your own to enhance the style, and the Blumen will be a-bloomin’ in your living room as the perfect representation of your unique taste.

Chemical Free

We know you don’t want chemicals or anything unnatural to interfere with a good night’s sleep. At Viesso, our Green beds not only give you great style, but also peace of mind when it comes to eco-friendly construction.

The Nini Bed Collection

Our Nini bed collection presents a number of green options, including more fabric selections than you can shake a sustainable stick at. The Nini sports a low profile with an accommodating wide base and a beautifully upholstered headboard with an optional storage area located within. Select the size bed you want along with various leg styles for the Nini to stand on, and you’ll be all set with a contemporary and healthful setting for getting comfortably horizontal.

The Buden Bed Collection

The Buden bed collection is one of our most popular, with storage options that accommodate all of those stray elements that can’t find a home in your closets. Made from solid bamboo, you can customize cut-outs and drawers that keep your bedroom organized and clutter-free. Our clear coat, low VOC finish adds to the bed’s sustainability, making the Buden a great representative for conscious living. Created in our L.A. Viesso factory, we will make the bed according to your specs, including size and finish.

Leaders in Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

With an inventory that spans everything you need to furnish your home with environmental consciousness, Viesso is proud of the leadership we are providing in the eco-friendly manufacturing business. For more information on how we can help you make healthy, Green decisions when it comes to sofas, sectionals, chairs, beds, and more, please contact us by calling 877.8.VIESSO, or by filling out our online form, which can be found our Contact Us page.

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