Custom Furniture Design

There is probably nothing as personal and intimate as furnishing one’s own home, whether it is a starter home or the dream home finally realized. Most people remember furnishing a first home or apartment and perhaps having fun shopping on a budget or gathering odd pieces from relatives and friends. As time passes, however, style develops and the budget usually grows a bit, and custom furniture design becomes an option.

Finding furniture items among the standard mass-produced furniture is not always an easy task, especially if it is to fit into an older home with carefully preserved architectural features. Such a home may have unusually shaped alcoves, odd-sized circular windows, or other hard to fill spaces. Designing a piece of furniture specifically to fit an unusual space creates the effect of harmony and graciousness. The furniture item can be made to replicate carved detail in existing woodwork or model a period piece from the era in which the home was built, such as a mid-century dining table with a thick slab solid wood top with beveled edges.

Modern Customized Furniture

Custom made furniture is a great choice for those who are building a new home or renovating an existing one. People with distinctive tastes may not want to furnish his or her home with furniture that looks the same as everyone else has, but often want items that reflect individual personalities and lifestyles, including materials that correspond with green living ideals. For those folks, custom furniture design is the answer to getting the exact look they envision.

Sofas and chairs for the living room that are deeply comfortable by day and convert to sleepers by night for guests are wonderful new additions to the modern home. Having them customized is easy with the many fabric and color choices available. The bedroom is easily the most personal room in the home, and a one-of-a-kind room is easy to create with customized headboards, including sustainable wood such as bamboo. Bedding that is eco-friendly and natural contributes to a healthy as well as beautiful and peaceful environment.

If someone finds a furniture item in the right size and style to fit a room in the home, but the color or fabric is just not suitable, it is a simple matter to have the piece customized in just the right material to complement or to contrast with the existing furniture and create the desired look.

In order to create the requested furniture items, professional designers and artists work from ideas or sketches submitted by the customer. Preliminary shop drafts or drawings are sent back for the person’s approval or further suggestions, until the client is satisfied with the final design. The custom furniture design plans are then sent into production and the customer becomes the proud owner of their own ideas rendered in beautiful, sturdy furniture that will bring satisfaction for many years to come.

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