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Custom Furniture for Eco Friendly Homes

Stylish and forward thinking designers are what excite us at Viesso. And this means imaginative approaches to custom furniture for eco-friendly homes that speaks of a commitment to health and the environment.

Simple Solutions for Conscious Decorating

When we started our business a number of years ago, we did so with the vision to create complete worlds for our customers: spaces where they could feel at home while enjoying all the benefits of great contemporary and utilitarian style. We wanted to amass a highly selective roster of new design firms, including our own, that would represent the newest and the most elevated approaches to living in the present and the future, all geared towards helping our clients find simple and affordable solutions to decorating their spaces consciously.

Custom and Affordable Green Furniture

Mission accomplished! With our single-minded desire, we are now considered one of the premier companies to go to for custom furniture that is created with Green protocols, and without a steep and unaffordable price. Our customers come from far and wide, with many of them blissfully happy that they can order whatever piece of furniture or accent strikes their fancy directly from our online website. Those that come in to our Los Angeles showroom are always ecstatic to find if not what they were looking for, something even better.

Exquisitely Crafted Creations

More and more clients are those whom who are now living in eco-friendly homes and wishing to compliment the interiors with furniture and accessories that are built with sustainable materials. Because almost all of the designs we handle can be customized with the Green ethic present from inside out, they are discovering that they can decorate their homes from top to bottom with our exquisitely crafted and impeccably modeled creations.

The Perfect Compliment For Sustainable Homes

At Viesso we make the perfect furniture to complement sustainable homes, using natural and even recycled materials. As a testimony to our reputation as a highly contemporary and forward-thinking manufacturer, several of our eco-friendly products have been used in some of extremely high profile Green homes.

Some of Our Best Known Clients

In Chicago, Illinois we worked with the Yannell House and had the pleasure of providing some exceptional pieces that speak of the client’s intent to mix aesthetics with extreme functionality and simplicity. For Project 7ten in Venice, California, we were asked to create 12 custom pieces that reflected this client’s commitment to the beauty of line and the sublimity of sustainable materials. Our work with the Wired House produced two of our Rondi chairs, as well as an elegant sectional for their media room, all of which were made with completely Green applications.

Representing a Way of Life

In a quest to create optimum environments for living and working, we are seeing more people everyday looking for sustainable options that eliminate toxic byproducts. Knowing that your space is free of unnecessary chemical pollutants, that every piece that you have selected to inhabit that space is made without the need for GMO modified seeds that grew the fabric, and without inequitable logging practices, pesticides, or harmful glues, is the best way to assure peace of mind. Knowing that your eco-friendly home does not just give lip service to an idea, but fully represents a way of life, is the best way to assure a life based on sustainability on every level.

A Holistic Approach

The way we choose to live defines us. What we wear, what we eat, what we read and watch, what we sleep on, and who we spend our time with, are all indicators of who we are. At Viesso we call this a completely holistic approach, where the thinking and the doing are one. In this regard, we pay exceptional attention when it comes to choosing the designers we want to work with, making sure that they uphold the same standard as we do.

Choosing Sustainability

Our mission as a leader is to give consumers reasons to choose sustainability over past conventional methods of construction and manufacture. We strive to keep you informed about your choices, and at the same time, we are constantly searching for more elevated and advanced protocols for improving on what is already at the forefront of sustainability. Our designers and builders stay aware of what ever is on the cutting-edge, incorporating new ways and new materials in order to satisfy our desire to leave the smallest footprint possible.

Reducing Waste

At Viesso, every single piece of furniture we make is made only when it comes in as a purchased order. We don’t believe in waste and will never make a piece that isn’t already spoken for, unless we need it for our showroom floor. Keeping stock to a minimum is also why we created such a user-friendly online showroom, where interactivity is encouraged as you take a real hand in customizing the furniture you choose. We’re finding that this really works, especially when it comes to determining how a piece will fit exactly into a given space, what height and width you prefer, what type of sustainable fibers you want for your upholstery, and which colors would best fit in with your aesthetic.

Helping You Furnish Your Eco-Friendly Home

We take great pride in all of the pieces we feature in our inventory and are happy to meet with you to discuss the best way to furnish your sustainable home. Our Viesso experts can guide you through the process of construction so that you are assured of every piece’s Green pedigree. We will also help you determine what type of wood works best for your needs, as well as the types of fabrics will function best in your home, whether they are made of pure organic cotton, organic wool, or are recycled. We love helping our clients when it comes to creating a living space that completely conforms to personality, taste, need, and fantasy.

Contact Us

For more information on our custom furniture for eco-friendly homes, please contact us at 877.8.VIESSO.