Custom Furniture Ideas from Abroad

At Viesso, our desire to bring customers the best in contemporary furniture design has led us to some of the most forward thinking creators in the industry today. From the United States to Canada, to Scandinavia, Belgium, and beyond, we’ve gathered a roster of extraordinary pieces that speak of a global commitment to the cutting-edge, in keeping with the ever-evolving modern aesthetic.

A Thoughtful Approach

Every piece that we carry in the Viesso inventory reflects a thoughtful approach to streamlining how we live our lives today. With a clarity that speaks of an uncluttered mind, each item has an identity of its own while sharing the common thread of “less is more.”

Quintessentially Up To Date

From versatile modular furniture to the functionality of a good bookcase and divider; from the sleek silhouette of a beautifully modeled martini shaker to the smart lines of a wall organizer; from the deep plush of a modern sheepskin to the strikingly artistic weaves of an area rug; from the eco-friendly frame of a zen-like bed frame to the utilitarian aesthetic of a storage bunk, we have all it takes to make your home comfortable, inviting, and quintessentially up to date.

Companies from Both Here and Beyond

As we hail the great North American designers, we also bow to the great custom furniture ideas from abroad that lend their inspiration to our inventory. Here is a short list of some of Viesso’s best selling items from companies that lead the way from afar.


The Swedish company, Henzel, is one of the most sought after manufacturers of contemporary area rugs in Europe and now in the United States. With their luxurious, hand tufted weave, these rugs are more like grand paintings for the floor. Located in Gothenburg on the southwest coast of Sweden, the area itself is famous for textile design and manufacturing. Breathing in this creative vibration, Henzel’s designers continue to come up with striking floor art in rugs that stand alone.

Take a look at the “Salvadore Kuma/HZL” with its geometric forms climbing up one side to arrive in the diagonal, soft patches of color against a neutral dimensional gray. Or how about “I Adore the Fact/HZL” with its face in the graffiti-like setting, giving your guests something to talk about. A great piece to highlight a white or monochromatic room.


Bensen is a very interesting factory based in Vancouver, Canada and founded by the super creative Neils Bendtsen. Their sleeper sofa that converts into a single bed is a perfect example of clean and balanced proportions that create a tailored, elegant, and stunning piece of furniture for any environment. Resting on a rectangular chrome base and made with a fully supportive welded steel frame, the sofa is designed to change position in one easy move through the installation of an innovative pivoting system that uses gravity along with the piece’s own weight to lock it into place.

The Bensen Pool Long Coffee Table is a beautiful piece that gives the illusion of floating above the ground due to its clear tempered glass sides. The colored top adds a special touch that makes the table into the perfect utilitarian art piece.

In business since 1981, Bensen exemplifies the balance of simplicity with function. In the words of the company creator: “Quality is a funny concept. We tend to think of it as being associated with handcraft. But quality is also about your attitude to design. Craftsmanship is just as much about how you run the machines that are now necessary for economic viability.”


The Belgian company, Mamagreen, was created in 2007 as the answer to eco-friendly outdoor furniture. With minimalistic, chic lines, each piece defines the meaning of modern cool. Mamagreen features 15 different collections, including furniture for dining, lounging, pool settings, and other uses.

Mamagreen’s factory is in Semarang, Indonesia where every piece is styled with loving care. Using recycled teak recovered from old Javanese structures, the furniture is an example of a responsible alternative to felling rainforest trees. Other materials used are corrosion-resistant stainless steel that is chromed to preserve its luster, Sunbrella fabrics that stand up to extreme sun exposure, rapid drying QuickDryFoam core, Serafil thread that stands up to the elements, and the quick-drying YKK zippers.

Take a gander at their Liliniki Lounger, made with a stainless steel frame, a reclaimed teak backrest, and a Sunbrella cushion. This luxurious lounger is not only one of the most comfortable you’ll find, but also makes quite a statement in your outdoor setting.


Muuto, which in Finnish means “new perspective,” is a fascinating company that has made us very happy for its innovative take on lighting. Their “Unfold Pendant” lights made with silicone rubber add a warmth and special style as their bold colors pop out to excite your space. With a plastic disc inside the shade, light is diffused to create a wonderful ambiance. Muuto’s “Mhy Pendant” lamp is another great one, with its slim design that invites you to line several up in a row or cluster a bunch together. Made with a lacquered aluminum shade and a textile-wrapped cord, they come in black or white and add a truly modern look to your home or office.


We can’t go on without talking about sohoConcept, an international residential and commercial furniture supplier that is gaining worldwide renown by the minute. Their Soho Wood design with its upholstered seat and backrest that gracefully sits on chromed steel legs is a testimonial to some of the great designers of the past, with its updated take on fully formed elegance and style. Sporting S-shaped springs that give it extra strength and flexibility, it is made with removable velcro-enclosed upholstery that comes in leather, PPM, or wool. Choose Maharam Kvadrat’s Divina Malegna pattern, created by the great fabric designer,Tayfur Ozkaynak, and you will have a classic piece of furniture to last a lifetime.

Another gorgeous example of the company’s vision is the Harput Swivel Lounge Chair, also designed by Ozkaynak. With its comfortable seat and backrest positioned on a swiveling stainless steel base, this chair comes in beautifully rich colors and fabrics.

sohoConcept’s Metro Coffee Table comes in round, square, and rectangular shape and features a finely brushed stainless steel frame and a wenge-finished oak or black glass table top. Easy to assemble, it represents a thoroughly sleek addition to a modern home or office.

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