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Custom Furniture Makers in Los Angeles

As one of the most forward thinking furniture companies today, Viesso is rapidly making its way into the consciousness of savvy buyers who are looking for custom designed pieces for their homes and offices. Our commitment to unique products created to fit your needs reflects our mission to enhance your living experience through comfortable, usable, and exciting new designs.

Solutions for All Environments

We know that every space is different and that your requirements are as unique as your personality and living style. Our ability to create solutions for any type of environment is what is calling attention to our products, as evidenced by their wide use in settings such as Starbucks, a partnership with Wired magazine and Living Homes, and many of the local restaurants and bars in and around the Los Angeles area.

Accolades Galore!

And the accolades keep on coming! We were selected among the ten finalists in a popular Facebook competition that awards five small businesses with a chunk of money and a social network makeover. We are amongst the ten businesses to watch in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Social Responsibility category, we have been featured in Esquire’s House edition for our Mamagreen outdoor line, chosen as one of the best green upholstered furniture companies in re-nest, and the list goes on. Wired Homes has claimed that our Rondi Arm Chairs are some of the best in sustainability, technology, and design, with their elegant frame that includes high back support and comfortable built-in padding and bottom cushions,

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Our mantra is to stay consistently ahead of the curve when it comes to today’s technology. This, along with our customers’ ability to fully customize each piece to their requirements, is what makes our products so practicable and desirable.

Passion for the Environment

With our deep dedication for reducing our footprint and a passion for honoring the environment, we provide our customers with an in-depth selection of green furniture. Using materials from locally sourced materials, we are able to provide custom pieces in materials that are not harmful or destructive to our world.

Our Commitment to Green

Our green furniture shows our support for alternative sources that can be seamlessly added to any of our products. With detailed research into viable elements for the creation of your green sofa, bed, dining table, and more we use elements such as:

• Bamboo
• FSC certified maple
• Natural latex
• Natural down and feathers
• Recycled and natural fibers
• Water based glue
• Green wood stains and sealants

Exclusive Designs Just For You

Our exclusive designs allow you to have unique pieces of custom furniture that you yourself help to create. Only you know the functions required of these elements, such as whether your couch will be placed flush against a wall or if it will float free in a room. Your home or office will determine what possibilities and constraints there are in determining just the kind of furniture that works perfectly with your lifestyle. At Viesso, functionality is the key for allowing you to make the most of your interiors.

Customizing Your Furniture

There are many ways you can enjoy our custom furniture design. The most basic is choosing the colors and fabrics that coordinate best with your taste. Do you have pets and or children? If you do, you will want to consider fabrics that are durable and resilient. This means something that is easy to clean, that has a high rub count, and that can hold up to heavy use. Using synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic, while avoiding natural fibers such as cotton and rayon, will be better choices. Avoiding woven fabric that can snag on your pet’s claws is another good option.

What to Consider

There are many details that we often forget to consider when choosing furniture, as usually we see a design we like and once we measure it and are assured it is comfortable and appropriate for our purposes, we buy it. But considering how a chair or sofa is filled is an extremely important element when it comes to comfort, usability, and aesthetics.

Cushion Style and Comfort

If your décor calls for a linear look, then using foam rather than feathers to fill your cushions will work well, as this option creates more delineated lines. A more rounded design can be achieved by using feathers. In terms of cushions for your chairs, a smaller one will create a firmer sensation. If you want something where you can just sink right into comfort, then choosing a larger seat cushion where your weight is displayed over a larger area will be the best way to go.

Legs, Arms, and Sectionals

Custom furniture allows for varying leg styles, where they will help your chair or sofa be closer to or farther away from the floor. A customized piece such as our Strata Sectional couch, with its low and deep frame, is perfect for an open space where you can lounge, nap, use the wide arms to work on your laptop computer, and accommodate several people when you are entertaining. Maybe you want an open space in the sectional to place an end table or an area for a lamp or ottoman. Every piece of furniture we offer is ready for your personal touch when it comes to design, allowing you to create your piece according to your wishes and needs.

Using Your Imagination

We encourage you to use your imagination when looking at our furniture. Though many of our customers buy pieces as they are, you may want to consider the width of a chair or couch arm, the angle of your sofa frame, or a different style for the legs of your dining room table.

A Plethora of Options

One of the many features of our custom furniture is that there is such a wide array of options. Whether you are looking for modern, sleek lines or something more classical, we can help you create an interior that is both functional and inviting. And if you are not sure how to best decorate your home or office, we offer in-home design consultations to assist you in making the right decisions based on what you need. Our partnerships with interior designers are another way that we can help you arrive at the absolute best way to personalize your environment.

Accommodating Your Space

With a myriad of contemporary styles to choose from, we can help you find solutions for exigencies such as accommodating a small space or creating more storage space where needed. Our Pel loveseat, for example, is a terrific and stylish option for a smaller living room. The classic style with its retro look, tapering arms, slanted back, and cozy feel can be made to fit any area where you want to provide seating without dominating a given area. The Buden platform storage bed is a constant favorite with our customers, as it provides excellent storage capabilities. Add on drawers at the base or headboard, as well as additional foot storage, and more, and you will have a full, queen, cal-king, or king size bed that is customized for your specifications. Made of solid bamboo, the bed is sustainable and provides a stylish addition to the bedroom.

Getting It Right

Whatever your needs or requirements, Viesso custom furniture makers are here to make sure you get it exactly right! We consider our furniture to be the next step in modern living, and our many clients and fans completely agree. For more about our desire to provide green alternatives to furniture and browse our selection, visit www.viesso.com today!

Custom Furniture Makers in Los Angeles

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