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Custom Furniture Projects by Viesso

Your home is your castle, and your castle’s dimensions and requirements are as unique and particular as its construction and your taste. At Viesso, Los Angeles’ contemporary furniture showroom, we understand these particulars and have created a system where you can easily customize our designs as desired.

Our in-store and on-line showrooms make it easy for you to select the design and model that strikes your fancy, whether it is a piece for your living room, dining room, bedroom, outdoor patio, or anywhere else. Our extensive inventory of modern pieces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and eco-friendly are what has made us the number one furniture company to go to when furnishing a home.

The Viesso Line

The Viesso line is growing all the time, and with this growth comes our ability to help you create singularly accommodating and inviting rooms that define your lifestyle and sensibility. Because we build every piece once it is ordered, there is no waste in materials and no extra furniture lingering unwanted in our showroom. Every piece we create is ready to ship in approximately three weeks after its order, arriving at your doorstep from three to twenty-one days, depending on where you are located.

Viesso’s great customer service and attention to detail doesn’t end there. We make each piece of furniture as individual as the space it fits into. In this way, we invite our customers to be partners with us in design, helping to determine where a given chair, sofa, or bed will go, how it will seamlessly fit into a floor plan, and what details are desired to achieve more comfort and functionality. This might mean the addition of extra storage space within the arms of a lounge chair or the headboard of a bed, a varying leg style for your sofa that gives it more height or lowers it closer to the ground, or altering the basic dimensions so that whatever furniture you’ve ordered fits into a specific space.

Our job is to offer you great furniture that helps create the right ambiance for your home, be it a New York style loft, a studio apartment, or a rambling house in the country. Creating a customized sofa, sectional, bed, chair, table, or anything else you can imagine to make your abode into that comfy, inviting castle is what we do best.

The Strata Chair

Let’s take a look at our Strata Chair with its deep frame that makes it the ultimate lounger for taking a catnap or watching a film. Its low, wide arms make a great surface for your laptop or even an extra seat for your guests, and you have the option here to order these arms hollowed out for storage if you need the space. The Strata is made with a corner-blocked frame and a super comfortable spring system that is constructed with eight-way hand-tied individually placed coil springs that give total and long-lasting support.

A terrific example of a classic piece that fits beautifully with almost all furniture styles is our Rio Chaise. With a frame that can be made entirely from locally sourced SFI certified alder hardwood that is kiln dried to prevent warping, the deep seat and perfectly constructed spring system is designed for luxury. Choose sustainable materials like natural fillings, recycled fabrics, custom cushions and pillows, and Green materials for all of the internal components, and you have an environmentally conscious chaise that speaks of the health of your home. Add stainless steel or alder wood legs, alter the style and size, and choose a great fabric from our bevy of options, and you have a gorgeous example of a piece of furniture created just for you.

Rio Sofa

Our Rio sofas are designed in the same manner as the Rio Chaise, coming with a myriad of options to make your choice unique. Any one of the Rio sofa styles makes a harmonious blend with its partner, the Rio Chaise. If you are looking for a sectional to fit this styling motif, take a look at our Mota Sectional, with its deep frame and its elegant lines. High, thin arms give this piece an extremely light feeling and a modern take on lounging. Here again, we can easily build this to the inch, allowing an easy fit in any room.

One of our favorite styles are our Bamboo Float sectionals, inspired by an Asian aesthetic. A variety of models give you plenty of options that include attached end tables, two seats, and more, and of course you can customize this piece any way you like. If your style goes towards a Zen-like minimalism, these sectionals will add to an exquisite no-frills elegance that speaks of calm simplicity. Graceful and green, its custom seats can be made with high resiliency regular foam or 100% natural latex, with the upholstered component made of locally sourced SFI certified alder hardwood. The sectional’s bamboo frame provides the ultimate in support, and when you cover this gem in a harmonious fabric, you will see the true beauty of less-is-more.

Bamboo Float Coffee Table

Keeping with the theme, you can add our Bamboo Float coffee table to the mix, choosing a natural finish or one in amber, coffee, or chocolate. Here again, the feeling is balanced and light. Combine it with Viesso’s Gio End Table, also in bamboo, and you have a complete living room that is entirely sustainable. We love this boxy end table that features a customizable area for storage, whether a cut out center or corner slot, or FSC certified birch drawers that beautifully conceal their contents. On a recessed base or angled legs of brushed metal or chrome, the table is finished with natural linseed oil and comes fully assembled. Featured in Cookie magazine, it’s a sure winner when it comes to simple, contemporary style.

Speaking of tables, our Knar Dining Table creates the perfect setting for any meal. We are showing it on our website and as a floor model in our showroom in walnut with gray glass, but you can order it in other wood options that fit your design scheme. The glass top is raised on pegs, providing a surface area underneath for storage. The table is finished with natural linseed oil, giving it a rich sheen, and can be customized to the inch to fit in any nook or corner.

And now to the bedroom! First let’s talk about our perfectly made Viesso headboards that give you great choices when it comes to fabric and finish, including quilting, tufting, or a plain and elegant surface that can be slipcovered upon request. Our headboards are built to the inch, made with locally sourced SFI certified alder hardwood, and low chemical use when it comes to our all-natural materials. Mount your headboard to the wall by ordering a mounting plate, decide to include storage within the structure, and designate a size that suits you, and we’ll make it to your exact specifications.

The Nini Bed

You can easily use our custom headboards with many of our bed styles, including the Nini bed, featured in the Real World home from the Los Angeles series. A wide base and a low profile makes the Nini sleek and sexy, and because it is made with all natural components, including its slipcovered base, it speaks of your cool Green side as well as your understated yet totally sophisticated aesthetic.

Another great headboard choice is our solid Bamboo model that is fully customizable, including its ability to be wall mounted. Add this to our lovely Scoshi bed, which is a bed with side tables, all-in-one. A simple bamboo platform that includes its own low headboard, extending beyond the mattress, makes this bed the perfect solution for any size room. With an intelligently constructed slat system for support that can be made from solid plywood, soft close drawers, and a low VOC clear coat finish, the Scoshi is undeniable.

We just have to add one more example before we go, and its the Mota Armless Chaise. If you have space in your bedroom, study, or living room, what a great addition this makes for a sultry day of lounging pleasure. Be selfish and choose a single size, or generous and choose a double to share. Either way you’ll revel in the deep, low frame that invites you to throw your cares out the window. With or without arms, in fabrics that suit your decor, and sized to the inch, you won’t regret this purchase as it adds just the right touch of comfort and style to the evolving look of your unique castle.

For more information on custom furniture projects by Viesso, please contact us by calling 877.8.VIESSO, or through our online contact form, which can be found at here.

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