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Custom Headboards: Design Your Own Upholstered Headboard

Custom upholstered headboards have become essential bedroom items. After all, much of our lives are spent in the bed. Every day, your headboard

is the last thing that you see before you go to sleep and the first thing that you see when you wake up. Why not transform your bedroom into the most luxurious place that you can imagine? Here are a few tips from Viesso on how to transform your bedroom with a custom upholstered headboard.

Design Option

Upholstered headboards aren't only about comfort in the bedroom. In fact, with the modern designs available from Viesso, an upholstered headboard can make a statement of its own. An important consideration to remember when selecting a headboard design is the ceiling height of your room. If you have low ceilings go for a headboard that is not so tall as it will make the room feel smaller. However, if you have a high ceiling in your room, a tall headboard can serve as a decorative item for the empty wall.


If you are considering purchasing a headboard that has many design elements such as tufting, buttons or other textured patterns, a plain wall or a solid colored wall works best behind the headboard. If there is printed wallpaper or a similar design already on the wall, a solid colored headboard can work to make things seem less busy as well as compliment the other design elements of the room.

A Larger headboard can have a dramatic impact on the aesthetics of a bedroom. Therefore, you should carefully consider the headboard's role in your room's decor before making a firm decision. However, when it comes to headboards, there are virtually no rules. So feel free to design as you please to get the bedroom look that you want!

Quality Materials

If you are wondering what materials go into a custom upholstered headboard from Viesso, the materials that we use are the same high quality, natural products that we use for our other furniture items. We are committed to providing furniture that is chemical-free and eco-friendly. Therefore, if you order a custom headboard from Viesso you can expect that it will made from the best quality materials.

Our custom headboards start with solid wood frames and 8-way hand tied coil springs in order to ensure durability. The filling is made from natural latex in most cases. However, when our headboards are not filled with natural latex, we only use Certi-PUR certified foam. The CertiPUR-US® seal means that the foam undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it mets the highest standards for indoor emissions, performance and eco-friendly construction.

By providing only the best quality materials, we can ensure that this addition to your bedroom will meet your satisfaction. We can also customize the headboard so that it matches with your existing décor. Choose from dozens of colors and textures to find the perfect fabric for the upholstered headboard. You can even add in items such as storage if you need a little extra room for your bedroom necessities!

Easy Headboard Attachment Makes a Difference

Many people that have not yet had the opportunity to the enjoy a custom headboard in the bedroom have probably been put off by the fact that most low-end furniture companies make assembling a headboard difficult. However, at Viesso our custom upholstered headboards are easy to transport and assemble so that your bedroom can have a high-end look and modern feel.

Viesso's interior design experts can help you to craft the perfect headboard for your bedroom. Click here to get started with our online customization tool. Our staff is also on hand to answer any questions that you may have if you leave your questions below in the comments.

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