Custom Made Bedroom Furniture in Santa Monica, CA

One of the best parts of furnishing your new bedroom is finding the bed that fits your dreams. But just like the story of the three bears, often one is too high, too low, too this or too that, and definitely not just right, especially if its right off the showroom floor.

At Viesso, we empathize. We know that the most important piece of furniture in a home is where all the snoozing, napping, and deep REM work takes place. And it is for this reason that we have created a sophisticated, contemporary, and absolutely Goldilocks-worthy line of beds that allow you to put your design ideas to good use.

From headboards to size to storage space to materials and colors, our customizable beds are what people are clamoring for when they visit our online showroom. Many of our clients even bemoan the fact that every room in their home isn’t a bedroom! With so many exceptional styles to ignite the imagination, we are excited that our beds are bringing so much joy to the art of sleep.

So let’s start with some basics. All of our Viesso headboards come in an array of sizes and can be customized according to the style that fits the bed they’re made for. You can select the height that is just right for you, as well as the material, and if it is a fabric covered model, you can choose whether its tufted, quilted, or plain. We make it easy for you to imagine that you are the creator of your own personal bed, which seems to be just the right way to add some solid reality to your dreaming life.

Many of our beds are made from locally sourced wood or bamboo. Our commitment to using sustainable materials extends to the natural or recycled fabrics that we feature, as well as the natural materials we use for the internal elements of our beds. We believe in low chemical use because we know that our customers are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle that respects a conscious environment.

Another feature that we are proud of when it comes to all of our Viesso-designed products is that we do not build anything until you buy. This means that every single piece of material that goes into construction is used, leaving no waste behind.

Using our own intelligently devised slat system, you get amazing support with every bed that requires it, which means your spine will thank us each time you become horizontal. With zero tools required for assembly, our beds are not just beautiful, functional, and smart, they are also ready for you just minutes after delivery.

Here are some great examples of our made-in-L.A. beds that are entirely customizable to give your bedroom the touch of you that it requires:

The Nini Cal Bed

This eco-bed is a beauty with its low profile and ample base that makes it ideal for any bedroom size. With a headboard that doubles as a storage space, the Nini Cal is not just tasteful, it is functional as well. Its sleek silhouette speaks of a simplicity in design that lets you and your sumptuous bedding be the only adornment necessary

The Nini Cal is made from locally sourced SFI certified alder hardwood that we modestly say we’ve been intelligent enough to kiln dry in order to prevent warping. The bed is corner blocked and is made with sustainable materials that you can choose from, such as natural fillings, natural and recycled fabrics, as well as low chemical use webbing and wraps. Made with our super supportive slat system, you have the option to order the slats in plywood if you desire.

There are no tools needed to assemble this bed, as the slipcovered base comes in two pieces that are easily connected with bed hooks. The fabric goes over this area and the base is then connected to the non-slipcovered headboard, which has a height that can be altered to the inch.

Featured in the Real World home during its Los Angeles season, the Nini Cal bed further challenges your imagination by providing you with free samples for fabric and color options. We say, Go Nini Cal! Make that bedroom into something special!

The Ekay Bed

A matching headboard and footboard create a stunning balance with this exceptional bed that is made with made with materials similar to those found in the Nini Cal. Here again, you have the option of totally customizing the bed to fit with your specs, whether it’s the height of the headboard, or the color and texture of the upholstery. Smart and sturdy, the Ekay is okay and much more when it comes to helping you create a stylish, modern bedroom environment that can be stunningly accessorized by our custom pillows and bedding choices.

The Bramo Bed

Do you want your headboard tufted? Quilted? Plain? Not quite a Starbucks question, but you get the idea that here too you’ve got choices galore, including all the fabulous fabrics that we have for your selecting pleasure.

However you envision your bedroom decor, we have earth colors or those that are more vibrant, and an array of fabrics for this stunningly modern bed, including leather and faux suede, all of which is highly cleanable and undeniably durable. Textured, solid, soft, or otherwise, we leave you to your druthers as you ruminate on which will harmonize with your vision. With well-known fabric manufacturers to choose from, you can also decide if you prefer organic or natural fibers, as well as those with or without added fire retardant.

And if all these possibilities don’t make you giddy, we’ve added a roster of wooden or chromed legs at varying heights and widths that easily configure with the bed’s structure. With a thin platform that hides most of the mattress, the Bramo makes a subtle and sleek appearance.

The Buden Bed

We couldn’t wait to get to this one, as it happens to be one of our personal favorites. This is a gorgeous platform bed made of that sustainable and fast-growing grass that you know so well as bamboo. Not just a solid piece of beautiful bed, the Buden also supplies oodles of storage space with optional cut-outs for areas at the foot, as well as soft-close base drawers that gently self-close at the last couple of inches.

You cannot imagine how much room there is in the storage areas for your random things that just wouldn’t otherwise have a home. Functionality and efficiency abound here, and the comfy slat system makes the Buden extremely comfortable to boot.

There are other options for wood and colors, and you can also customize where you want the drawers placed and how many you prefer. Whether it’s a twin, regular, queen, or any other size, this bed is a savvy choice for any type of bedroom space.

The Scoshi Bed

Last but not least for now, here is a bed to be reckoned with as it includes built-in side tables and a headboard that extends beyond the mattress to perform as an end table. It’s all-in-one seamless design makes the Scoshi the perfect choice for minimalist taste. It too comes in varying sizes, with the headboard able to be altered to the inch. Made of bamboo with a low VOC clear-coat finish and featuring soft-close drawers, you can order as is, or totally customize this baby according to your fantasies.

For more information on our custom made bedroom furniture made in Santa Monica, California, please contact us by filling out our online form, which can be found on our Contact Us page, or by calling us at 877.8.VIESSO.

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