Custom Modern Bar Stools Made to Fit Your Venue

So you’re a bar owner and you want to find stools that fit the atmosphere you have created in your establishment. At Viesso, we fully empathize, as we believe that continuity in style is the best way to promote your brand.Perhaps you’re a homeowner with a counter or bar that demands statement pieces to go with your signature stamp. Staying in keeping with your décor is what adds to the harmony of your space, so here too, we stand by your desire to create a continuity that speaks of your personality and taste.

Conforming to Your Vision

As a company that has been in business for a number of years, we have spent our time not just designing some of the best contemporary furniture in the market today, but also listening to our clients. What we’ve found is that most people wish they could make a few changes when it comes to the pieces they like, if not to fit into a specific space, then at least to conform to their particular vision.

Making Your Selections Your Own

We love this idea and have always made it easy for our customers to choose varying elements to make their selections really their own. Whether it is color, texture, the type of wood, or a completely eco-friendly solution, our furniture is made with the idea that you the client are going to tamper it in the way that makes you happy.

Project 7ten

Perhaps this is why we were one of the few designers selected to contribute to the renowned Project 7ten in Venice, California. This LEED platinum certified home was used in the television series, “It’s Easy Being Green,” and is noted for using as little energy as possible. With a thoroughly Green design, the designers invited eco-friendly companies to contribute their ideas of décor and furnishings, and we at Viesso were one of them. Take a look at the beautiful and unique wooden stools we created for the eclectic bar area and you will get an idea of how far customization and creativity can go.

Success is in the Details

An interesting bar stool makes the difference between a so-so, quotidian atmosphere and a place that people want to sit and enjoy a drink, a meal, and a conversation. If they are in a public place, when they want to sit, they want to order, and that means more business for you. When your bar stools are designed in keeping with the tone of your establishment, there is a seamlessness that registers with your clientele, even if it is unconscious. As we all know, success is always in these kinds of details.

Completing the Look of the Space

Good bar stools should be comfortable, chic, and functional, allowing you the perfect perch for sipping that martini and unwinding. They can promote social interaction, or make you feel perfectly at home by yourself, musing and people watching until a different mood strikes. If you are putting bar stools into your home, they can actually complete the look of the space, providing a statement with or without someone seated in them.

Our Expanding Line

We have noted that bar stools are a big seller these days, with their ergonomic, geometric or classic silhouettes highlighted by bold or subtle colors, interesting textures, and innovative building materials. At Viesso, we are proud of the ever-expanding line we carry. Have a look at some of these custom made bar stools that can be made to order or selected as is.

Soho Concept

Designed by the consistently innovative and surprising Tayfur Ozkaynak, Soho Concept’s Aria stools are stylish and utterly contemporary. With a Velcro removable upholstered seat and backrest that can be made of leather, PPM, or wool, the stools stand on solid beech legs with screwed in plastic caps to prevent the floor from being scratched. Chromed steel footrests complete the design, with an inner structure composed of S-shaped springs that provide strength and stability. Also by soho Concept’s Ozkaynak are the Crescent Swivel Stools, created with upholstered seats and backrests on a swivel frame. Mounted on a tubular steel column that sits on a solid steel round base, the stools come in either polished chrome or nickel/matte chrome. The company’s Tiffany stool is another one of our favorites, again with upholstered seats and backs, with a steel tube frame that is artfully wrapped in regenerated leather.


The Torii Barstool by BenSen is a great example of an eco-friendly design that is sturdy, comfortable, and absolutely stunning in its simplicity. In Japan, the word Torii relates to the wood entrance arches of Shinto shrines, also known as “bird perches.” Made of Walnut, White Oak, or black stained Oak, the stool is finished in low build water-based polyurethane that gives it a natural open grain appearance. With a solid aluminum foot rail for extra comfort, the stool comes in a wide selection of fabrics and leathers.


Famous for its quality and budget minded furniture, Modloft has a number of bar stools that we at Viesso applaud. The Foley Barstool is made of a laser cut steel back with a lacquered seat and comes in many colors. The Hanover Barstool comes with either a painted steel frame with a lacquered seat or a carbon steel frame with a wooden seat. Both options can be had in many different and exciting colors. Their Sanctuary Barstool, Clarges Barstool, and Barton Barstool are other terrific design options.


Our own Viesso line provides you with a plethora of ideas, especially through our ability to customize any piece of furniture down to the finest detail. With a focus on eco-friendly designs, we use FSC certified hardwoods, non-toxic finishes and paints, organic or recycled fabrics, and other elements that make our pieces as Green as they can get. Our design pros can help you refine your ideas, making them ready to implement so that you receive a unique creation that will enhance any bar.

Enhancing Lives Through Aesthetics and Function

At Viesso, we create modern furniture for a modern lifestyle. Our goal is to enhance lives through aesthetics and function, and we are always excited to provide solutions for your space, whether it is a bar, restaurant or an area in your home.

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