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Custom Sectional Sofa

Finding the correct custom sectional sofa system for your room, common area, or plaza starts with your interior design first. Before one can get into the choices of fabrics or colors, much less dimensions, the beginning thought and desires generate at the design phase for the entire room area. A custom sectional sofa that sticks out like a sore thumb in a room with one pattern and the furniture with another defeats the whole approach. By the time the sofa system is placed in the target room, it should be like icing on the cake - a perfect complement and eye catcher for the overall design of the area.

A room design starts first with how you want the room or area to be used. This includes mapping out traffic flow, areas of attention, lighting, positioning of main features and frequency of use. A room or area could be used for waiting, relaxation, work, or even play. All of these functions need to be defined clearly before one piece of furniture is chosen.

With the design focus in mind, then comes the play of material, fabrics, and colors. Ideally, all three should be a match so that each addition from the flooring up to the walls and finally the ceiling all work together down to the smallest accessory. As a result, by the time a customer is choosing a custom sectional sofa system, the general purpose, colors, and role of the target room should already be defined. These details are extremely helpful for furniture providers. The last thing they want to do is sell a sectional unit that will end being a bad match. Furniture sellers want a happy customer because that in turn means additional sales for other furniture pieces in the future. As a result, helping a customer find the right mix of shape, size, fabric, and color are critical. Having the design ahead of time makes that part of the job far easier.

Ideally, a customer will have a fairly good idea of the size of sofa system desired. Because custom sectional sofa systems can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, a predetermined size gives the furniture provider parameters of what to work with. Within that total size range then comes the custom shape and appearance of the sofa system.

Sectional sofas provide a significant amount of seating area, but they take up the same amount of floor space. Because of this relationship, the shape and look of the sofa becomes very important for floor traffic. The standard sofa shapes generally come in a square or L-shape construction. This assumes that the buyer wants the sofa system either hug adjacent walls or create traffic barriers in the middle of the room, squaring off the sitting area as a sub-section of the room.

A custom sectional sofa will also come with a number of options for functional use. Buyers are advised not to worry so much about arm support, as these types of features should be at the very end pieces. Placing arm supports in the middle of the sofa breaks up the lounge-like feeling of the system. The whole point of the sectional sofa is to give a feeling of sitting freedom close to the ground for intimate, comfortable sitting, not to create pods or sitting pockets.

Back support is important on any sofa. If you completely fall backwards off the couch, it's not very good for comfortable sitting. Granted, some section end pieces can work as just sitting pads with no back, but for those who want a sofa system to relax in, that means having support to lean back against completely.

If the custom sofa system is for a home, a decision needs to be made whether the buyer wants a tuck-away-bed included. Doing so removes some of the flexibility in the sofa system's shape as the bed needs to be fairly straight to be integrated. However, having one provides the buyer an additional sleeping place in a pinch for an overnight guest. This feature comes in very handy when living in a compact place without a second guest bedroom as in apartments. Keep in mind, an integrated bed will make the affected sofa section much heavier. If the furniture needs to be lifted up stairs or heights the bed section could be a back-breaker. Plan on utilizing delivery or moving services for this kind of work.

When considering different types of shapes and designs, do not get locked into the models on display at a show room. Choosing a custom sectional sofa system means it can be as big or as small as the pieces available in the production. That means one customer could have a section system of six pieces while another customer could choose the same sofa style with only three pieces. The range of this flexibility only depends on the access of the furniture provider to the various pieces from the manufacturer. In some cases not all of the sections may be on hand at the local warehouse storage area. The provider may have to special-order some of the missing pieces, which could take a few weeks to produce and deliver from the fabrication center.

If a buyer expects to have a lot of traffic where the sofa system will be placed, it's also a good idea to consider fabrics that are spill and stain-resistant. This feature is particularly important for sofas that will be placed in common waiting areas, main sitting rooms, and homes with families and pets. No one wants to spend good hard-earned money on a sofa system only to have it become a loss a month later because of a spilled drink. Resistant fabrics repel liquids and stains, making it easy to clean up the sitting surface without their being a lasting mark or noticeable discoloration.

In some cases, sofa systems are designed to be interchangeable. This flexible feature allows a buyer to choose a system that can be moved around again and again. Unlike locked systems that have hooks or knobs connecting the sections together in a specific shape or pattern, movable system just sit next to each other. As a result, a buyer could have an L-shape sofa system one month, and then move things around to have a squarish sitting area the next month. The possibilities are only limited by the shape of the sections and the person's imagination. Such systems are also easy to move when relocating, particularly from apartment to apartment.

Cost-wise varying differences will trigger different cost levels for a sofa buyer. If choosing a real or fake leather surface for a sofa system, the pricing will be far higher than a cloth-based fabric. The number of units in a custom set will drive price up higher with more sections as well. Six piece units frequently run between $2,900 to $5,000, depending on the style chosen. Three-piece sofa systems range between $1,800 to $2,500. Modular leather section systems can be as much as $6,000 due to the additional workmanship required on the surface material. Non-rectangular or unique round shaped sofa sections will also be more expensive as they require one-off construction that is typically not in high demand.

For unique shapes and designs, buyers are not going to find the type of custom sectional sofa systems they desire at the mall store or the local furniture store. Many such locations are chain outfits that sell and push specific models. There is nothing customized about these offerings. They are predetermined sizes and shapes with a limited run of fabric options available. While the floor salespeople may use the word "custom," it's just a selling pitch. When a customer actually tries to get a specific design or shape not on the predetermined list, then the floor people try to steer the customer towards something similar to meet the stated need.

Good custom sofa sectional sofa systems will be found by the stores and sellers that actually specialize in such offerings. Viesso furniture is one such outfit. The furniture experts at Viesso understand their customers are looking for truly unique, stand-out furniture that really are "one-of-a-kind" productions. They fit the creativity and singular appearance of the rooms and sitting areas the furniture is placed in as if they were part of the artist's design.

Viesso offers six different styles of sectional sofa collections that come with both back support as well as temporary sitting sections. All pieces can be mixed for a custom design and fit in any room. The collections can changed and arranged as desired, so one customer's snug system can be a third or someone else expansive system. Fabrics come in 810 different options to choose from, and customers can also pick the interior filling as well as that for pillows and the leg styles. Price may vary depending on the intricacy of styles chosen, with simpler versions being more available than more exotic choices. However, all can be filled with sufficient time and customer cooperation.

Working with Viesso can be done either over the Internet, by phone, or in person. So both local customers as well as those across the country can take advantage of the quality offerings Viesso provides in furniture to customize homes, workplaces, and common sitting areas with unique sofa systems. Based out of Los Angeles, California, Viesso provides singular, quality furniture choices with the environmental quality of green living emphasized so much on the West Coast. Further, customers can enjoy the fact that, unlike many other furniture lines, they are buying an American-made product, with manufacturing and distribution all handled by domestically. Be sure to Contact Viesso today!

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