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Custom Upholstered Headboards

The bedroom is the one place where a resident may spend more time than any other single room in his or her house. Equally importantly, getting a restful sleep is vital for being able to approach the new day with energy and optimism. For that reason, both the comfort and appearance of the bedroom is vital to the owner, and Viesso’s line of custom upholstered headboards can effectively assist in getting the restful sleep we all deserve. Whether it is a family bedroom, a child’s room, or a guest room, adding a custom upholstered headboard can add to appearance and comfort alike.

The Benefits of Upholstered Headboards

A bed, like any other piece of furniture, has two purposes. The first is to be comfortable for its owner, and the second is to add a stylish and pleasant look to the room, contributing to the overall feel of the home. Upholstered headboards perform both functions.

Upholstered headboards have a variety of advantages. First of all, the soft upholstery of the headboard helps dampen sound in the room, providing a more restful experience for the sleeper. In addition, the headboard helps retain heat, as well as preventing the pillows and cushions from being pushed off the head of the bead. Both of these factors result in more comfort, whether for those who enjoy reading in bed, or those who are simply interested in sleep.

Secondly, upholstered headboards help the owner create the desired look and feel of the bedroom. Dark colors can help forge a restful appearance conducive to sleep, while brighter colors or patterns can create a sense of energy in the room, perfect for those who wish to awaken quickly in the morning. This can be especially useful when decorating the room of a child or teen, as it allows them to customize their room without requiring major changes to the structural decor of the house. For guest rooms, it allows the owner to showcase his or her sense of style and taste to guests, while providing them with a comfortable bed to sleep in.

Finally, headboards are easy to customize, repair and change. This allows a homeowner to easily modify the appearance of his or her bedroom with a simple change of bed sheets and a new headboard. In this way, it might be possible to quickly and efficiently change the bedroom decor to take the changing of the seasons into account, having different styles for different seasons.

Environmentally Responsible Furniture From Viesso

In addition to appearance, a headboard is an item that a sleeper will spend a great deal of time in contact with. Because of that, it is vital that the headboard be produced using safe and environmentally responsible material, something that Viesso excels at.

Viesso products are produced using natural materials that have been obtained in environmentally responsible and sustainable ways. Furniture components include the following materials:

• Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified maple. In addition to avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, FSC maple has been harvested using methods designed to maintain the environment, logging in a sustainable, ecologically friendly manner.
• Bamboo is also harvested using sustainable methods, primarily by leaving the root structure untouched, and allowing the bamboo plant to continually replenish itself.
• Instead of synthetic glues and stains, which are often comprised of harsh chemicals, Viesso uses natural wood stain and water based glue. This provides a superior feel and scent to the furniture while also preventing the spread of toxic chemicals into the environment.
• Natural down and natural or recycled fibers allow for cushions and stuffing providing the same feel as the best synthetic forms, but without requiring polluting production processes.

Every aspect of a Viesso product is designed to make it as low impact as possible in an ecological sense, while not compromising in terms of the look and comfort it provides the owner. Those who use Viesso furnishings are not only taking advantage of a world-class company’s products, but are also making a personal statement about their dedication to maintaining the environment.

Finally, when the time has come to recycle the furniture, Viesso’s natural materials make the process far easier, unlike other brands that may include chemical treatments that make it impossible for them to be recycled. In this way, Viesso customers can avoid being forced to dispose of furniture in a landfill, taking up increasingly scarce landfill capacity.

Customization For Comfort

In addition to the quality products Viesso offers, the company also offers their customers a wide variety of options to customize their furniture, including upholstered headboards. This is one of the major services that differentiate Viesso from stock furniture companies or department stores. With Viesso, the customer can define the look, material and even size of their desired headboard design. Customizable features include the following:

• A variety of custom fabrics can be ordered, with a wide variety of colors, designs, and durability. Bright colors can be used for the parents’ bedroom, while an attractive design could be coupled with a tough, kid resistant fabric for the children’s bedroom.
• Customizable size, as not all beds come in the same size or shape. Rather than having to accept a limited number of frame sizes, a family could have their headboard customized to best fit the bed.
• A wide range of stuffing can help create very soft or quite firm headboard upholstery, depending on the needs of the buyer.

Finally, for those who are having trouble effectively deciding how to best achieve their vision, Viesso offers its own design assistance, collaborating customers with skilled Viesso representatives, as well as interior design specialists. Whether in person or via the Internet, Viesso can effectively work with clients to best convert their visions into reality.

A Local Company With A World Wide Vision

Viesso keeps its entire warehousing and manufacturing facilities close at hand in the Los Angeles area. This permits Viesso to keep prices low for the consumer, as well as ensure that the local economy is well supported. In addition, by limiting the amount of long distance transportation of materials and products alike, Viesso reduces the overuse of fossil fuel transportation and thus further reduces the environmental footprint of Viesso’s custom line of furniture.

For local customers, Viesso’s showroom and representatives provide an effective method to determine the best form of headboard to purchase, discuss any custom modifications desired, and arrange for delivery. For those who are not local to the Los Angeles area, or who cannot come in person due to scheduling questions, Viesso has a full function interactive website, permitting the online customer to enjoy all the services Viesso provides in person.

Whether seeking an economical headboard that is suited for the children’s bedroom, or an elegant accessory to the main bedroom or guest room, Viesso can fulfill all of a clients needs. In addition, Viesso products come with the feeling of satisfaction that rises from purchasing products that are both environmentally responsible and support the local economy. Coupled with Viesso’s competitive prices and strong tradition of customer service, there really is no better choice. Those wishing to arrange a consultation or to further explore Viesso’s wide range of products can start now, by going to Viesso is ready to assist all customers achieve the goal of turning their houses into the homes they deserve.

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