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Decor For Small Spaces

Furnishing small spaces presents special challenges. One must pay more attention to form and function, keeping in mind that less is more when it comes to decorating. It is very easy for a small room to become cramped and cluttered. With planning, however, it is possible to create a serene and inviting space that appears more spacious.

It is helpful to first measure the dimensions of your room and map them onto a piece of graph paper. Viesso provides the measurements of all furniture, which makes planning a layout easy. Think about the function of the room and the atmosphere you would like to create. For a bedroom, you may prefer to make the space tranquil and serene; for a living room, warm and inviting.

Clean lines and well-chosen pieces are a must for furnishing a small room. The living room is often the first room visitors will see when entering a home. Dual-use furniture such as a sleeper sofa or sectional maximizes the utility of the living room. Be sure that you have enough seating for your needs. Benches and cubes may serve as both a table and extra seating. Neutral-toned furniture allows you to change accessories such as pillows and drapes when you tire of a certain color scheme with minimal expense.

Make sure to provide adequate lighting for your room; recessed and track lighting help to illuminate artwork or focal points without being obtrusive. Mirrors help create the illusion of spaciousness. A bookshelf may serve as a showcase for books and small objects of interest. Take care that it does not look cluttered. You may switch out its contents from time to time. Utilize baskets for items that tend to accumulate on surfaces, such as magazines and mail. A credenza at the entrance of your home can serve as a repository for keys and pocket-contents, as well as a display-area for an arrangement of flowers. Organization is the key to keeping your small room looking fresh and tidy.

In the bedroom, the bed takes up most of the available floor-space. If there is no room for a bedside table, choose a bed that contains storage. Make use of the vertical space of your closet. Do not make the mistake of choosing a small dresser that does not serve your needs. What use is a petite dresser when it is piled with clothing? Since your bed is the focal point, make it beautiful and comfortable with luxurious bedding and pillows. Viesso offers a selection of hypo-allergenic latex mattresses that utilize green materials and superior construction. This room should be a haven, so take time to make it a calming, relaxing space.

Whatever your small-space needs, Viesso offers fully-customizable options that will help you to maximize space without sacrificing comfort and style. Viesso makes it easy to furnish your entire home with beautiful and eco-friendly furnishings that do not substitute form over function. With Viesso's modern, streamlined pieces, your home will exude modern sophistication and understated elegance that stand the test of time. For more space décor be sure to visit Viesso at today

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