Decorating Your Home for Hanukkah

Hanukkah is also known as the Festival of Lights, and what better way to decorate your home for this celebratory holiday that to fill it with exquisite lamps from our Viesso Inventory? Creating a unique glow in your home with some of our unique designs is a great way to create a beautiful atmosphere that will last way beyond the season.

Starting Out With the Right Welcome

Hanukkah is a wonderful way to celebrate Jewish tradition with your family and friends. Start off with the right welcome for your guests as they make their way to your door. Lighting up the path with Marset’s Amanita Outdoor Lamp in welded aluminum with geometric openings provides a soft atmospheric feeling, preparing everyone for the warmth of your inviting home.

Bringing a Sense of Old World Into Your Contemporary Home

Once inside, you can extend the mood with an exotic hanging lamp such as the Opium Pendant, or the Tibet Pendant. These intoxicating models will bring a sense of the old world into your home, without compromising your commitment to contemporary design. What better way to celebrate an ancient tradition than through illumination that creates continuity with the past?

Keeping it Modern

If you want to stay with a modern theme, then the S2 Pendant Lamp is a great way to emphasize an inviting glow with its soft opal glass shade. This lamp has a subtle translucency that creates a welcoming and warm feeling to any room.

Adding the Menorah

Adding candles is the next thing you must think about if you want to create the proper mood. Your home should look like a glittering and magical wonderland, with the Menorah first and foremost in a place of honor. If you have a mantle, place it there, or find another prominent and eye-catching locale for this most important emblem of the holiday. Place it on a blue mantel runner and you will have a beautiful reminder of the meaning of this important day. Your candle repertoire should be in the colors of the holiday, which are the white and blue that represent the Israeli flag.

Choosing the Right Accents

Choose vases, stemware, and other accents in these colors to place around your living and dining room areas. Fill your vases with fresh flowers and add accents of pine to dress up their bases.

A Contemporary Testimonial to Tradition

In the room that does not have your Menorah, put four votive candles on each side of a pillar candle in rock salt that you place on a tray. When lit, this makes a beautiful and contemporary testimonial to the Hanukkah tradition.

Dreidels, Garlands, and Cards

Add other appropriate decorations like dreidels, the four-sided spinning tops with a Hebrew letter on each side that mean “a great miracle happened here.” Besides being a wonderful game for the kids, they look great on a mantle, or you can string them up along with garlands and holiday lights to add more life to any corner. Put all the Hanukkah cards you have received on a string and hang them up as well to honor the friends and family members who think of you and send you their love.

Don’t Forget the Gelt!

When you’re purchasing all the little things that make all the difference in your holiday festivities, don’t forget the gelt! These are the small chocolate coins that are part of the gifts you give each guest that enters your home. Add to them small keepsakes that show each person you care, and put them near the place cards you use at your dining room table. For those special friends and family members, choose gift-cards of $50 or more from Viesso to make this Hanukkah season extra special, allowing them to choose from our extraordinary catalogue of contemporary designs.

Decorating Your Table

The table is the most important gathering place in the house. Here is where prayers and toasts are made, where well wishes are given, and where conversation shines. Choose beautiful linen napkins in blue and white, avoiding paper if possible. At Viesso, we believe in always creating the most eco-friendly environment, and by using washable napkins, you avoid unnecessary waste. The same is true for your flatware, plates and glassware. When it comes to celebrating, always use the best you have and never, ever think about using paper plates, no matter how large your guest list. Everyone will appreciate the elegant setting and the thought you put into creating a perfect atmosphere.

The Star of David

Add a table runner in blue or white or a combination of the two colors to make an extra Hanukkah statement. Place a Star of David as your centerpiece as the emblem of Jewish tradition. Use your imagination and your creativity to make each setting as precious as the holiday, and your guests will feel equally so.

With Glass in Hand…

Before and after dinner, there is nothing more inviting than sitting around the fireplace with a glass of wine in hand. Viesso has a magnificent selection of eco-fireplaces for those of you lacking the real thing. And ours may even be better than the real thing! Warming up with clean-burning domestic ethanol that keeps the heat high and the ambiance cool is easy with any one of the models you will find in our online or Los Angeles showrooms. Take for example our Fire Cube, or its smaller version, the Fire Cube Jr. Freestanding and portable, you can place them where you like as you invite your guests to feel cozy and comfy in your abode. With an outer shell made from MDF and a 304 grade rust resistant stainless steel insert, both models have a removable screen made of iron-toughened starfire glass.

Doing it Right

When Mameleh comes for Hanukkah dinner, you want to make her proud. Your furniture, carefully selected from our stunning Viesso inventory, will tell her you not only are successful, but you also have taste. Your delicious cuisine will show her you care. And most of all, the upholding of the sacred tradition of Hanukkah will demonstrate that she raised you well!

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