Designer Dining Tables

There are few pieces of furniture that are so central to your home as a dining room table. It is the traditional point where family gathers together. When guests are invited over, it becomes the central fulcrum for social activities. Everyone can gather around the table for the meal, or the food can be set out buffet-style with seating elsewhere. At times, it is a gaming table for fun memories with family or friends, or a desk for kids to do homework or parents to focus on work. In some homes, it is the first thing you come to when you walk in the door.

With all this activity centered on this one piece of furniture, the table you have says a lot about you and your home. With this in mind, you want to choose one that best fits your personality and the look you are trying to convey. Custom dining room tables can provide just that perfect look that speaks everything about you; as opposed to a manufactured table that exactly matches everyone else’s. With a custom dining room table, you have the ability to freely choose your own style, not limited to a specific selection. Let Viesso help you design the right table for your home.

Sleek Sophistication

With the right style, even a dining room table can match your modern home décor. If decorate your home in sleek, straight lines and sophisticated black and white, then the Madrid dining table might be for you. The Panton table offers a slight variation of the same sophistication, with a circular glass top and angled stainless steel legs. Circular is also the theme in the Lady Table, available with either a round or square bottom. The pedestal is a tubular metal frame, which is topped by a round clear glass top. A similar model is the Tango, featuring a chrome or stainless steel metal base. The top is a high gloss finish in walnut or white lacquer.

The Modern Old-fashioned

Modern doesn’t always have to mean black and white or glass and metal. A classical look that continues to retain its modern sophistication is wood furniture. For some, it can be difficult to consider wood as sophisticated or modern. Rather, the image that comes to mind is one of heavy, bulky tables; hardly the picture of modern beauty. With custom dining room tables, however, you can do away with all the old styles of thick tables and unobtrusive, bland designs.

For a truly classical look that never gets old, the Sadie series is a lightwood with a simple design. The result is an appearance that is charmingly simplistic, its own humble features causing it to stand out. A rustic scene presents itself in the Chunk dining table. The thick build, rather than appearing bulky, instead gives it a solid, sturdy appearance. The Plank model is similarly rustic, but not quite as thick.

A Different Level of Fashion

A custom-built wooden dining table goes beyond just the simple when it comes to design. The Sullivan and Span sets both make definite statements of modern fashion; the Span with an old-fashioned but unique trestle design, and the Sullivan featuring an innovative oval shape. Both are equally suited to a specifically contemporary décor. For a style with a little more dynamism, the Plyned section stands out with layered bamboo, with an optional insert cut into the center for a distinctive look that breaks from the norm. The insert can be use for a tasteful centerpiece arrangement such as candles or flowers, or for dinner items.

Distinctive Fashion

Modern elegance takes to a new level with a fashionably luxurious combination of wood, metal, and glass. Clarges, found in two selected sizes for an option of either square or rectangular styles, includes a stylishly contemporary combination of stainless steel legs and a wooden top that has been fixed with a lacquer finish for a look of clean elegance. The Elm dining table seems to speak of luxury and finesse with its beautifully worked painted metal frame and lacquer tabletop.

Unique Aesthetics

Nor are these the only materials used. In fact, even concrete is found to have surprising qualities of beauty when used in a custom dining table. Such an example is easily seen in the Harvest design. Harvest features an inventive blend of creativity and poise in the seemingly preciously balanced concrete top set upon the circular pedestal base. True originality presents itself in the Ping Pong dining table, which is also made from concrete. Though it is set up as an actual Ping-Pong table, when the net is removed and the table is set with dinner dishes, it also doubles as a creative and fun idea for a dining table.

Beyond Those Four Walls

Not all meals take place inside the actual dining room, but just because you may want to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and plan your meal outside doesn’t mean you have to forsake niceties in favor of cheap plastic lawn furniture. Stylish designs and décor are not to be limited to the dining room! An excellent model of this can be seen in the Breeze dining furniture, which combines chic design with durable practicality for a gorgeous table to compliment your elegant outdoor party. Both the Ping Pong and Harvest sets also make excellent outdoor pieces, as does the creative Hourglass dining table, also formed of metal and concrete. The concrete is sealed with a durable finish to protect it from all types of outdoor weather, while at the same time giving it a beautiful gloss that is easy to maintain.

Practical Beauty

Style doesn’t mean throwing aside practicality. In fact, a well-built custom dining table exhibits a perfect blend of modern stylishness and craftsmanship. Custom ensures quality, since each table receives due care and attention, rather than simply rolling off the manufacturer’s block. The focus is not on design alone; each unique style incorporates a high standard of quality in its creation. Sturdiness and stability are in each piece, in addition to careful attention to protection against dinnertime spills. The outdoor dining furniture is given due care for preservation against the elements, including freeze and thaw cycles, rain, and salt air. The result is an aesthetically pleasing design that is just as equally durable and long lasting.

Going Green

Designer dining tables are great for the environment, as well; custom-made pieces mean less factories and therefore a lesser environmental impact. Greater care is taken with the materials to create less waste, with a focus on using materials that will not harm the environment. With custom furniture, the production process is also greener, with fewer harmful chemicals and other materials being released into the surrounding area. Each piece is built to be long lasting and durable, meaning less waste to clog landfills.

Creative Ingenuity

Creativity and ingenuity make custom dining tables a novel idea, forming furniture that does more than serves its practical purpose. With the unlimited array of options and the extensive combination of innovative and modern designs and blends of usual and not-so-usual materials, your dining room table can become a shout out to your personality and taste. No longer does it fade away and blend in with the background décor of your home; custom dining room tables allow you to make a statement that fully speaks of who you are and what your home means to you. Viesso understands this, and wants to bring you the quality you want at a fraction of the price. Contact us today to get started on the focal point for your dining room and all your furniture needs.

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