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Different Types of Wood Used to Make Furniture

At Viesso, we believe in using only sustainable wood that is grown, harvested, and manufactured with the utmost of care and attention to a Green ethic. Always conscious of how we are impacting the environment, we pride ourselves on our “made in L.A.” brand, as well as the relationships we have with other designers and our local outsourcing partners who help us with the supplies and services we need.

Grown and Made in the USA

Caring for the environment means doing as much as you can on the local level. All of our own Viesso wood designs are created with materials grown and made in the United States, meaning there is no need to outsource. In this way we not only eliminate the high cost of imports, but we also support local job growth instead of backing lower quality products made in countries that often underpay their employees.

Durable and Non-Disposable

Our dedication to green building is evident in the durable, non-disposable furniture we make for the home and office. We don’t believe in planned obsolescence. Everything we create is designed to last for generations.

Sustainable Forestry Practices

With environmentally sensitive processes and practices in place, we are very aware of the different types of wood used to make furniture that adheres to the important regulatory certifications, standards, and restrictions that have been developed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC.) The FSC was developed in 1993 as a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization that ensures responsible forest management. This means promoting conservation, biodiversity, indigenous people’s rights, good management protocols, stream buffers, protection of wildlife habitats, prevention of soil erosion, and sustainable practices in general.

Maintaining the Greenest Chain

All of our furniture is FSC certified, which adds to the intelligent construction we pride ourselves on with every piece we make. We adhere to the best practices possible, helping to maintain the greenest chain from the forest and finally to you, the consumer.

Here are some examples of the different types of FSC certified wood we use in our furniture construction:

Alder Wood

Alder is actually a member of the Birch family, sporting a really beautiful straight grain and a consistent reddish-brown color throughout. Because of its even texture, alder is very easy to stain. It is also good

for carving. An extremely durable wood, alder is very difficult to damage.

Growing abundantly in the Pacific Northwest, alder trees love sunlight and riverbanks. Perhaps you can feel this when you sink into one of our upholstered pieces of furniture, as the frames are all made from alder. Check out our classic Dekayess Sofa, for example, and see if you can feel the glow as you experience the stability of this superlatively comfortable and stylish couch.


Bamboo, as most of you already know, is a grass. It grows fast and doesn’t require replanting due to an extensive root system that continually produces new shoots. The natural, delicate grain of bamboo highlights stains beautifully. The wood itself is extremely durable and pliable, and does not expand and contract as many hard woods do. With no knots to weaken it, this grass is stylish and appealing for practically every type of furniture design.

Used in both indoor and outdoor situations, bamboo can withstand potentially damaging conditions a lot better than most traditional hardwoods. When it comes to longevity, bamboo can’t be beat. At Viesso, we use it for many of our exposed wood products, such as green beds, tables, and desks. With certain designs we even make a bamboo plywood by heating thin sheets of the wood and attaching them together, layer by layer.

As a solid piece of furniture, the Buden Bed is a brilliant example of how exceptionally bamboo works to create a thoroughly modern appeal. With its simple platform design and storage cutouts underneath, this is one of our most popular models, and it’s easy to see why.

Soft Maple

An excellent wood for receiving paint, soft maple has a close grain texture, a medium density, and a hardness and strength that make it durable and easy to refinish. So utterly versatile, you can see how versatile this wood is by looking online at Roost’s Aluminum Antler Lamp with Walnut Shade, which is one of the prize pieces in our inventory.

Hard Maple

Hard maple is consistent in color, but is lighter than its softer cousin. A dense wood with a fine texture that is closed grained, it needs no filling. This makes it great for staining when you are looking for a customized color to harmonize with a specific room.


Walnut is an exceptional wood that brings sophistication to any piece of furniture. Take a look at the simple yet timeless modeling by the design firm, Gus, in their Wilson End Table. This is style to the max!

White Oak

Bensen’s Homework Desk provides a great example of how to highlight the beauty of white oak against clear glass and chromed steel. With a premium veneer and ultra high gloss finish this wood shines through to help make an extremely contemporary statement.


Pine is an old favorite with furniture makers for its strength and good looks. Look at how a traditional German style has been taken to the next level with the Biergarden Table and Benches. Folding in half to create flat surfaces for easy storage, pine has never looked so good.


FSC certified recycled teak is what makes the Garbo Teak Square Coffee Table with its stainless frame the apotheosis of modern outdoor furniture. Able to withstand the elements, this table has the power to make everything around it look just that much better.

Making a Positive Change

At Viesso, we are constantly exploring new ways to use sustainable wood in our contemporary designs. With better forestry practices and more expansive awareness of eco-conscious fabrication and manufacture, we believe we are making a positive change in the way people choose materials for their homes and offices.

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