Dining Room Furniture Sets

The dining area is a special place. The furnishings go a long way in setting the atmosphere and mood when people gather for a meal. There are endless combinations of contemporary tables, chairs, sideboards and wall accents that create the perfect look. Whether the dining area is large or small, square or rectangular, there is a table and chairs set that will transform the area into an appealing room in which to dine.

Choosing the dining room furnishings is more than just deciding on the shape of the table or the style of chairs. It involves the entire room, the way the furnishings complement the wall color and the placement of the table in relation to the entrance and windows. Considering the number of shapes and styles of dining tables, visualizing the arrangement can be a bit tricky. When planning for a new look to the dining room, individuals should first make a floor plan and fill it in with various table and chair arrangements.

What Type Of Table?

The dining table is of course the centerpiece of the room. Those planning on a new dining set purchase should first think about how many people will be served. A smaller oval table may be perfect for a square room, but if the family is large or there will be guests, rectangular tables with center inserts may be the ideal choice.

The materials used for the table should be considered next. Depending on the type of flooring and the wall coverings a dining table may complement it nicely if the main material is stained or varnished hardwood. Glass tables are beautiful and have a very elegant reflective feature. The table is viewed not only from above when people are seated around it but also from a distance. The way the support or legs appear from across the room can have a great impact on the entire setting. And just as important are the chairs situated around the table. They do not have to match the style of table but should complement it nicely. Neither the chairs nor the table should draw all the attention.

Accenting The Dining Room

Elegant dining rooms have other pieces of furniture or wall accents. These usually carry a food theme. Wall hangings may depict certain types of prepared food. Cooking accessories such as pitchers, bread plates and wooden spoons look wonderful when hung on the walls in the dining area. The lighting is also important. A chandelier over the dining table speaks of luxury and fine taste.

Sideboards are another symbol of a carefully designed dining area. These often have a glass covered inset that holds dessert plates, glasses and beverage containers. A china cabinet in the corner adds to the elegance of any dining room.

Contemporary Oval Tables

One of the most popular oval dining tables is the steel and glass combination. Visually stunning, these tables have a high polished set of legs that form a spoke pattern beneath the solid glass top. Glass tables are versatile in their use because they can be covered with a tablecloth or just individual placemats. The combination of the glass and fabric materials for placemats and napkins is considered very contemporary and chic.

Many oval tables are sold as a frame only and do not include the glass top. Fine quality hardwood with interior steel supports is topped with a steel base for the glass. Those wanting to purchase a custom glass top with etchings or other designs can match the size when they purchase a base.

Lady tables often come in sets of three. The largest of the tables seats two or three persons easily, while the other two pieces are much smaller. Larger dining areas fitted with a lady table set make it possible to have a separate adult and children seating area.

When considering an oval dining table, remember that the dimensions are usually small because all of the weight is supported near the table's center. Some oval designs have several legs while others have a central column. If the table is too large it becomes easy to tip over. The highest quality oval table bases are made from heavy wood or metal, creating a strong central column that weighs more than the glass, wood or metal top.

Glass Tops On Rectangular Tables

These come in many different styles and types of hardwood. The effect is brilliant, as the glass top reveals the fine quality wood base. Many of these tables are designed to create a floating visual effect. The glass top is secured in just four small places, once on each corner. The detail of the wood grain shows through beautifully and provides a good measure of elegance clearly noticed by all who are seated.

Beech and maple are two of the most commonly used woods for these glass-topped dining tables. Both woods can be stained in a number of shades and the wood itself is long lasting, resistant to scuffs and chipping. Metal bases also come in designs that resemble woodwork. These tables have a lacquer top that is very shiny, capturing immediate attention.

Hardwood Tables With Cornered Supports

Another popular contemporary table design is hardwood supported by cornered posts. The post material is the same as the top and gives the table a firm base. These tables are rock solid and will not budge when pressure is applied to the top surface. The hardwood itself is quite dense and the entire table has a very strong, permanent look. These tables come in a variety of stained colors and some have a removable center leaf.

Matching Tables To Chairs

Although the majority of dining tables sold today are complete sets with matching chairs, sophisticated consumers prefer to do their own mixing and matching. Regardless of the style of dining table chosen there are numerous chair designs that will complement it nicely. Today's modern dining rooms usually have sleek, delicately curved chairs fitted with shiny metal supports. Both the four-leg and dual wrap supports are popular. Most dining chairs are armless and have either a lacquer finish or are fitted with a soft-colored fabric.

Elegant family dining chairs made from either metal or hardwood complements many of the popular dining tables quite well. These designs can be Victorian, Colonial or continental European. Most have very high backs that are slatted or fitted with milled hardwood or steel. A glass-topped black metal table coupled with a set of family style chairs has quite the eye-opening effect.

Crescent style dining chairs are also much in vogue. These come in every color imaginable and are actually quite comfortable. The circular design goes well with bamboo dining tables, glass ovals and glass-topped metal units. The seats are usually upholstered and a dual wire base supports the chair.

A Sideboard For Every Dining Room

No matter the size or shape of the dining area, sideboards are a wonderful addition and give the owner extra storage space. These beautiful hardwood or metal units are perfect for storing extra dishes, dessert trays, utensils and small appliances. The tops can be used to showcase china, vases, family photos and more. Most are hardwood and the wood grain is exceptional. There are many styles from which to choose including two-tiered shelf units and those with two or three levels of drawers. Many smaller dining rooms can accommodate the square sideboards. These can be used to hold coffee cups and snacks before or during a meal. Beautiful credenzas placed in a larger dining area completely change the atmosphere of the room. These wonderfully crafted units are made from hardwood or metal and have polished or lacquered tops. A typical credenza is a four-door storage unit with self-closing doors and European style hinges. These add beauty and elegance to any large dining area.

Barstools, Counter Stools And Serving Accessories

Homes or apartments with a pass shelf or breakfast nook will become more elegant in appearance when these areas are accented with contemporary barstools. The popular styles include flat-backed, crescent and swivel. Most have a shiny metal base and foot stand, similar to what is seen in a commercial lounge or tavern. Depending on the floor surface buyers will want to choose from an oval base, four legs or dual wire supports.

There is absolutely no reason why fine quality coffee, tea and other beverage serving accessories cannot be displayed in the open. Shiny coffee makers, cocktail shakers and spoon sets look wonderful when permanently placed on top of a sidebar, on a wall shelf or on top of the breakfast bar. Much like the other wall furnishings chosen, food-oriented accents create a special atmosphere and make the entire dining experience more enjoyable. A contemporary coffee and tea serving set complete with brewing containers and serving trays made from surgical gauge steel is marvelous to look at.

Viesso has a wide selection of contemporary dining sets from which to choose. All are made with top-quality materials and are built to last. Viesso not only offers its customers the finest in dining tables, chairs and accessories but also has a commitment to supporting green technology and is proud to stock items manufactured in such a way as to minimize damage to the environment. Visit Viesso today for information on dining room sets or to browse the online catalog.

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