Dining Room Table Decorations

The only thing more beautiful than a dining room set from Viesso’s fine collection of dining room furniture is a dining table set with attractive, tasteful table decorations. Whether your dining room area is an extension of your kitchen or is a formal room all of its own, it is even more striking when set with fine dinnerware and with charming decorations.

Often the small things in life are what make the biggest difference, the biggest statement. And dining room table decorations are no exception. We most often think of table decorations during the holidays, with holly and berries or pinecones and candles adorning a Christmas table. Or when the cooler autumn season is upon us, our tables display the orange and browns of pumpkins and cornucopias.

But some of the most attractive dining room table decorations are the more simple, under-stated embellishments of every day living. A straight-forward dining room set with simple wooden chairs is made the focal point of the room when a few candles are set in low dishes of stream-washed pebbles and placed in the center of the table.

A dining room table covered with a plain white cloth has a clean, refreshing look that can be enhanced by placing a clear vase filled with new carrots, their green feathery tops extending from the top. To complete the look, place small white ceramic vases on either side.

Continuing with the rule of three, consider three books of various sizes placed near the center of the table with perhaps an old-fashioned inkwell and feather quill beside them. Placing items in threes maintains a balanced look and gives a feeling of completeness.

Another wonderful idea to brighten and enliven plain dining table décor is the use of living plants. A fresh-looking green plant in a pot that complements your other dining room accents might be just the thing. Fresh-cut flowers are also a wonderful decoration for the dining room table as well as other areas of your home. If the flowers are to remain on the table during dining time, make sure that they are not so tall that they block the view of diners across the table.

It is important to make sure that the decorations accent but do not over-power the table itself. The decorations should be of a size in scale with the table. Sometimes all that is required on a small table is a simple vase, or a small arrangement of colorful stones or marbles in a bowl. If your table is long, a great idea for decorations is something that extends towards both ends. An arrangement of flowers with strands of ivy or smaller flowers strewn toward either end of the table gives the feel of being adequate but also bounteous.

For some great ideas and beautiful items to enhance and decorate your dining room table, check out all the wonderful products offered by Viesso. Some of their loveliest vases are from the Reef Series Vessels. These exquisite containers come in three different sizes, 3.25”, 4.5”, and 6” tall. What a wonderful way to follow the rule of three with these beautiful porcelain vessels. Buy one of each size, or three of one size. This is the perfect decoration for either a vibrant red or deep blue tablecloth. They would be equally eye-catching on a muted cloth of sea foam green or dusty rose. The delicate detailing of these vases allows them to be perfect as stand-alone pieces, but could also be filled with flowers of your choice.

For a unique and thoughtful decorating look, the Polygon Vase Series adds that special touch to your dining room décor like nothing else can. These vases have to be seen to be appreciated. Their interesting, intersecting lines and planes create a delightful surface that utilizes the light in the room to make a display that is matchless. The striking look of the vases is completed with a satin finish in either black or white. This is a dining room table decoration that is sure to get noticed, and will be a focal point like none other.

Whether they are empty, filled with clear water or colored water, colored pebbles or sand, the Copenhagen Carafes available at Viesso add just the right touch of elegance and sophistication to any dining room table. These beautiful carafes are hand-blown in sparkling clear glass. Each has a natural-looking round wooden stopper. Always aware of the rule of three, these containers are offered in three different sizes. The look is natural yet contemporary, graceful and aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a creative table decoration with a subtle hint of Arabian-style dinnerware, the Avalon Vase Series might be just right for you. These wonderfully simplistic vases come in three different sizes. The round vase if 5.5” tall. The small oval vase is 7.38” tall. And the large oval vase is 14” tall. This is a must-have series of decorations for every best-dressed table. The fine bone china lends these vases a look of elegance. The simple lines and pure color make them ideal for any table setting. Buy individually or as a set for a look that can be laid-back or sophisticated. You decide. You’ll love Avalon.

Keep in mind that the dining room table is the perfect place to make a decorating statement even during a meal. It is so exciting to sit down to a meal that is aesthetically pleasing as well as tasty. To make meal time even more enjoyable serve that favorite beverage in a beautiful Recycled Glass Bubble Tumbler. Each tumbler is one of a kind, with interesting and creative forms. Since they are made with glass that is at least half recycled, the irregular markings make each glass unique and fun to use. To add to the table setting with these stunning tumblers, you can also purchase a beverage dispenser, dinner plates, salad plates and salad bowls with that same original look as the tumblers.

For more décor ideas and pieces sure to enhance your dining room’s atmosphere, visit www.viesso.com today!

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