Durability of Sofa Fabrics

The importance of durable sofa fabric is not only for aesthetic reasons. It is also to ensure that your sofa lasts if it is in a high-traffic area of your home. If the sofa is being used on a daily basis or is used in a public place, the sofa will eventually need to be updated or replaced with one that is in better shape. When you are trying to figure out what will work best in your home, you should first start by becoming familiarized with the various choices for fabric for your sofa. Keep in mind that your primary goal should be to select a fabric that is very durable. Here is an overview of some fabric options that might work best for you.


Leather is a traditional choice for a sofa covering thanks to its beauty. Leather is manufactured from cow hides that have been cured and treated. The result is a material that is smooth and supple. Although leather can feel hot and sticky to sit on during hot days, leather actually is much cooler than other sofa fabrics. During the cold months, all you need to do is simply add some extra pillows and a throw to get cozy on your leather sofa. A leather sofa may feel stiff for some time after you purchase a leather sofa, however, as time passes, the leather relaxes and becomes more flexible and soft. This occurs as a result of typical wear as well as the absorption of oils from the skin of people who use the leather sofa. In general, leather is a top choice for comfortable seating.


Vinyl is not considered to be one of the coziest or comfortable sofa fabrics, however, it is an excellent choice in terms of durability. A vinyl sofa may be the perfect solution for a child’s room or family room. To clean a vinyl sofa, all you simply have to do is apply a mild cleaning solution or water and wipe the area. In a similar fashion to leather, vinyl can be torn or damaged by sharp objects. However, under most conditions, you will find that vinyl will last for years to come without showing signs of wear and tear.

Wool is an natural sofa fabric option. While wool is not as resistant to stains or water as leather or vinyl, wool can stand up well to heavy wear. Wool will not wrinkle or snag unlike other sofa fabrics. In addition, wool sofa fabric so does not turn fuzzy and form tiny fluff balls, which many fabrics do making them look worn and old.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton batting is great for use as a layer of cushion. Organic cotton is very breathable and will work well as a sofa fabric for warm temperatures. In addition, organic cotton is a natural renewable fabric that is good for the environment.

These choices of fabrics for your sofa should provide the options that you need to make a decision for your home. If you need additional help, our sofa experts would be happy to make a recommendation. Leave your questions in the comments below and we will answer them!

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