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Sitting in front of a fire is so much a part of human history. From prehistoric to modern times, the warmth of flame has brought people together as they share a common space, feeling the comfort of unity and belonging.

The Fire Pit: A Gathering Place for Community

As a gathering place for elders and community, Native Americans and other nomadic or semi nomadic cultures found that the fire pit was the perfect setting for maintaining continuity by providing a central meeting place, no matter where the tribes found themselves. Fire pits were built in the center of a dwelling or a series of dwellings, allowing members of the tribe to focus on a central element that symbolized and created an eternal bond.

Cooking, Gossip, and Refuge

In caves and huts, the fire pit was where the cooking occurred, where gossip was passed from one to the other, and where families took refuge in the dark, cold winter nights. In teepees, smoke was diverted out of the open top, and later with the advent of what became the conventional chimney, almost every home was heated by a central fireplace where one gathered in the living room to enjoy the heat and inviting flames.

Fueling Our Fires

For centuries, we have used logs and other combustible material to fuel our fires. Gathering wood has been a chore, as well as a way to connect with nature, and making a good fire has always been a kind of measure of one’s ability to get along well in the natural world. Campfires have remained a marvelous way to gather people together under an open sky, for story telling, singing, or meditation, asking us to forget the quotidian world and focus on something far more elemental.

The Birth of the Eco-Fireplace

Our evolution is constant, and with it comes creative, new, and more conscious ways to use and modify what has been a fixture throughout the millennia. Today we realize that wood burning fireplaces emit carbon monoxide and particulate matter that is unhealthy for us, as well as the environment. With the added burden of increasing utility bills, burning logs in the home actually increases heating costs as cold air is sucked inside through poorly sealed windows and doors, replacing the hot air that goes up the chimney, causing our heating system to compensate. With all of this in mind, Viesso has created the new eco-version.

Providing Beauty and Comfort

At Viesso, the online furniture company that is rapidly gaining attention for being eco-friendly, highly inventive, and appealingly contemporary in its designs, we have created a wide range of eco-fireplaces to provide both beauty and comfort to the home.

The Wave of the Future

We consider the fireplace not only the bulwark of the past, but also the wave of the future, and we are proving this through our timeless designs. Using real flames, our exquisitely designed ventless fireplaces require nothing more than bio-ethanol to keep you cozy and entranced. Derived from a fermentation process using renewable sources such as sugar beets, maize, potatoes, and cereals, bio-ethanol creates a constant fire that does no harm whatsoever to the environment.

Reflecting a Clean, Modern Palette

Our fireplaces require no extra structure, do not need a chimney, nor do they need cables. Needing no flue or pipe connection, our bio-fireplaces are easy to install, and can be moved from one room to another as desired. With exciting designs that reflect a clean and modern palette, the fireplaces can be turned off at any time, even before the fuel runs out. Providing up to eight hours of heat, they are safe to use and create an inviting ambiance that adds an extra glow, be it indoors or out.

Adding a New Aesthetic

Place an eco-fireplace against a wall in your home and watch the patterns of the flames create moving art form there. Create a warm and glowing touch to your favorite reading corner. Make your patio more intimate, or create a meditative space in your backyard. Adding one of Viesso’s eco-fireplaces is a beautiful and original way to create a new kind of aesthetic that will warm the cockles of your home’s heart.

A Range of Designs

Viesso offers a range of designs that will accommodate a small apartment, a spacious open living area, an office space, or any outdoor setting. Additionally, our completely portable fireplaces give off almost as much heat as the old wood-burning versions.

The Murano

Our sleek Murano model with glass panels that allow the flames to be seen from all sides is ideal for an indoor or outdoor setting. Including burners, shell, a long lighter, and a control wand, the Murano is one of the most popular fireplaces in our collection and has a fire that will last for hours.

The Ghost

Made with toughened glass and stainless steel, the beauty of our Ghost model is not only in the ephemeral design, but also in its ability to fit into small, compact areas. With eight hours of burning time, the Ghost is not only an efficient fireplace, but also an exquisite art piece.

The Citi

The Citi is a sure-fire hit with apartment dwellers. Compact and freestanding, this portable fireplace can be placed in a corner, adding light and heat to an area that might have otherwise been neglected. The model comes in white or black gloss, making it easy to clean when necessary.

The Stix

Our outdoor fireplaces are incredible additions to a balcony, terrace, porch, patio, pool area, or backyard. The Stix is a perfect example of an eco-fireplace that is easy to set up, displaying a beautiful design reminiscent of a small campfire. With a bright fire that burns for up to eight hours, the piece invites you to dissolve all stress as you watch the interplay of flames in their unendingly graceful and undulating dance.

Forward Thinking Designs

These eco-fireplace models are just a few that represent the forward-thinking designs that define the Viesso brand. All of our interior and exterior pieces are created to compliment your space with a contemporary feel that speaks of today’s lifestyle and tone.

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