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Eco-Friendly Accents

Viesso’s love for Eco-Friendly items is as strong as ever. In fact, we have a dedicated space to all of our Eco-Friendly products right here. One stop shopping to make your home even more friendly to the planet. Here are some pieces we think you’ll love.

The Weave Decorative Pillow is a true eye-catching accent for your home and is made from natural materials. It’s simultaneously super hip yet classic, and inviting yet standout. We think it’d fit into just about any space.

The Avani Fireplace is a portable, gorgeous and cozy item. With clean emissions, and fuel from a renewable resource, this fireplace is also energy efficient, packing a strong punch for Eco-Friendly awesomeness. The beautiful modern design is the cherry on top.

The Bruno Coffee Table is made from all natural, solid wood, making it Eco-Friendly. It’s sleek features and beautiful finish make it an incredible piece to add to your home.

Combine all three of these wonderful Viesso offered items and you’ve got yourself one heck of an Eco-Friendly nook. If your imaginary nook is missing, say, a chair or couch to sit on, check out all of our Eco-Friendly items and tell us in the comments below what you would add to this Earth loving, comfortable space.

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