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Eco Friendly Friday Cleaning Out The Closet

For our third installment in Eco-Friendly Fridays, we’re tackling the closet. You know the one, it’s way too full, with clothes just about pouring out of it. The one you keep meaning to organize. That one. When you get brave enough to open the doors and begin, don’t just toss things away!

Here’s how you can clean out your closet while being kind to Mother Earth:

  • Keep old t-shirts to use as dust rags. No need to buy new ones just to dirty them right up. All of those stained tees? They’ll do just fine to dust off the furniture.
  • Give your favorite furry friend one of your old, most comfortable sweatshirts to nap in. Alternatively, if you crate train, you can line the crate with your old clothes, just make certain there are no ornamental decorations on the clothing, or any zippers that could potentially injure or choke your pet.
  • Wondering what to do with all those college shirts? Community theatre production t-shirts for 15 years? Clothes that come with memories? First, wash them. Second, cut equal size square sections from each item. Third, sew them together for a one-of-a-kind memory blanket. If this grosses you out, perhaps make the blanket for those furry friends.
  • Donate! Make a large stockpile of clothing, shoes, belts, bags, and so on, and bring them to your local Goodwill or thrift shop. Only bring gently used items. Not only are you being Eco-Friendly by not tossing them into landfills, but you are being charitable and kindhearted, too. You basically rock.

Now take a good look at your newly cleaned closet. Feels good, doesn’t it? Being Eco-Friendly just scored you the ability to actually see the clothes you like to wear, and hopefully found you a few items that you’d forgotten about. If you can talk some friends into this activity, you can host a clothing swap, which means you’ll also snag some new (to you) pieces. Yes, it’s true, being Eco-Friendly is the best.

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