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Eco-Friendly Friday Line Drying Clothes

If the thought of hanging your clothes on a line to dry makes you think of generations gone by, well, you aren’t alone. That being said, it’s time to flip the script, as drying your clothes outside has become fashionable once again.

Here’s why line drying your freshly washed garments is Eco-Friendly and fabulous:

  • you save tons of energy by not running your dryer, which is a plus for your energy bill and the environment.
  • your clothes will get the best fresh smell possible (one that no detergent can re-create).
  • your clothes will not shrink.
  • if you hang your clothes on hangers before putting them on the line, you’ll save time when hanging them up in your closet.
  • the sun actually makes whites even whiter.
  • you’re forced to get some fresh air, which we all know is great for us.

If you’re slowly coming over to the Eco-Friendly side, but don’t have the yard needed to line dry, consider popping a drying rack on your balcony, porch, or deck. You can even hang items directly over railings. Or, if you’re like the photo below, you can get really creative to make your very own personal drying system.

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