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Eco Friendly Friday Walk It Out

Today we’re tackling one of the fastest ways to add some Eco-Friendly into your daily routine: walking! We bet your feet and legs are itching to get on a trail, a sidewalk, a beach, or another great walking spot.

Here’s why walking is an Eco-Friendly must:

  • When you choose to walk, instead of drive, you are limiting the amount of gas you use, thus reducing your carbon footprint..
  • and saving you money! The less driving you do means much less gas purchased. Put that credit card away and bust out your walking sneakers.
  • If you’re walking to run errands, get groceries, eat at a restaurant, or buy goods, odds are you will wind up supporting local businesses. Without a car, you can only get so far into your town or city, and thus have the option of selecting a mom-and-pop style business, instead of driving to the local mall or big box store. When you buy locally, you’re reducing your carbon footprint even further, as no shipping has to occur.
  • Bonus: health benefits! Walking is great exercise, and just 30 minutes a few times a week, can truly make a big impact in your health.

To check out your neighborhood’s walking destinations, hop on over to Walk Score. This is also a great site to check before renting or buying a new home, to make sure there are lots of places within walking distance.

Okay everyone, lace up those shoes, and don’t forget to stretch.

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