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Eco Friendly Patio Furniture

Patio furniture needs to withstand the elements, be comfortable and look attractive. It can make a boring backyard look interesting and make a gorgeous garden look magical. There is another aspect to patio furniture that makes it right. While it enhances the outdoor space, it should also be eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly patio furniture can mean many things depending on the style of furniture desired. Tables, chairs, chaise lounges, patio sets, shelves, storage space for cushions and garden planters are just a few of the items available for creating a living space outdoors.

Teak is one of the optimum woods for outdoor furniture. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified recycled teakwood is a very stable close-grained hardwood. It is also oil rich which makes it ideal for outdoor furniture. It is used for tables, chairs and frames. The FSC monitors the harvesting of trees to prevent soil erosion and protect wildlife habitat and certifies recycled wood. The FSC label is a guarantee for consumers that the wood used in the product is sustainable and not contributing to the destruction of any forest.

The stains and sealants used on exposed wood should be solvent-free and contain no preservatives or biocides. Environmentally friendly sealants are clear and water-based, non toxic and non flammable.

Batyline is another element of high quality eco-friendly patio furniture. It is an eco-designed fabric that uses renewable raw materials, follows safety standards for human health and is anti-fungal. Batyline is manufactured to standards that reduce environmental impact. It is excellent for outdoor furniture because it has easy upkeep and dries quickly. It has outstanding dimensional stability and looks beautiful.

Stainless steel frames look clean and modern, but they must also withstand different kinds of weather if they are to be useful as patio furniture. Tubular, electro polished stainless steel frames reduce the risk of erosion to almost nothing and give an elegant and light look to outdoor furniture.

Comfortable outdoor furniture may also have cushions or be upholstered. Sunbrella fabric withstands direct sunlight and maintains its color. It also withstands water and can be cleaned many times and still look new. Sunbrella fabrics are manufactured without harmful effluents usually used in the dying process. It also uses a greatly reduced amount of water and energy compared to other fabrics. This fabric lasts from two to ten times longer than conventional cotton fabric which also reduces its environmental impact. Cushions for outdoor furniture are also made from natural latex. Latex is the sap of rubber trees and makes environmentally friendly foam which resists bacteria, mold and mildew. It is a durable and resilient biodegradable product.

Viesso uses all of these sustainable products to custom manufacture elegant, stylish, trendy and modern eco-friendly patio furniture. Each piece is like a sculpture in itself, and when combined with matching or contrasting pieces from the Viesso collection it truly enhances the living space on a deck, patio or garden. Viesso focuses on modern technology as well as design and is always looking for the eco-friendly option. Contact Viesso for your eco friendly patio furniture today!

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