Eszter Haraszty Fabric

Fabrics by legendary designer Eszter Haraszty make a beautiful addition to any home. These versatile, interesting textiles can be used to cover any furniture piece and are suitable for custom-made draperies. Haraszty is known for bringing daring colors into textile design in the 1950s. Her patterns continue to make an engaging and artful addition to home decor.

One of Haraszty's most well-known patterns is the Fibra design. Fibra features lines of parallel stitching, which provide a sense of continuity and movement. The original fabric was designed on a loom, and today's version retains the same sense of craftsmanship.

Fibra is available in five unique color schemes. The persimmon and red design is a perfect addition to a room featuring neutral or warm walls. It also works well with dark wood furniture and wood paneling. The persimmon and red Fibra is an excellent selection for a retro-styled room.

The natural and silver scheme provides a beautiful spot of light in rooms with a cool color scheme. This version of Fibra is also an excellent choice if you need to lighten up a room. It can be used to cover couches and chairs, and also makes a great drapery.

Brown and camel Fibra evokes earthy, retro decor. It fits well with nature motifs and sparsely decorated rooms. Its dark brown background makes it a wonderful upholstering selection for families with small children or pets. It works well with both cool and warm color schemes.

Fibra in black and grey is a striking, bold choice for rooms with neutral walls or generally light decor. Furniture upholstered in black and grey Fibra looks both serious and stylish, and can withstand wear and tear. This version of Fibra also works well in rooms with very bright color schemes; it is a perfect complement to hot pink or chartreuse.

The azure and turquoise Fibra offers a beautiful, cool touch to any color scheme. It evokes mod sensibilities but works equally well in a modern room. Upholstering accent chairs with Fibra in azure and turquoise can set off cool-colored furniture and bring unity to a living room, study, or bedroom.

All of the Fibra fabrics are striking when used to upholster dining room furniture. If you are upholstering chairs to match with a dark table, you may want to choose the natural and silver Fibra or the azure and turquoise Fibra; persimmon and red, brown and camel, and black and grey work well with lighter dining room tables. Of course, these are not hard and fast rules, and the different Fibra fabrics can also be incorporated into a variety of furnitures with gorgeous results.

Eszter Haraszty fabric boasts innovative, eye-catching design. The Haraszty designs sold by Viesso are made of durable, soft polyester. This fabric feels great and looks luxurious. Visit Viesso to view an excellent selection of Haraszty textiles. Contact the professional and courteous Viesso staff for further information regarding these fabrics. Viesso can also provide you with up-to-the-minute information about product availability and shipping time frames.

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