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European Bedroom Furniture

Modern bedroom furniture is designed not only for visual appeal but also functionality. A bedroom is not just a sleeping area; it harbors the wardrobe and is a place for storage. European bedroom furniture is constructed to make the most of the available space as well as to offer top-quality materials that make a lasting impression.

Contemporary bed styles consist of either a metal or hardwood frame fitted with solid plywood or wooden slats. The appearance is stunning. Beautiful alder, walnut or other wood is chosen for its appealing grain and texture. The design of the bed is compartmental, meaning the frame is not built until after delivery. Most European style beds are in two or three pieces, with a separate headboard and footboard. The base design is a box that can be customized to hold storage compartments. Major bed manufacturers also have a full line of dressers, nightstands and accent chairs that perfectly complement the bed itself. Customers can customize their bed design when they place an order, adding the appropriate room accents to create a one-of-a-kind look for the bedroom.

High Quality Materials

Hardwoods are chosen for their durability and strength. These woods are heavy and can support a tremendous amount of weight. Bamboo is a type of grass that grows quickly and therefore is a unique renewable natural resource. Solid bamboo bed frames are very beautiful and can be stained in a variety of shades. An organic clear coat finish is applied to bamboo to give it a shiny appearance.

Most of the contemporary bed frames support a wooden slat configuration that is woven through a metal rod. This in turn holds the mattress, which is usually filled with natural latex. Mattresses of this type can be purchased separately or included with the bed as a single order item.

European bed frames can be customized with an extension that serves as a night table. This is one of the primary design implementations in a contemporary bed frame. The customer has the choice of several different frame and headboard configurations, but the bed itself is not actually constructed until after the order is placed. This means that no material is ever wasted because the hardwood and metal is only used to complete a bed that has already been chosen by the consumer.

Modern European Bed Styles

Viesso is a California company that manufactures and imports a number of fine quality European style beds. Their online gallery shows customers exactly how these beds are constructed, what materials are used and how individuals can customize their order. The recurring theme is functionality combined with the highest quality hardwoods or bamboo, plenty of storage space and the ability to customize the order.

A fine example of the European bed design offered by Viesso is the Ekay full bed. This model has a matching headboard and footboard. The wood is locally sourced alder and is covered in the customer's choice of fabric. Organic fiber and recycled materials for the fabric come in a stunning variety of shades including navy, oyster, watermelon and chocolate. Customers have the option of regular foam or natural latex as a filler material.

This bed is fitted together with hooks. No tools are required to join the pieces. The hardwood box is pre-fitted with the wooden slats and the headboard is also attached using simple hooks.

A fine example of Viesso's line of bamboo beds is the Buden queen. This bed is made from solid bamboo and is a rectangular box with a central beam running from head to foot. The head of the bed is an extension of the box itself, providing a wide flat surface on which can be placed a night lamp, alarm clock or reading materials. The design can be customized to include storage compartment. These are made with European style hinges and soft closing doors. The doors of these compartments automatically close the last couple of inches, preventing sharp impact and damage to the bamboo.

This bed can also be customized to include an extension piece to the right or left of the headboard. Customers wanting an extension may not see a picture of this variation when shopping online but are encouraged to ask about this feature. All European style contemporary bed frames are designed to allow for headboard extensions and most manufacturers have these plans available when a custom order is desired.

High And Low Frame Designs

Frame Hi and Frame Lo beds are becoming increasingly popular. These beds feature a narrower hardwood frame that is hand-sanded and polished. The corners are sharp and the legs are inset which gives the appearance of floating. The Lo varieties sit close to the floor and can be fitted with any mattress style. The headboard is slanted away from the main frame, giving the impression of relaxation. The headboard is constructed of hardwood and is foamed on both sides. The side facing the frame is layered with several different foam densities.

These beds can be purchased with several different types of legs. The Hi varieties have longer legs that allow for a great deal of storage beneath the frame. The hardwood can be chosen at the time of purchase, with shade samples offered by the manufacturer. The wood slats are a beech wood and rubber combination, and the corner brackets are welded, completely concealing all hardware. Installation requires only the connection of the corner brackets to the frame and central support system.

Viesso's Bruno queen or king bed is truly a remarkable piece of European style technology. Very contemporary in appearance, this bed can be had in either walnut or white oak hardwood. The frame is rather narrow and sits atop die-cast aluminum legs. The headboard is also made of walnut or oak and is a single, solid piece attached to the frame by aluminum posts. The overall shape is similar to the Frame Hi design, with the mattress sitting approximately 14 inches above the floor.

Custom Headboards For European Beds

Headboards for most styles and models of European beds can be purchased separately. The box hardwood or bamboo frames are manufactured with hook attachments that will accommodate nearly every type of upholstered or wood headboard. These products can be custom built to fit an existing bed. They can also be designed to contain storage compartments. Most of the popular styles of upholstered headboards can be finished with a choice of fabrics including faux suede and vinyl. The options for some fabric designs include tufting or quilting.

Bamboo headboards are extremely strong and last a lifetime. The bamboo headboards are constructed of separate slats that have been fastened together to form a single, flat rectangular piece of furnishing. The color shades are determined by the organic polish and stain used. These headboards are popular because they use a sustainable natural product. Harvesting bamboo from a certified grower does not harm the environment because these plants are fast-growing and using it as a resource does not involve land clearing.

Dressers And Nightstands

One of the challenges in designing a bedroom is to match the bed with the room accents. The shade of the bed frame and headboard needs to be complemented by the wood used in the dresser or nightstand. Most of the contemporary European nightstand styles are rectangular or cubed. The rectangular models are usually made of walnut and are supported by die-cast aluminum legs. This is the same design as the Bruno bed offered by Viesso. The bed and nightstand complement each other nicely because the materials are similar even though the shape is very different.

Cube nightstands are popular with those favoring a modern look to the bedroom. These small modern nightstands are perfect for placement in a corner of the room. The small cube end table made from bamboo is a very functional piece of furniture, manufactured with a central cutout for storing magazines, a pair of reading glasses or a notepad. This small table looks its best when placed near a bamboo bed finished in the same color shade.

The Mento cube is another contemporary design that meets with strong approval from customers. This cube sits on castors and is finished with a Sensuede fabric made up of eco-microfiber, giving the item a very plush appearance. Firm foam underneath provides a soft cushiony feel, making this little table perfect for use as a hassock.

Contemporary European Furniture Goes Green

Most of the top-quality contemporary beds and bedroom furnishings of the European style are made with a good deal of recycled materials. The hardwoods are chosen from local sources that do not destroy wild trees. The bamboo is grown on farms owned by companies certified as green growers. Natural latex is the preferred filler because it is organically derived and does not involved the chemical process necessary for the production of synthetic fibers. Water-based glues are used in the construction of most contemporary beds and the stains and varnishes are eco-friendly, derived from plant oils.

For a look at some of the modern European beds and bedroom furnishings visit Viesso and view the online gallery. Building a custom bedroom is a challenge that offers great rewards.

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