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European Contemporary Furniture

European contemporary furniture is growing in popularity as minimalistic design principles are revived. This style of furniture is incredibly unique and different from traditional style. In modern lofts and homes, European contemporary furniture is preferred. Contemporary furniture styles are available for every room of the home. Customers will be pleased with the selection available through Viesso, as well as the options available for customization.

Contemporary Sofas

Most family members spend their waking hours in the living area. Modern contemporary sofas can create a livable and comfortable place for everyone whether entertaining or relaxing. Many modern sofa designs are minimalistic and trendy. Most people wonder if the sofas can provide comfort given the artistic flair. Designers manage to strike a balance between modern art, form, and comfort.

Many modern European sofas feature clean perpendicular lines. Some sofas feature quarter circular arms for a unique added flair. Consumers sometimes question the value of contemporary sofas because of the simplicity. In a modern room, consumers quickly recognize the value of simplistic design and reap the benefits of its inclusion in the home.

Convertible European sofas have a discreet method of conversion. At first glance, the sofa will appear as one contiguous piece. After a closer look, some modern sofas have independent backs. If the backs are in two separate pieces, one portion may recline while the other remains upright. When both backs are reclined, users may extend their bodies full-length on the sofas, offering more options and comfort for their choices without sacrificing style.

This design blends well in a modern and contemporary home design. Urban dwellings without much space especially benefit from this particular sofa design. More people can be accommodated in the home, and sleeping spaces can be extended when streamlined contemporary furniture is used instead of bulky furniture.

Contemporary Chairs

Contemporary chairs may complement other European furniture in numerous areas of the home. Whether the design-style is minimalist, modern, industrial or contemporary, chairs have been designed to meet any customer’s need for contemporary elements. Chairs are commonly found in every room of the home. From the living area to the office, contemporary chair solutions are available.

Numerous contemporary materials are available to meet customer’s needs. Tufted leather or cloth material is often combined with a stainless steel frame or wood frame to yield a contemporary feel. These chairs balance rooms with high ceilings, large windows and hardwood floors. Some chairs also recline. The reclining mechanism is similar to convertible sofa design. Designers and homeowners will admire the flexibility of this feature.

In industrial lofts, designers may select wire-frame chairs to complement the room. Many industrial lofts feature painted concrete floors or hardwood floors. Multi-colored wire-frame chairs are often used as complementary design elements.

Some chairs feature numerous curves and can be taken for modern works of art. These chairs are often expensive and made of lacquer. In the right environment, contemporary chairs can be both elegant and intriguing. The comfort-level of contemporary chairs is also maintained despite their initial appearance.

Contemporary Coffee Tables and End Tables

Coffee tables and end tables can truly transform a room and add functionality to a minimalistic design. The tables are often made of quality materials. Common contemporary materials include wood, tempered glass or stainless steel. Coffee tables and end tables combine modern, minimalistic and industrial design principles.

Existing furniture may be perfectly matched with coffee tables or end tables. Nesting tables are often a part of contemporary design principles. Nesting tables may feature clean perpendicular lines with one side of the table open. This open side is not only visually appealing but also functional.

Tables can easily slide up next to a chair or sofa and be used as a TV dinner table. Later, tables may be placed on either side of chairs or sofas to serve as end tables. Versatility, space conservation and functionality are instrumental to contemporary design.

Many tables have interesting designs complete with 45-degree angles and geometric shapes. Other tables are solid cubes of wood with cutouts. These tables exhibit the simplicity of wood grain and also show how a simple cutout can bring an element of intrigue. Designers put painstaking effort into using basic principles to yield a visually appealing and comfortable room.

Contemporary Dining Tables


Contemporary dining tables can be unique design elements in any room. Dining tables may have a modern appeal or sophisticated appeal depending on the design. Most contemporary dining tables are made of solid wood, stone or tempered glass. The lines are simple and modern to draw attention to a table’s material and accessories rather than a table’s design.

Family dining and entertaining are essential uses to consider when shopping for dining tables. Some dining tables have multiple uses such as a workspace or recreational tool. One of the most expensive and unique dining tables also serves as a Ping-Pong table. This particular table is made of concrete with color pigmentation. The table may be used indoors or outdoors. Though the table is on the expensive side, the durability and appearance makes it a worthwhile investment.

Contemporary dining tables often feature benches instead of chairs. Some designers use a combination of benches and chairs to add a unique appeal. Benches conserve space and are recommended in an urban environment when homeowners may be concerned about space. Benches fit compactly under the table to accomplish this goal. With benches, tables may be pushed up against a wall. Contemporary dining tables are the perfect complement to indoor and outdoor rooms.

Contemporary Bedding

Modern and contemporary bedding adds an element of intrigue to any bedroom. Contemporary beds feature a unique selection of woods or fabrics in each bed design. Designers will choose materials to best complement a room.

Many contemporary beds are low profile. Low-profile beds are visually appealing in modern rooms. Modern beds do not have clearance underneath similar to traditional bedding. Instead, contemporary bedding follows Asian-style furniture with no space for items to be lost. In a Zen-styled room with storage and media, contemporary bedding is preferred.

Many contemporary beds feature tufted cloth material on the headboard. Tufted headboards are considered distinguishing in some homes. The cloth material may also be framed by wood or stainless steel to add contrast. The design is appealing to many who prefer contemporary design.

Cloth material may also cover headboards. Padding may exist behind headboards to provide depth to the design. The padding will also protect people’s heads during slumber. Headboards may feature minimalistic designs. Some common designs have cutouts in headboards. Cutouts are simple and visually appealing. Modern and contemporary bedding is essential in any minimalist home design.

Contemporary Fireplaces

Contemporary fireplaces are eco-friendly, functional and visually appealing. Freestanding, portable fireplaces may be placed in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, large bathrooms and outdoor living spaces. Ethanol is used as a clean fuel source and is safe for the entire family.

Eco-friendly fireplaces do not require ventilation as traditional fireplaces do. Contemporary fireplaces simply burn ethanol fuel and can be placed in any location in the home. Modern fireplaces add an element of design to rooms and solicit comments only an artistic masterpiece would yield. Geometric designs are often requested to balance modern and minimalist home décor.

Many modern fireplaces allow flames to be visible from both sides of the device. No longer do homeowners have to build a supporting wall in the middle of the room to support a fireplace. Simply purchase the device and have it delivered to the home. Some assembly and setup will be required, but Viesso can provide the support you need should you encounter any issues in assembly. Make sure to place the device in a safe, well-ventilated location.
Eco-friendly fireplaces do emit heat. When activated, fireplaces add ambiance and provide heat to rooms. Portable fireplaces work well for loft spaces and open floor plans. Renters may also add portable fireplaces to their home when built-in fireplaces are not present. You can enjoy a romantic dinner, meditation or a warm drink as your contemporary fireplaces emits warmth while being as green as you want it to be.

Consider European Contemporary Furniture

Consider European contemporary furniture for modern homes. Beautiful designs will complement built-in design elements of homes. Contemporary home accessories, office furniture and outdoor furniture are also available to decorate modern homes. Designers use their creativity to create rooms with exceptional visual appeal. Modern design also provides a calming effect. As long as contemporary furniture is properly placed, each piece will capture the attention of every visitor entering the room. Let Viesso help you make a statement, and live in the highest level of comfort possible.

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