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European Designer Furniture

Contemporary home furnishings include the European style that combines quality with excellent functionality. European designer furniture is noted for its add-on ability and custom alterations performed at the manufacturing site. The perfect living room arrangement includes furnishings that can be moved about and reconstructed to the desires of the owner. A bedroom furnished in European contemporary style has a certain look that suggests coziness and efficiency. The combination of hardwoods, metal and glass, and the graceful contours engineered into every table, chair and bed frame speaks volumes about the artistic thinking behind these creations. For those who prefer a touch of class combined with adaptable design, visiting the Viesso online gallery will offer choices unmatched in the furniture industry.

Everyone wants their living room, dining area, outdoor deck or patio, and of course the bedroom to reflect their personality to some degree. European style contemporary furniture is designed to allow any one type of bed, sofa, chaise lounge, dining set or coffee table to blend harmoniously with the surroundings while at the same time standing on its own and grabbing attention. Finding the perfect color combinations and fabric textures is a minor challenge but one that offers incredible rewards in the form of luxurious furnishings that is built to last.

Building On A Basic Design

European designer furniture is best noted for its basic architectural structure and the ability for a simple construction pattern to be altered according to the taste of the consumer. Consider a modern sectional for the living room. Many of the shapes are merely add-ons to the original sofa. The pieces are not connected but flow together nicely and can be rearranged in several different patterns. Modern Euro style beds are designed in much the same way. A hardwood box is fitted with a frame and headboard. Additional pieces for an end table or large footboard can be attached with ease. This completely changes the appearance of the bed even though the basic design remains the same.

Manufacturers of European furniture have a keen eye for balance and color complement. Every sofa or bed designed in this style comes in a variety of fabric shades each of which perfectly complements the walnut, beechwood, alder or bamboo. Most of the metal fasteners and cornering attachments are hidden from view. The furniture looks as if it is a single piece, some sort of natural miracle. In fact it is a miracle, made possible by expert designers who know how to stimulate the senses.

Organic Materials Matter

Modern European designer furniture is created using the latest in eco-friendly technology. Water-based glues are used on the hardwood pieces and to attach fabrics. This means virtually no volatile organic compounds are emitted. The stains used to create the beautiful hardwood shades are derived from plant oils and organic waxes. Only non-flammable, non-toxic clear cost sealants are used.

Hardwoods used in most European style furniture are gathered from certified growing locations. The trees are harvested in a select cutting method that does not destroy the soil by exposing large patches of it to rain. This dramatically reduces erosion and keeps the environment protected.

Although the quality of European designer furniture cannot be equaled, many of the products used to manufacture the finished product are actually recycled. Much of the metal, wood slats and even fabric material was once used to make something else.

Build-Your-Own Living Room Sectionals

Nothing is more European than a well-designed sectional. Since every living room is of a different size and shape, every sectional is designed to fit into whatever configuration works best. Starting with a two-section sofa, designers of modern sectionals integrate elongated chaise beds, L-extensions and even exposed hardwood end pieces into each individual model. This means the owner can do quite a bit or rearranging and never see the same configuration twice in a year's time. Most of the living room sectionals offered by Viesso can be ordered with either a left or right side opening. The ability to choose mirror image furniture is not something often seen in a traditional showroom.

Bamboo sectionals are truly beautiful to look at. These are made with the very finest bamboo slats that have been carefully steamed and glued together to form a single, very strong panel. Popular styles of living room sectionals with bamboo frames include designs with bright red or blue fabric. Much of the bamboo remains exposed, with left or right side end tables built right in. Anyone with a bamboo sectional made from high-quality products will never hear the end of the complements from wide-eyed guests.

Sectionals are truly custom made because only the basic design is constructed ahead of time. The individual fabric type and shade ordered by the customer is fitted later on and any special attachments of end pieces or elongated leg posts is added only after the order is received. This means no materials are wasted because the furniture is not completed until just before delivery.

The Modern European Bedroom

Popular among styles is the low-lying bed with a strong hardwood box frame. Much like the sectionals designed for the living room, these beds are adaptive in their construction. Customers can order a specific fabric, the choice of several headboards and even a custom mattress filled with natural latex. European designer beds have corners that are sharp when seen from a distance but become rounded when viewed up close. The box frame can be fitted with storage shelves or cabinets, turning the entire bed into a dresser or wardrobe chest. Most notable are the high-quality European hinges that hold the doors on these beautiful beds. The hinges allow the doors to self-close gently, reducing the risk of chipping or other damage to the hardwood.

Another feature of this style of bed is the wonderful slat assembly that supports the mattress. Made of thin hardwood, these slats run horizontally across the frame, attached to a strong metal post that runs vertically. The slat support and the corner hinges are often the only assembly projects when the bed arrives from the manufacturer. Most beds of this style come in two or three pieces that are fitted together with hooks.

Designer Chairs And Dining Tables

Elegant design meets functional shape in the form of beautiful oval or rectangular dining tables. Some of the more popular designs have glass inserts while others have only a lacquered top. A custom glass top can be purchased separately and placed on tables with an impressed surface. The hardwood and metals complement each other perfectly. Black dining tables with black legs, dark brown hardwoods with polished aluminum support posts, and luxurious chunk tables with thick corner posts are all examples of fine European architectural style.

Each piece is made to look its best with one of several styles of chairs. The traditional continental family chair is perfect for the black or dark brown rectangular hardwood tables. The ultra-modern flux chair or crescent wire design will look right at home surrounding a glistening glass-topped oval dining table.

Kitchen accents help to create a truly European look to the dining area. Nothing says elegance like a fancy barstool set. When walls are adorned with hardwood shelves containing polished steel coffee service mugs and steamers the entire dining and kitchen area takes on a whole new personality. The great fun is in creating a custom look that works well with the room size and configuration.

Outdoor Furnishings For Fun And Relaxation

A popular European concept design is the modern sun lounger. These are elegant upgrades from the traditional outdoor recliner. Made from both aluminum and wood such as teak, these beautiful lounge chairs become the talk of the neighborhood. Most are covered in UV-resistant material and are filled with either natural latex or Quik-Dry foam. Sunbrella fabrics are extremely resistant to fading and can stand repeated bleaching. Many of the sun loungers and deck chairs offered through Viesso are available in at least a half dozen color shades. Customers can choose the fabric type and color and the furniture piece will be constructed at the company factory.

Viesso has always been committed to offering customers the highest quality European style designer furniture with an emphasis on personal design. The company was founded on the belief that truly remarkable furnishings can turn any room of any home into a paradise. Everything offered for the living room, dining area, bedroom and outdoor entertainment area is complemented wonderfully with accent pieces such as pillows, cushions, nightstands and floor lamps. True elegance is achieved when fine details that at first escape attention actually retrain the eyes of the observer. Simple curves, complementary colors and the exciting combination of luxurious hardwood and polished glass all contribute to form an indoor or outdoor habitat that speaks volumes about the personal taste of the owner.

Viesso products are made in the U.S.A. or imported from the far corners of the earth. Visit Viesso for complete product details, pricing and custom ordering procedures.

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