European Style Furniture

Whether used for sitting, storage or decoration, European style furniture can add to the decor of any home. The best assortment of European style furniture is available from Viesso.

Anyone can appreciate giving their legs a rest in a Bamboo Float Armless Chair that also features a beautiful matching end table. Pairing a bamboo base with upholstered seating, this sectional has an Asian Zen quality, and its thoughtful design is made complete with end tables. For a larger seating arrangement, the Pel L Sectional Sofa combines a retro style with the feel of modern furniture. It can be made even more unique with its choice of fabric, type of foam and if fitted with legs. Also available is the Blumen Sofa, which is eight feet wide and features high, angled arms that also act as a comfortable backrest. A group of guests can make themselves comfortable in the Harmony Sofa, which, at a width of 102 inches, combines an innovative design with comfortable seating. The Harmony Sofa consists of a solid pine wood frame that is upholstered with a removable Velco-enclosed microfilm slipcover and is mounted atop chrome-polished conical steel feet. Its futuristic design makes the Harmony suitable to modern living areas or lounge rooms.

Those who seek solitude will find it with the Crescent Piston. This unique stool consists of an upholstered seat and backrest mounted atop an adjustable gas piston base that swivels around and also adjusts vertically to any bar level. For more conventional seating for one, Viesso offers the Carmichael Chair, whose classic style features a tight upholstered back with solid wooden legs. Outdoor seating for one is accomplished with the Lauser Outdoor Lounge Chair, which comes with an adjustable headrest and a docking rope that visually provides detail along its frame. Also available for outdoor seating is the Antwerp Three-Seater Bench. Made of FSC-certified recycled stainless steel, the Antwerp Bench is marked by its dramatic inward tapering that enhances both comfort and appearance.

One can rest on or get a good night's sleep in the Nini Cal-King Bed. Its wide base gives the bed a sleek style, while its optional headboard storage area makes its a functional addition to any bedroom. Both rest and relaxation are made possible with the Dublexo Deluxe Sofa Bed. This homage to the great designs of the past is marked by both its modular and multi-functional capability. Equally functional is the Buden King Bed, which is designed for both sleeping and storage. Made of solid bamboo, this bed offers an optional cutout at the base for storing things as well as base drawers.

Furniture from Viesso is not only attractive but also versatile. This versatility is reflected in the Annex Cabinet, a nicely porportioned storage piece that is 60 inches long, 30 inches high and features shelves and self-closing doors or drawers. The walnut finish of the Annex Cabinet fits perfectly with its stainless steel base. Its design is made even sleeker with the absence of handles or pull fittings and with its three self-closing drawers, two self-closing doors and adjustable European-style hinges. Another versatile furniture piece from Viesso is the Malta Bookcase with Drawers. Designed by Tayfur Ozkaynak, the bookcase will enhance any room or small office. Constructed of MDF with an oak veneer, the 72-inch wide Malta makes it possible to place items high against the wall, or low on the floor. An even more modern piece for book storage is the Pearl Bookcase, whose design of four fixed hardwood shelves and ladder-style stainless steel supports makes it an ideal partition between adjacent rooms.

Any chair or sofa combination needs a table to be complete, and for this Viesso has a wide selection of furnishings. The 28 by 54-inch Ablo Oval Coffee Table will neatly fit into many living room settings. Made of either Red Oak or Walnut, the table combines an airy base with a "floating" top, and is a unique piece no matter what material is selected. For smaller spaces, the Stainless Steel Cube End Table offers surface space bordered by polished edges. The table is made from 60 percent recycled material and is itself recyclable. Simplicity is also key with the Drake Coffee Table, which comes in a choice of exotic veneer or lacquer to match its stainless steel base.

If practicality is desired, the elegant and highly versatile Homework Desk is up to the task. This desk is available in two sizes, and each can be ordered with single or double drawers or file-type drawers. Something with a similar purpose but a different design is the Calvin Desk, whose rectilinear lines are maintained throughout the entire piece. The desk is available with either a wood or a tempered glass top. True versatility can be found in the Plate Desk, which is interchangeable as either a dining table or workbench. Its solid construction and restrained styling makes the Plate Desk a compliment to any set of chairs.

Dining is part of living, and to serve this need Viesso offers a wide range of tables. The Chunk Dining Table and Bench is a simple arrangement fashioned from either quarter-sawn European Natural Oak or Walnut. It also features a wooden top and oversized wooden legs.

On the modern end of the design scale is the Soho-White HPCL Dining Table, which has a stainless steel frame and comes in three sizes. The table is not only stylish but is designed for ease of maintenance. Larger groups can dine in style with the Costa Adjustable Table Dining set, which features a table that adjusts in size and eight side chairs made of Batyline mesh. Dining on a smaller scale can be an elegant experience with the Newport Dining Table Base, whose 30-inch top is enhanced by its lacquer finish. Those who enjoy outdoor dining can feast in the sunlight or under the stars in the Clovelly Dining Table, which comes in two sizes and is 100 percent maintenance-free. To make any dining experience comfortable, the armless Jasmi Dining Chair is sophisticated but subtle, with a classical appearance that is still inviting to sit in.

To supplement its furnishings, Viesso offers an assortment of home products that can provide both warmth and decoration. The ecologically smart Q Fireplace features a futuristic design, with a spherical shape that combines style and functionality. It is capable of heating a space of more than 376 square feet. For a smaller area, the Cube Junior Fireplace is a freestanding, portable piece that can compliment a variety of house and apartment interiors. Also available to provide light on a smaller space is the Workshop Cage Lamp, which was inspired by the wire cages that protected light bulbs in factories around the turn of the last century, but which can be a useful appliance even in modern times. For a final touch to the decor of any home, Viesso offers such unique products as the Recycled Glass Bubble Beverage Dispenser. This free-blown glass utensil, which consists of a stainless steel spigot and a wood cap, can be used to serve drinks in style.

Carpeting can add to the appeal of home furnishings, and in this area Viesso has many different styles and brands. These include the Lake Placid Charcoal and White Rug, which is marked by sweeping lines to give it the appearance of movement. Also in the Viesso inventory are different color Buffalo Rugs and the Smarties Natural Rug, whose wool texture is available in a variety of colors that will decorate any floor surface. Decorations are not only for floor areas, but the walls of household rooms. In this area, Viesso offers wallband in a variety of designs, including those designed by photographer Rachel de Joode, which reward the eye with their strong colored patterns and stunning images.

Furniture from Viesso is available in an almost endless assortment of fabrics and designs, including Balder, Alpaca and Neela. Viesso also offers its customers a guarantee that will match the price of the same product if found within 30 days of purchase. Additionally, the company offers an easy return policy in combination with comprehensive tracking of purchased goods and a 100 percent secure payment procedure. To view all of its products, visit Viesso or call 877-8-VIESSO.

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