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Family Room Furniture

A family room is a unique part of a household, one that sets the tone for the entire house. Unlike a bedroom, the family room is both a general room for the entire family and the primary point of contact with house guests. This demands attractive and modern furniture, in order to produce an environment conducive to enjoyment of the family and guests alike.

Fortunately, with a variety of well designed and attractive furniture designs, Viesso can ensure that the family room is a well-designed and attractive house location, whether it is set in a new home or is part of an older house. In addition, with a number of custom options available, Viesso can assist the purchaser in devising a family room that is not simply a variation of other designs, but something that allows him or her to put a personal touch on the room’s design.

Family Room Furniture: Setting the Mood

When creating a family room, the first question that should be asked is what type of mood or impression is desired. Is the desired impression best given by a minimalist design, with understated furniture setting off a largely open floor? Alternatively, is the intent to create a more comfortable, intimate setting with a number of couches and chairs set close to each other, perhaps by the fireplace, if the room boasts one. These will help define the look and feel of the furniture to be placed in the room.

In addition, the primary purpose of the room should be considered. In many cases, the family room is the center of the house’s social life, and this will impact the style of furniture that best contributes to the desired impression. A family room designed around a home entertainment system, for example, will make use of couches and chairs oriented to provide comfortable and long-term viewing pleasure for family members and guests alike.

An equally important question is the age and composition of the family. For example, A retired couple will have radically different needs than a single professional will. In addition, a family with children will have to take their desires into account, as well as their age and friends. Younger children may require furniture that is both child-friendly and easy to clean when the unavoidable mishaps and spills occur. Older children will of course desire to have their own friends over, and this may require some adjustment to the family room layout, or the inclusion of extra chairs or couches to accommodate them.

No matter the intended effect, an effective setting requires a theme. Simply scattering furniture of different designs around the room will leave the family room without any distinguishing character, which is why it is important to select furniture that will fit in not simply with the room, but complement the rest of the furniture.

Placing Family Room Furniture

When setting up the family room, the placement of the furniture is a vital decision. The placement of the furniture helps control the flow of people through the room, which in turn helps reinforce the desired theme of the room.

For example by placing couches and chairs along the perimeter of the family room, facing inward, the attention of both guests and family members is directed inward and towards each other. This helps create a conversational mood, where guests and family can easily see and talk to each other. Adding small tables makes family room ideal for an informal get together over drinks and snacks.

On the other hand, a room oriented around a home entertainment system will have a different focus. Here, the chairs and couches should be oriented so that all guests and family members have an unobstructed and comfortable view of the screen. In other cases, especially for homes that make use of interactive entertainment and computer games, the furniture should be placed to maximize the ability of guests to participate. This is especially important for homes with teenaged children, who often have a large circle of friends.

Custom Furniture with Viesso

Not all family rooms are equal and especially in older houses, a room may be oddly shaped or sized, making it difficult to place or effectively match stock furniture with the room’s decor. Fortunately, Viesso has a wide range of customized furniture that can be used to effectively compensate for unusual family room designs.

Whether it is changing the height of a couch to make it more accessible or modifying the width of an item of furniture to fit in with the wall, Viesso can provide what the client needs. This is especially useful for those who want a unique family room experience, where their personal touch is found not simply in the furniture arrangement, but the design of the furniture itself.

In addition, Viesso offers a wide variety of fabrics with varying colors, designs and durability. A home with active teens can select brightly colored fabrics with energetic designs, while a professional or retired individual with older friends can select fabrics with cooler, more relaxing colors. Practically minded families with young children or pets can choose highly durable and easily cleaned custom fabrics ensuring that their furniture withstands the test of time.

Design Assistance From Viesso

However, not all individuals or families feel confident when trying to create a specific decorative theme. While they may understand what the desired look is, how to create it, especially within the confines of a budget, can be a difficult task. Viesso provides custom design assistance, in partnership with interior designers who can assist a family in bringing out the best in their home.

For those who are out of the Los Angeles area, Viesso can also provide assistance, in this case via email. By exchanging photos and discussing the intended goal, Viesso can assist clients, no matter their location, in achieving the look and feel they desire in their family room. Thus, before the first piece of furniture has arrived, the family already knows where it will be placed and how to create the look they desire.

Eco-Friendly Furniture and A Green Family Room

Viesso also is well known for its unique green and ecologically friendly practices. Instead of using synthetic construction material, Viesso makes use of natural materials in all of its furniture products. In addition, these materials are produced in environmentally responsible ways, further reducing the ecological footprint of Viesso products.

In this way, clients can enjoy high quality and fashionable furniture for their family room, confident that their furniture also highlights a desire to be ecologically responsible. Viesso furniture is comfortable, elegant, and allows the buyer to avoid contributing to pollution and greenhouse gases alike. Even better, in areas like the fire retardant nature of the furniture’s fabric, Viesso’s all natural components are actually superior to the synthetics used by other brands of furniture.

Creating the Dream Family Room with Viesso

For the wealthy professional and the new family working on a budget alike, Viesso provides the type of furniture that can create a truly remarkable family room. With a caring and professional staff, all natural products and a wide variety of line and custom furniture options, Viesso is the superior choice for any furniture requirements. In order to learn more, contact Viesso today.

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