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Fantastic Modern Furniture Designs

Our furniture reflects not only who we are but also where we are in life. The type of chair you have in your home says something about your values. A well-worn couch speaks to your view on hospitality, whereas stiff, scuffed chairs suggest that you sit and visit without care for the comfort of yourself or others. Ancient, faded patterns and colors tell guests that you are either just beginning to furnish your own place on a budget, or that you are satisfied to live in the clutter of the past. On the other hand, modern furniture shows progression, revealing you as a person who is glad to move forward in life, unrestrained by outdated traditions.

Consider the modern style. It is sleek, it often multitasks, and there is courage in how defiant it is of accepted color pairings and patterns. Such style reflects on society today. We are people who dislike clutter and thrive on super efficiency. Our technology and the demands of our busy lives have taught us to find the multiple functions of everything in order to steward well. In the face of routines and rules without reason, we are a society raised on the notion that we can do anything we set our minds to. Modern furniture is a reflection of this mindset.

Companies like Viesso strive to design furniture intended to reflect on and serve modern society. Their style is straightforward, clearly created for function even if the function is to provide a place for relaxation. For example, some of their chairs are designed for comfort; others would encourage those sitting in them to focus on work at hand. Colors range from natural tones to bright and unusual. Few chairs are patterned, unless the pattern is indigenous to the material they are built out of.

Materials, as they are the concern of modern generations, are important tools to companies like Viesso. Rather than accepting any possibility, especially traditional materials like plastics, modern companies seek to use environmentally friendly products. Alder wood, bamboo, and metals long neglected as tasteless are incorporated into modern furniture as efficient and sleek. Such products reflect the boldness of today’s consumer as unrestrained by tradition.

Many pieces of furniture are designed to multitask further than function and stewardship. Chairs are built with end tables incorporated, or beds with shelving built in. Décor, which is an oft forgotten part of furnishing a space, is made by modern companies like Viesso to add aesthetic appeal to a space while also accomplishing a purpose. For example, wall hangings are made in bold shapes to stand out like art, and also to hold items like coats, pictures, or other products.

Decorations in modern furniture design are usually called accents, emphasizing their progression away from tradition into usefulness. Rugs, pillows, water filters, and vases are all considered accents because they are functional, but are also designed as aesthetic decorations. These items are not necessary in decorating a space but certainly further embolden, unify, and diversify the modern look. Each item is made as a modern individual. Each item is unique, able to be independent, and able to function with others boldly.

For example, modern vases sold on Viesso are designed in unusual shapes. Many are textured in adventurous patterns, making them more like sculptures than flower holders. Their colors are solid or matched to their textures, as with wood. In a display, they would stand out. In a living room, they are the perfect subtle tie in for diverse furniture.

Modern fireplaces are designed to look like sculpture as well, some to grab attention and other to blend in. It is the shape and the warmth of the modern fireplace that draws a crowd, whereas the stainless steel most are made out of can either provide a smooth, sleek look or, using their shape, throw off such shine that they become the center of attention. Because modern design is all about flexibility for the consumer, many modern fireplaces come in a variety of sizes as well.

Even light fixtures and audio devices multitask as bold aesthetics in modern furniture design. Viesso sells light fixtures that mimic art in nature, like trees or branches. Other light fixtures borrow from structures like cans or wire cages, transforming them into elegant pieces that hang or stand and shed light on more than fantastically creative design. Some of these fixtures borrow both color and style from existing structures; others add bold and unexpected color to old designs. For example, Viesso sells lamps that look like upside down cylinders. They are bright yellow, contrasting typical, traditional lamps which tend towards subtly since the light they shed is already attention grabbing. Audio devices, though usually square, tend to be large. Some are on stands, others close to the ground. Consumers can choose to have their color subtle or boldly bright. These are unusual, as they stand-alone and are not meant to blend in to the rest of the space.

Storage as well becomes a living organism as a part of the space furnished. They are functional within the needs of the space, but many are open and shaped to catch the eye. Of the storage units that close, like cabinets, designs alter tradition mostly by how they meet the ground. Some have thin legs that seem to defy the weight above them, while others curve to add interest to the view.

Such strategic design is fantastically artistic, urging consumers to progress with their living essentials. Society is increasingly edgy and free, so modern furniture and décor are intended to challenge and reflect this progression. Furniture cut with sharp angles and accented by futuristic curves delineate the way forward for modern consumers.

Consider who are modern consumers are. Companies like Google, Facebook, or Starbucks have furnished their offices with products from companies like Viesso. These are cutting-edge, forward-thinking companies who are leading our society through the new age of technology. Their offices reflect their courage and innovative characteristics.

For example, Facebook offices are furnished with bold mismatched patterns and colors that contrast each other. Each piece of furniture can stand alone, or represent diversity when set next to another item. They have sharp angles and lines in unexpected places. The chairs look adventurous, almost like it will be a new experience to sit on them. Solid white end and coffee tables bent to reach towards the ground and thin enough to function as windows and maximize space open up the room. Couches curve to break rooms up into sections without wasting space, allowing the furniture to multitask as dividers and seats. Overall, the offices embrace diversity while looking clean and sharp. They aren’t too busy for the eyes, but are certainly appealing.

Companies like Viesso recognize the boldness and independence of many people today, despite their busyness. For this reason, modern furniture companies like Viesso offer designers and customers the opportunity to have their designs custom built and created. Through trade agreements or working closely with such companies, anyone can choose to have furniture as they want it, fit to their space, and made out of materials as environmentally-conscious as themselves. This is the essence of modern furniture design and modern society as well, to be conscious of the world around, to capitalize on opportunity through multitasking, and to be bold in the face of traditional restraints. Join us and let us help you showcase your style.

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