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Fermob Bistro Furniture

Fermob Bistro Furniture is one of the brand's flagship outdoor furniture collections. The Bistro Collection features fun, contemporary designs perfect for patios, backyards, and sidewalk cafes. These chairs, tables, and stools are constructed from sturdy lacquered steel and have been treated with an anti-UV powder coating.

Bistro chairs, tables, and stools are available in two dozen unique, interesting colors. Ranging from neutral browns and off-whites to warm blues and greens to bold fuchsias and oranges, this Fermob collection offers something for every need. Weatherproof and fade resistant, these furniture pieces are both attractive and long-lasting.

Items in this collection come in a variety of styles and sizes. Four different chair styles offer different seating options. Short square tables are available in six different sizes, with one higher square table available in a 71 x 71 cm design. Round tables are available in four different sizes to accommodate a variety of seating needs.

Restaurateurs and café owners can easily brighten outdoor spaces with Bistro tables and chairs. Comfortable chairs and versatile tables invite customers to eat and drink in comfort. The Bistro Collection borrows from an original design, named simply "Simplex" in an 1889 patent. Like their predecessors, today's bistro chairs and tables fold and store easily. They are a great solution for businesses that need to pull their furniture in at the end of the day.

Individuals who enjoy lounging poolside will appreciate the combination of function and design offered by the Bistro chaise lounge. This chaise is easy to fold up and can be moved around a pool to follow, or escape, the sun. This chaise also makes a great addition to any patio or backyard that needs a splash of color. It is comfortable and fun, and can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Fermob's Bistro Collection also features high stools that are great for use at indoor and outdoor bars. These high stools are also excellent for photographers and other professionals that need to pack elevated seating to a variety of locations. They are easy to identify and hard to forget when moving from place to place.

This collection offers both round and square tables. Instead of filling an outdoor space with only round or only square tables, try mixing both shapes for an interesting, fun look. Square tables appeal to customers who like to work on the go, while round tables appeal to friends catching up over coffee or drinks.

Mixing tables and chairs of different colors can also add a visual pop to any setting. A mix of brightly colored chairs and tables perks up outdoor spaces. Such a mix is also great for adding life to neutral interiors and spaces that need anchoring elements.

These bright, fun chairs and tables make a great addition to any space. Visit Viesso today to browse a great selection of Fermob Bistro furniture. The helpful staff at Viesso will be happy to answer any questions you have about items in the Fermob Bistro Collection and can provide up-to-date information about product availability.

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