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One of the least thought about elements of planning a good room is lighting. Lighting is the one key element that can truly make or break a space, turning a closed off room into a soothing sanctuary, or a large living space into a bright and inviting spot for loved ones. More after the jump! Our lighting section contains a variety of options from floor lamps to pendant lamps to outdoor lighting options, and more. Here are a few of our current favorites!

The Soho Outdoor Suspension Lamp offers a modern favorite for your outdoor spaces. Able to work in a screen-in patio, or in a festive backyard setting, this lamp is sure to keep things bright late into the night.

The Scotch Club Wall Lamp is all about options. Available in white, gold, blue, terracotta, and black, with white or gold finish on the inside, this stunning lamp will fit in virtually every room in any design. Talk about easy interior design.

The Cala Indoor Floor Lamp comes in three heights, and is made of fabric and metal. This is truly a lamp that will grow along with you, from a dorm room to a first condo, and into a family home. It’s a worthy investment and a solid design

In black, white, or a bold yellow, seen here, the MHY Pendant Lamp will surely be a conversation starter among your guests, and a welcome sight for you each morning. This lamp looks stunning on it’s own or in pairs or trios. Whatever style you’re seeking, or room you’re hoping to light correctly, we’d be delighted to help you find your best modern lighting options. In fact, we light up even thinking about it. Feel free to peruse online or come by the showroom to learn more.

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