Finding the Right Size Rug

Finding the right size rug can often be a difficult task if you are not sure which rules should be following when it comes to modern interior design. While none of the rules are absolute, in some cases the room may look better if you stick to these general ideas about how large the rug should be.

Depending on who you talk to, the rules change. One idea would be to just use your own intuition while loosely following some general guidelines for placing a rug in your room.

General Rules

One general idea about placing a rug in a room has always been that the rug should be big enough so that you can create a seating arrangement with the couches and chairs. One variation of this rug rule says that the legs of the furniture should be on top of the rug. Other variations suggest that the legs of the furniture should either be partially on or completely off the rug.

The take away here is that the rug should basically act as a centerpiece of the room attracting the guest's attention to it as soon as he or she enters the room. An area rug in a large room should be large enough so that is immediately noticed upon entering the room.

As for more complicated rules, here it would probably be best to just use your discretion rather than adhere to any particularly rules as they are written. The bottom line is that it is still your space and it should be designed in the way that makes you feel most comfortable.

Put All of the Furniture on the Rug

This rule is probably a good idea to follow if you are trying to create a room in which all of the furniture pieces come together. Having all of the legs of the furniture on the rug is the way to go if you will be purchasing a large rug. But trying this idea with a small rug may just make your room look crowded.

No Furniture on the Rug

This is a great option for a smaller rug because you won't feel as though you need to awkwardly position the rug just so all of the furniture can touch it. This creates and dynamic that opens the room up so that there is more space.

Extend the Rug 1-2 Feet From the Bed

Using this method you can still see plenty of the underlying floor while also seeing a good portion of the rug. This is a good option for a rug that does not take up the entire space but instead is large enough to cover a significant portion of the floor. This idea is generally traditional and will not likely the considered very modern, but is a good way to make use of a large area rug.

Put a Rug Under the Dining Table and Chairs

This idea is similar to the concept of placing a large area rug under a bed however it differs in that the rug should be positioned such that the chairs can also sit on the rug. The idea here is that you are able to separate your dining area from the remainder of the room.

Put a Rug in the Foyer or Hallway

Putting rug in a foyer or hallway is another traditional rule that can sometimes make the area look less polished especially if the rugs are significantly smaller than the underlying floor. Here the design of the rug it will play a key factor in whether or not this design looks modern or just overdone and commonplace.

Cover the Entire Room

Selecting a rug that is large enough to cover the surface of an entire room is another design option. However there is little room for the rug to play a role as the focal point of the room unless it has a very loud pattern. If you make use of this style, furniture pieces will need to be carefully selected so that they offer strong contrast to the floor rug.

Leaving Just Inches Around the Rug

Leaving just inches around the rug is probably the best way to create a strong modern look in that the rug will have a border created by the underlying floor. This works when the underlying floor is one solid shade of dark hardwood or a similar stain.

Are you confused about the best way to select an area rug for your room? Ask your questions about area rugs below and get some feedback!

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